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The Beauty of Creation. How the World Is Seen Through My Eyes- a Poem.

Updated on February 25, 2019
Dana Tate profile image

I have a passion for life, and a zeal for understanding the depths of human nature.

Creation through my eyes... a contrasting spiritual poem.

I am looking at the world, and all that God has created.

Blue skies...

Flowing rivers...

Its all so breathtaking...

There's birds gathered in flocks and flying high in the sky

There's green grass...

Tall trees...

It's so pleasing to my eyes...


I'm looking at the world, and all that God has created

Grey clouds...

Dirty rivers...

It's all so heartbreaking.

There's racism and crime everywhere my eyes can see

People are dying...

The homeless multiplying...

And it's so depressing to see...


But isn't it amazing, how with the same eyes

You can see life filled with beauty

And life full of ugliness and cruelty

Through the same pair of eyes

Oh why ...

Lord why ...


Oh what a beautiful world our father God has created.

There are times when I just love it...

But then again...

There are those other times...

Gazing from these same pair of eyes...

Lord, it hurts me to say this...

But sometimes I just hate it.

The eyes are an amazing thing.

When is the last time you took a moment and allowed your eyes to drink in the beauty of your surroundings? Did you gaze up at the stars that sparkles like diamonds in the night?

Where you looking at the ocean and listening to the waves crash against the rocks. Or, were you simply looking up into a clear blue sky and happen to see a flock of birds flying it is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. These are not the works of man's hands but the wonderful works of nature.

In writing this poem, I was thinking of how our minds process the things we see and hear on what we see; and how we perceive things at the time. Sometimes I see everything beautiful about life...but then again, the next day I may hate it. Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you woke up to go to work and the sun did not rise? Or, how you would feel if the moon or the stars never came out at night? I'm sure the world would be in a panic.

I think of how we take our temporary home for granted; meaning the earth which is heavily polluted, dirty, full of crime and cruelty and I just hate it! Then I'll think of the sun rising every morning at its appointed time. I'll think of my family, my friends, my neighbors and, perfect strangers who have been so kind for no reason at all and I thank God for another day.

I'm grateful that the moon comes out at night and the stars shine. I'm so grateful there is something in my life that is constant and true. I think of how I wake up every morning and regardless of what yesterday was like, I have a chance to change things, right any wrongs, change my attitude. Every day is a new day, a new beginning...a new mercy.

Great is thy faithfulness.

Great is thy faithfulness...

Great is thy faithfulness...

Morning, by morning...

New mercies I see...

All that I needed...

Thy hand has provided...

Great is thy faithfulness...

Lord unto me...

Great is the faithfulness of our Lord.

What would you do if eternal blessings were erased from the earth?

What would you do if eternal blessings were erased from the earth such as the sun and moon?

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© 2014 Dana Tate


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