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Our Intercession Warfare

Updated on February 26, 2011


“For though we live in the world, we are not carrying on a worldly war, for the weapons of our warfare are not (carnal) worldly but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2Cor. 10:3-4

To enter into spiritual warfare something had to have happened to you. You have been,

“born again.” The unregenerate person does not wage spiritual warfare nor do they consider it. Their eyes are not yet open to the unseen world. But when we accept Jesus on his terms and enter into the spiritual realm, suddenly this dimension that had not existed for us before comes alive and we see the work of God and of Satan. Living in the spiritual realm requires spiritual walking. We are called, “to not walk after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Rom. 8. For the mature Christian intercessor, we cannot hope to win in the spirit if we have been in the flesh all day. The area we wage war in is an arena of great spiritual dimension. See; Daniel’s prayer and the warfare that went on in the heavenlys. Dan.9 & 10.

Soldiers who learn all aspects of combat are taught to be ready at all times. When the command is given or the alarm sounds, the response is immediate. They are on guard, watching and ready. Slacking in any way could allow the enemy to catch them by surprise. Satan desires to put us to sleep, so to speak, so we are unaware of his schemes. There is a great need within the church for spiritual watchmen; an anointing on intercessors that is a spiritual weapon. In the natural we have radar, sensing devices, specialized equipment in aircraft, and satellites keeping watch around the clock. Should the church be any different? Yet many are ignorant and asleep.

Spiritual weapons

1 Cor. 12:7-11 Wisdom, knowledge, and discernment

Matt. 16:19 Binding and loosing (weapons for the church)

Praying, walking in the Spirit; fasting.

Gal. 5:25 Living, walking in the Spirit

Rom. 8:11-17 by the Spirit

How do we deal with the enemy? We discern the situation or have others who are familiar with this type of strategy (ministry) to assist us in the help we need. We stand firm in our faith and use the power of Jesus name to rebuke, bind, and deliver the one being oppressed or even possessed. We command the spiritual force to leave.

Matt.16:19 Keys, binding on earth and in heaven.

Should you go into a battle alone? Depends what you are up against. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, because you are alone. Israel’s battles, victory and defeats are there for us to understand. Did God say, “yes, it’s ok I’m with you?”

Be clothed in a heart of repentance, have no secret sins, be sin free.

God’s weaponry consists of, “God’s secret wisdom and spiritual revelation” 1Cor.2:6-10

All authority given… Matt. 28:18

The kingdom of God is power demonstrated, not talk… 1Cor.4:20

The laws in the spiritual realm work like this: Mans sin = authority loss.

Satan’s deception = taking of mans authority

Ie: Essua/Jacob birthright was a spiritual situation. The blessing had spiritual and authoritative ramifications and consequences before God, and could not be revoked.

Weapons: Word of God

2 Cor. 10:3-5 Weapons of our warfare

1 Cor. 2:4-10 Secrets/Spiritual wisdom from God

James 5:16 Prayer of a righteous man

1 Peter 3:12 Eyes and ears of the Lord on the righteous

Rom. 16:20 Satan under your feet

Eph. 6: 10-18 Armor of God, power of his might

Jer. 32:38-40 God’s promise to us

God spoke about his son Jesus, who would come and break the power of death, and he would have dominion over everything and the entire demonic realm would be under his authority. He takes back the authority lost through Adam, and restores it to the kingdom of God passing that authority unto his followers.

The common name of Jesus, now becomes the Christ, and at this name the law is restored so that when his name is mentioned the demons under spiritual law must become obedient. Jesus whole life was to complete the full requirement of God’s law. Father God set everything in order for mankind, because of his enormous love for us. God brought about his plan for us, salvation for man through Jesus, and the returning of man’s authority. Jesus takes back the keys of death and the grave and he disarms the powers of darkness.

(Col. 2:15) This spiritual authority is legal and binding on earth and in the heavenlys. We must take that authority and properly administrate it upon the earth. We are taken out of the kingdom of darkness when we come to Christ and now the Kingdom of God must rule in our hearts.

Satan wanted to destroy what Jesus was fulfilling, but because he did not know the mind of God, God brought about his plan for mankind. Satan still comes against the Kingdom of God by subduing men’s minds. He uses distractions such as fear, intimidation, confusion, attention depravation, anxiety, mood swings, depression, oppression, and all manner of lies. The list is endless of his deceptions. Curses set upon us from past generational sin. Unhealed wounds open to the enemy’s torments. He preys on those who do not know their authority, the weak minded, those who are captives of their own thought processes, more lies around doubt, worry, fear of the unknown. Satan is subject to true followers of Jesus and we should know our authority and how to walk according to Gods authority given to us through Jesus.

The demonic realm know who Jesus is, who Paul was and by what authority we walk in. (Acts 19: 14 – 16) They know who we are and if we are effective and if we have been given spiritual rights by God in certain areas. Example: deliverance ministry, physical healing, also mental and emotional healing. They want to destroy the power of God in us and make us ineffective. Most of the known church throughout the world does not believe in the power of God and rejects the work of Holy Spirit. Unbelief and grieving of Holy Spirit are powerful weapons against God’s kingdom.

Know God (Father) Jesus (Son) and Holy Spirit

How did you come to know God? Through repentance and turning from sin. You are now new, changed, God has come to make a new home in you, and you welcomed Holy Spirit into your heart for him to reside with you. Does he do all the battle for us? No. We are to be trained. Does he pray on our behalf? Yes, when we don’t know what we should pray.

What is our responsibility? To learn, study, pray, read, understand what the will of God is, and who we are in Christ and all that Christ has done for us. How do we do this? By being a part of a serious Bible Church or group who are teaching the truth, praying, caring for the lost, caring for orphans and widows, and seeing the manifest presence of God being demonstrated in their midst. Who also worship God in Spirit and truth and love one another, and others.

1 Cor.4:20 The Kingdom of God is power.

Mark 16:17 Signs of power, accompany those who believe

John 12:31-32 Defeated by Christ

Col.2:15 Disarmed the powers of darkness

Eph.1:18-23 Christ above all

Jude 1:25 All authority

Acts 3:6-7 Power in the name of Jesus


Given, not acquired. I’ll begin with Moses, because he was one of the most significant. Sought out by God and given instructions and power to accomplish God’s bidding, the rest you already know.

The Levitical priesthood; given the authority and right to stand before God. 2Chron.10

Saul: first anointed king of Israel. I Sam.10:1-7. The power (authority) of God will come upon you…

David: authority given to David, the prophetic word given and the Spirit of the Lord came upon him in power as Samuel anoints him. I Sam.16-13

Jesus: All authority in heaven and on earth, given… Mt.28:18

Disciples: He gave them power and authority… Luke. 10:19

Jesus name: Power and authority through Jesus. Jude 25, I Cor. 6:11, Acts 3:6-7

Prayer: The prayer of a righteous man is powerful, has authority. James 5:16

Know who you are

Luke 10:19, Mark 3:15, Behold I give to you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all authority of the enemy. And nothing by any means hurt you.

Luke 17:21, Matt. 12:28, The Kingdom of God is within you. (Or in your midst)

Eph.1: 20-23, 2:1-6 All power and authority given to Jesus, seated at right hand of God and we are with Him. 1 Cor.6:11 Washed, sanctified, justified in Jesus

“Pray in the Spirit at all times.” Eph.6:18

“Praying with the mind also.” 1 Cor.14:15

What are strongholds? They are more than the natural such as fortresses built by man. They can be doctrines of demons, thoughts that block the spiritual; unbelief, lifestyles, cultural differences, demonic oppression, improper teaching, tradition and flagrant sinfulness.

The mind and spirit need to have harmony, working together to defeat natural and unnatural causes that arise to bring down the power of God in our lives and in the lives of others, especially within the body of Christ. Paul reminds us that we can “pull down thoughts that raise themselves above the Spirit of God.” 2Cor.10:5-6

Know your enemy

Zech.3:1-2 Accuser of the brethren.

2 Cor.2:11 Not ignorant his devices

The Bible clearly states using these terms. There are unclean spirits, familiar spirits, demons, and powers of darkness, authorities, and spiritual forces in heavenly places. (Territorial, see Daniel) He attacks the mind/heart because this is where we make our choices,

A) to sin,

B) fear,

C) believe a lie,

D) to speak or make declarations/agreements against the truth of God.

He accuses, slanders, acts as adversary, deceives, tempts, lies, destroys, and wears you down.

John 12:31,32 Father of lies.

1 Peter 5:8 Like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour

He has only the power to deceive, “like a roaring lion”, to cause you to fear.

What are the demonic capable of doing? They can speak, beg, and argue, in some cases throw people on the ground, (those who are possessed) or into fire, shout and scream. They also fear, for they are terrified of the believers who walk in authority, and have knowledge as to who does. Even a child who is confident in Jesus can see them run.

When you stand firm against them they will flee. They also have names. They often work in conjunction with one another.

Gal.5:19-21. These are actions of the flesh, through sin, which the demonic will work through, because you have made an agreement to sin.

So that means as a Christian you can come under influence, and or have a stronghold in your mind or be under oppression.


As far back as Duet.32:17, is the mention of demon worship.

There was an understanding within the Jewish faith on how to deal with them.

(See Jesus mentioning to Pharisees, after he is accused of casting out demons through Satan, Matt 12:27 “By what power are your sons casting them out?”)

Where did they come from?

Luke 10:18 I saw Satan fall from Heaven like lightning

Rev. 12:9 and the great dragon was cast out, the old serpent called Devil, and Satan who deceives the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him.

The ministry of Intercession is backed by God. He has provided everything we need in Christ.

The Promise: Luke 24:49

Delegated Power over the enemy: Luke 9:1

Power over Sin: John 20:10

Power to accomplish His mandate: Is.61:1-3

Authority to Bind and Loose: Matt.12:28-29, 16:19

Authority in the Name: John 14:14, 16:23, Matt. 28:18-20, Eph.1:21, Phil.2:9-11

Power of the Blood: Heb.10:19-22

The only thing that can stop the action of the intercessor is the intercessor themselves.

It will always be our choice.

QUERY (From handbook)

 Our warfare


1) Is it the individual(s) intercessors job to ask God to awaken his church, the one you are attending locally, by region, nationally, by denomination(s), globally?

In all these cases what can you expect to happen? You will hit a wall of opposition of every dimension. Why? Daniels prayer = opposition that he was not aware of. Dan.9 & 10

What might some of our opposition be?

God can and will give favor. Nehemiah’s prayer Neh.1

God can and will give authority. (Jesus) Matt. 28:18, Lk.4:6, Jn.10:18,

(Others) Matt.10:1, Mk. 6:7, Lk.10:19

God can and will give strategy/purpose. Gen.12:1 to Abraham, Moses we know about. Joshua leadership, God said, “Do not be afraid for I am with you…” Judges 8:28 Midian subdued… peace 40 years, 1 Sam.7:13 Philistines subdued throughout Samuels lifetime. Ps.47:2-4 the Lord subdued. Ps.57:2 the Lord fulfills his purpose for me.

God can and will call people to stand in the gap. Ex.3:7 the Lord talks to Moses about his heart for his people.

Spiritual Weapons; Wisdom – Dealing with the Enemy

2) The enemy can and will make you feel like you are not doing anything and through guilt press you into a battle that is not yours, to mess you up.

The enemy will oppose your authority, but it will be limited. Why? Because you have someone backing you up and he knows it.

Ex.4:21 power given> Gen.15:1 God is a shield> Duet.3:22 Lord your God will fight for you

No Secrets: Heart of repentance. No secret sin – God knows – enemy knows

The enemy will send people to mess with your strategy; many times he uses the weak minded Christian, the over emotional, the easily deceived, and even the well meaning.

You may hit a wall with pastors/leaders because of no understanding, denial, judgment, or pride. (They may not be hearing God, then why should they listen to you.) They may not be willing to embrace the gifts in others. This can be a huge problem. So what do you do now? Need wisdom, discernment. No flaky or witchcraft type prayer/intercession. Pastors are ordinary people who can get just as easily lost. God may test your love, endurance, character on their behalf.

Paul and the Leaders

3) Acts 9:28-30 Paul debates, they want to kill him.

Acts 18:28 Paul vigorously refuted and debates publicly.

Do we go as far as Jesus strong rebuke? Luke 10:10-12 …better off than Sodom. Matt.10:14, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5

Or do we entreat the Father’s mercy because you know they might be lost unless God intervenes.


4) Good soldiers know their weapons inside and out.


5)Distraction and Confusion: demonic activity

What is going on around you, your area/region, church, your pastor’s life?

Does the enemy know?

Do you and should you know? (Not meaning every detail of their life.)

What is his or her physical/mental/spiritual wellbeing?

Are they being forthright with the intercessors, embracing this ministry?

Are you a trustworthy individual to hold and keep private information between you and God? (Extremely important!)

6) Know God… Son… H.S. = Responsibility

7) Authority: We know about authority from what we looked at but do we understand the structure?

Ontario OPP laws are valid anywhere you go, you break them you are subject to the law… same anywhere.

Natural laws: gravity, you cannot fight it.

Spiritual laws: God has set up laws, precepts, principles… sin = death

Jesus overcomes the power of sin = mans redemption = man still bound by the laws of grace = forgiveness when confession made, because we now have a high priest on our side.

Shall we go on sinning because of grace? No, then you step outside its boundaries and are in danger of trampling underfoot the blood of Jesus shed for us.

You have a parachute on when the plane goes down, but cut holes in it and the law of gravity takes over.

Know who you are

8) What is God’s business and what should be yours?

Know your gifting and your place within the body.

Praying… Spirit> What does this require? Attitude/ walking

Praying… mind> Practical relationship/ discernment or understanding/ knowledge

9) Strongholds and enemy activity:

What are strongholds? They are more than the natural such as fortresses built by man. They can be doctrines of demons, thoughts that block the spiritual; unbelief, lifestyles, cultural differences, demonic oppression, improper teaching, tradition and flagrant sinfulness.

You need to discern the situation, name the stronghold, (sometimes you need to deal with things in yourself before you can move on) know, not every battle is yours! Don’t run to war for others that was never yours to participate in!

What stops or impedes our prayer/ intercession from being heard or answered?

Double minded, pride, childishness, unforgiveness, anger, selfish ambition, sin

Know your Enemy

10) Liars, deceivers, schemers, and can pose as angels of light.

With more activity of angels spoken of and welcomed these days into our lives, there becomes a greater need for being wary.

How would you know if you encountered a counterfeit?

Are there tell tale signs? (Like reading counterfeit money?)

Recognize the Spirit of God. My sheep know… my voice…

1John 4:1, 2 Test the spirits to see if they are from God. Acknowledges that Jesus has come in the flesh.

Twisted words = scriptural deception.

Pushing your buttons, pride, selfish ambition, lust of the flesh, tempted to not be completely truthful, thinking you are better than others, or I’m glad I’m not like them.

Know them by their fruit… Too late, the damage is done.

Know: You are backed by God; when you are appointed, gifted, sent, because it is not about you!



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    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      SA, thanks for the encouraging comment. Blessings in your spirtiual endeavors. St.L.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This information was so powerful and has really helped to open my eyes to the ministry of intercession and has strengthened my confidence in what God has called me to do!

    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you again itakins,

      please do come back and enjoy.



    • itakins profile image


      8 years ago from Irl


      This is a hub I know I will return to-it speaks volumes.God Bless you.

    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thx again...

      It is by intention to get the reader involved,

      When you investigate for yourself it sticks with you.

      As we allow Holy Spirit to teach us the truth becomes solidified in our heart.


    • heart4theword profile image


      8 years ago from hub

      Looks like you did your homework! Like the way you put this together. Nice having scripture references, encouraging others to search the words for themselves:)


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