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There Is Someone Who Loves You

Updated on November 12, 2021
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Blogger, freelancer, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.


Depression Among The Youth

There is a problem among the younger generations that the Boomer and older generations can't relate to as much. Although there are exceptions in every generation, the younger generations are facing a bleak future they aren't even sure will be there. In addition, they are the first fruits of the wicked culture that overcame the land in the 60s.

The younger generations starting with the X generation and younger are the first generation in America raised without a strong father presence in the home. They are the result of being raised by a single-parent home, usually the mother. This means the boys are without guidance to become men and the girls remain untrusting of men and usually garner resentments because of their father's absence and lack of authority in their life. And if the father is in the family, he is usually taking orders from the woman and not respected as the head of the house. This has led to the demise of the natural roles of the family unit and the fruits of it are apparent.

With all this said, there is a deep problem with the youth trying to find love and meaning in a culture of selfishness and superficial values. Seeing a bleak future, most of the youth are turning to destructive tendencies to remedy this void in their lives. This remedy isn't working though and they are left with a shattered life full of emotional problems and end up even thinking about suicide.

What they need is the love of Jesus Christ in their lives. God loves every person enough to send His only begotten son into the world to die for their sins (Jesus of Nazareth); He wants them to come to him and find comfort. In Jesus, we will find meaning and love, when in the world we find neither. The best part is Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life. He is the absolute truth and has dominion over all other powers in existence.


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The World's Lie

The world's wisdom will always lead to a dead-end road. The impetus of the New Age culture America's mainstream promotes is self-gratification that leads to selfishness. Love is not selfish, it is the opposite. This is why people in the modern world are feeling a coldness when there should be warmth. The pride of people won't allow them to admit their selfishness is there, but the fruits of their lives can't be hidden.

You shall know them by their fruits, the Bible says. We can see that the absence of Jesus in our American culture has led to a culture of death and wickedness. Any objective person can see this is the truth. Yet, the power of deception causes people to shift the blame on the Bible itself, although this makes no sense.

The world's lies are getting people nowhere in their growth as people. The truth of Jesus Christ will make them free from the bondage of sin, the same sin the world promotes and says will give them liberty. Like I said before, we can see the fruits of the New Age Religion that began in the '60s to take hold of the mainstream culture. The fruits are totally rotten and our culture is in ruins.

The world and the people who embrace the world's lie will continue to live selfish lives full of confusion and pride. They need to humble themselves and come to know Jesus as their savior to attain the true meaning of life and the true love they really do need and want.

There is a Better Life

The Bible isn't a set of rules that are meant to keep you from enjoying life. The opposite is true, the Bible is there to guide us away from the snares and troubles this world has in store for us. The Bible teaches us the nature of this existence and if we aren't aware that we live in a fallen world then we will be deceived by the adversary, the Devil.

Old people and young people are struggling like never before to find hope and love in this world. There is a cold embrace we are receiving from this world that leaves us in despair and thinking there is no hope or love. Many people think they are simply an animal because of evolution, thus, think they have no purpose but as that of an animal. This is so far from the truth, because we are created in the image of God. God loves us and has a purpose for each of us beyond what we could imagine.

If we walk with Jesus and believe in the Holy Bible, then we will live a life full of love and meaning even when this world around us is in despair and being destroyed every day. There is hope and love in Jesus Christ, and knowing this can set people free from the lies and bad fruit of this world.

Carroll Roberson

© 2014 Robbie Newport


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