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Train Rides Together

Updated on March 9, 2021
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

A Train Ride Together

When life begins as with a baby’s first breath, it's new and exciting. Unfortunately, we don't get to decide how it will turn out. We play the game, take the cards as they are dealt with, and do our very best.

Once in a while, God has a plan for our growth, which involves some trains' severe derailments. It can be mind-boggling when we believe we're doing everything in our power to make our life work — feeling exhausted by the lack of steam in our engines.

See, that's just it; our power is never enough. When we get through the derailments of life and start searching for what caused the pileup, we often find ourselves looking up. Sometimes life has beaten us down so desperately that we lose the confidence to believe in our choices and ourselves. We begin to question everything, and we tend to slip off track.

The most critical choice in circumstance is trust, and with that decision, all we have to do is look to Christ our Lord, and He meets us right there.

You are not alone in the crash


The Rescue

You are not alone in the crash. This rescue can happen to anyone in a relationship, especially when you start looking up at the same time. Life can be a ride on a relatively fast track and sometimes gets so fast you can no longer keep up, and then it happens, the train derails.

Sometimes these crashes are the very best thing that can happen to us, forcing us to surrender and trust the engineer to rescue and get us back on track. He will, and He does.

First, He works on us one at a time, making sure to offer aid after the crash. He checks our wounds and even distracts us with various choices, all that could potentially lead to Him or not; it is a matter of focus and perception, and of course, the choice we make.

When we finally get so tired of depending on our power, He slowly starts to add Steam to our engine. At first, He is cautious not to give us too much at a time. See, He knows the desires of our hearts, but He also knows when we seek Him first, then and only then can He give us full power to get back on track.

Train back on track


Back on Track

He is careful not to introduce too much all at once. Because this time, when He gives us what we need and desires, He wants us to be ready to do the work to maintain the ride.

It may take a little time; He wants to work on us individually. He also allows a team approach. It is a beautiful thing to be in a relationship when two people work hard; they can account and move forward doing great things for and with Jesus.

When God makes us wait for the desires of our hearts, He will gently bring us together in understanding His word and service to His ministry. He will lay His hands upon them as His children and guide them with the tools to get started on their way.

Then He picks up the pieces of the crash and blows the debris out of their reach. At last, the track ahead is made manifest, and eventually, with some vital work, He places them on the road right next to each other. Only, this time, He is keeping them on individual tracks that are both headed toward His safe harbor.

The most beautiful thing is He remains right between the two as a Divine and Holy Spirit to keep both rail cars parallel. If a crossing comes along, and they will, He will be right there to guide lanes' changing. He may at times want them to do some work separately, but it is all good for if they never let go of His guidance, He will steer them always back to one another, side by side with Him in the center.

When God sweetens the path ahead with little cars to lead, He may one day ask them to be the engine of their particular track, no worries. He will always be their caboose; right there as they look behind, He will have their back. God knew the cars before put in your care. He knew they could be a light for the many vehicles on other tracks that are lost or derailed. After teaching them how they should go, we trust they go with their Engineer, as they have new routes to travel and sights to see.

He will always ask you to be diligent in His teachings. Remain life-learners together. Still praying before making a plan, first with the Head Engineer and then together. When they do just this with His help, we can achieve all things. Being parallel is the safest way to runs as different railroad cars: the two tracks, both lead by the head Engineer working together for Him. God created two individuals with talents and aspirations; by always being true to yourself and your walk with Faith in Him, you become the most reliable steel on the track of life.

God is The Engineer of our lives, and when working for Him first separately but together as a united, loving team, we can accomplish much for His glory. He will always be our truth, our way, and our life. Trust in Him, and He will get you where you're going. One day we all will head down the track to our heavenly home together.

The Marriage Prayer ~ John Waller

Some Things to Think About

Psalms 48:14 ~ for this God is our God forever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end. Ephesians 4:2-3 With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit of the bond of peace.

(Originally written for Dave and Dana Brady ~ is March 24, 2012, ~

You came together before God and your witnesses to proclaim your love. Your Holy vows have bonded you to be married to one another in a Christ-centered union. May you be continually blessed in your marriage as you seek Him together and live for Him until that day when you will see Him face to face? God bless you both now and for always.)

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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