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"Toil The Soil" How to Cultivate Astrological 2nd House Designated Talent

Updated on July 5, 2011
This Old House of Motivation
This Old House of Motivation

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Esoteric 2nd House Astrological Madness

In the last MODE Of Cosmic Therapy astrology lesson, we discussed the remote possibility that astrological data might just add a new tint, hue or color to your life. The very least it can do is add a new dimension to your image. We are going to move onto the second house of the natal chart which would be the 2nd 1/12th section of the slated pie. So, if you would be so kind to follow as we progress around the wheel, you may learn something you didn’t know before.

The second section of the chart deals with motivations, among other things. It especially focuses on the ‘soil you must toil’ while you're taking up space on the planet. This particular area of your chart (life) is where you will literally ‘put your hands to the grindstone” and not look back. This is the place where you will use your hands to make your mark in the world. {Another way of saying, “the exact manner in how you will earn your keep.”} Having dispelled the notion that you can’t know what you are supposed to do while alive on earth, the tricky flavor of this house makes for an interesting yet challenging way of perception. Like the title of the old standard song, “I only Have Eyes for You”, in this case, you only have the flavor (sign on the 2nd house) of these eyes for your earned income. In other words, nothing will ever be as pretty, attractive and inviting as the taste of the sign on the second house.

However, the complicated part resides in the fact that you will have to fight to overcome the resistant negativity associated in the sign of this house when you are faced with unusual ways the opportunities (people, jobs, relationships, affairs) come about. You will usually have your mind set in one direction while the door opens in an entirely new avenue. Where your practical mental processes are concerned, you often will openly deny that you have talent for this field. You are apt to voice this caustic mind set to those closest to you. In the precise incidentals of this stated livelihood, you present a sunny and cheerful disposition to others while you balk and sulk in the privacy of your own home in the disappointment of things not turning out the way you planned.

If you take it upon yourself to educate you more thoroughly, by attending the necessary schools of higher learning, to do the homework in that area, a certain amount of undue anxiety will be alleviated from these biting tendencies. These schools of higher learning can very well be on the job training! Also, broaden your horizons by getting involved with people or relationships from another culture, race, land, ethnicity, and background altogether since it will certainly increase your enthusiasm and zest for life. In other words, your mind’s preference and expression is not for the mundane and ordinary trivialities of everyday existence. Unless you are growing spiritually, esoterically, cosmically to the extent of fulfilling your primal destiny at large, you will experience a numbing unmistakable numbing sensation. The second house is all about broadening your horizons in EVERY capacity.

You are exceptionably able to flourish in the midst of chaos and problems associated with the sign on the second house. That’s the way the natal chart is erected. It’s just supposed to be that way! Make an extra effort to get involved with that sign and you will see your life grow leaps and bounds. Don’t shy away from unlikely situations (people) which will involve those of this sign. You’ve got much to learn, and they (those with that particular sign) will be essential in the learning of these lessons.

On the second house of your astrological chart, (meaning the place where you will actually earn your keep) will designate the treasure house of your greatest working desires. In other words, "whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your might." This is the section of your house, you don't second guess. Never ever ask anyone's opinion on the matters concerning this area of your life. You are so grounded in this particular sphere of your life. Nobody knows your business like you know your business. People will come and go but don't get hung up on what you 'think' it means. It means what you want it to mean and nothing else.

IF you are not alert, they can slip right out of your life without your having valued their entrance and contribution. These people can also be romantic partners but not especially easy affairs. Almost insurmountable obstacles force you to delve deeper to expose the hypocrisy involved. You are rarely ever thrown off balance though if anyone listened and believed the inconsistencies that come from your mouth regarding the events of this sign, they would certainly believe otherwise.

In order to master the insecurity and lack of safety you experience, (involved simply in being human) you must absorb the intangible lessons associated with this sign in particular. In fact, if you don’t incorporate the magnanimous theme of the sign on the second house into your current life, you will end up despising something or someone who means so much to you, who is vital to your ascension. Your deepest needs and desires are to grow into the winds of change and cosmological transmigration unveiling your specific purpose for inhabiting the earth plane. You can only accomplish this masterful feat by absolving the second house themes.

Depending upon the sign on the second house, you will be faced with overcoming the lessons involved with people of different races cultures, intellect and customs. You are not prejudiced, as such but you may or may not know it. You assuredly give new meaning to the word stubbornness. In truth, you must change with the season according to the sign on your second house. Note the flavor and taste of the circumstances! Bite into it, through it, and with it and make it a long lasting chew until it becomes enjoyable.

You are only loyal to what you perceive as worthy of your time and effort. I can not emphasize to you enough how vital where the planet that rules your second house is located in the natal chart will determine your degree of happiness and contentment in this present life. Find that planet. Mull over the house. If the planet happens to be Uranus, it will tell you when you are in need of a thorough house cleaning. Uranus is placed in the natal chart to turn the tables over, period. No nice way to say it!

Since Uranus leads the way in revolutionizing the character of a person, which embodies every attribute that can and does formulate the ingenious futuristic visionary talent inbred in the individual, you must make friends with him in your natal chart. Not much can get by Uranus. He has his finger on the life pulse of your existence and will create such an unsettling stir in your walk until you respond You are literally a voice crying in the wilderness acting in the realms of higher learning, (remembering/accumulating/exhibiting the lessons gained while on earth) other cultures, nationalities, the legal system and every aspect of developing and maintaining a personal freedom in the maximum sense is part of your ultimate reign.

Of course, this information and 85 cents can get you a cup of coffee at the local short stop market. Until next time…

I Will Find The Yellow Brick Road
I Will Find The Yellow Brick Road


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