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True Angel Stories with Video Testimonies, Part 2

Updated on June 24, 2019
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Adrienna is inspired by true angel sightings and encounters and has selected 3 stories worth being shared!

Do You Believe In Angels?

Most Americans are said to believe in angels, but the degree of that belief varies. A wise person once said, "To those who believe, proof is not needed. And to those who doubt, proof is impossible." Which are you, a believer or a skeptic? Below you will find part 2 of True Angel Stories, based on real testimonies of those who have had angelic experiences.

After reading the stories below, take the poll at the end of this article and share with other readers which one are you, a believer or skeptic!

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Angel Story #4

On the night of their 4th anniversary Dan and Tracy Stadler were in a horrific car accident. A drunk driver had been driving down the wrong side of the interstate and hit them head on. The drunk driver was killed immediately while Dan and Tracy were badly injured, fighting for their lives in the crushed and burning car. Tracy recalled, “I looked over at my husband who was reaching over to try and unbuckle my seat belt and whoosh! He was on fire. I tried getting to him, but I couldn’t, I was trapped…. The whole car was filled with smoke. I could smell the burning leather and the burning flesh. I knew I was going to die soon.”

Motorists stopped and immediately began rescue efforts. Dan was pulled out of the driver’s side window when one of the motorists was successful in breaking the glass after the doors had been seared shut.

Tracy was still trapped in the car and could feel her lungs and face burning. Tracy said, “I realized this was it, I was leaving. I began to say prayers I never knew were in my mind.” When she looked up, she saw a being not of this world, “a heaven sent person”. Tracy continued to say that the heavenly being lifted her spirit out of her body and lead her into a brilliant white light filled with incomprehensible love. “In this place, there was peace and no regrets or pain,” she said. Tracy continued to say that she felt as though she was on her way to see the face of God when suddenly thoughts of her 9-month old daughter Megan, came to mind. She experienced intense feelings that she didn’t want her daughter to grow up alone. This lead Tracy to exclaim to the angelic being, “I have to go back!” At that moment, she felt her spirit go back down to Earth and return to her broken and burning body.

Near by, rescuers saw a man come out of the neighboring woods and walk towards the car. The witnesses said that this man had a glow about him. When the stranger reached the car, that is when rescuers were able to free Tracy. According to Dan, the rescuer said, “...she just popped right out and into my hands, light as a feather.” As Tracy was safely lain on the ground, the man who had come from the woods placed his hands on her and said, “Tracy, everything is going to be alright.” Although the months to follow were filled with pain and hardships during their recovery, both Dan and Tracy healed completely from their severe burns and wounds. To this day they claim to feel the presence of God with them and have written a book about the experience of that near fatal night.

Click the following link to watch the story in its entirety as told by Dan and Tracy:

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Angel Story #5

It was 4th of July weekend and the Lamb family was vacationing at a house on the lake. The family had always enjoyed water sports and this weekend was no exception. Twelve year old Josiah Lamb was out jet skiing with his sister’s husband. Josiah was driving the two passenger jet ski and began gunning the machine to high speeds as to play in the water. What they didn’t see was a blue boat line stretched across the water for boats to tie up to. After playing around on the jet ski, they headed back to the lake house where they were staying. At high speed, Josiah and his brother in-law ran straight into the boat line.

Josiah recalled, “A few seconds before we hit it, the sky just lit up and time froze. It was amazing! … The sky lit up with angels. The angels were not cupid little angels that were fluttering around with their bow and arrow. They had flaming swords and were humungus, like brute strength guys. They were big!” He continued, “I heard God’s voice say, put your hand up Josiah.” At the time of the collision, the final words Josiah heard God say were, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.”

The boat line was at neck level when the boys plowed into it. Josiah's mother was alerted to the commotion outside and ran to see what was happening. To her horror, she saw her son with his neck sliced open, blood and bubbles gushing out. Panic and chaos filled the atmosphere in every direction. Within minutes, the ambulance arrived and rushed Josiah to the hospital. The medical team was able to stabilize his neck injuries and told the family that if he had not raised his hand, the boat line would have decapitated him. Instead, the raised hand only broke two fingers, literally saving his life!

Within four days, Josiah was able to speak and the first thing he said was, “Mom, I saw angels!”

Click the following link to listen to Josiah tell his amazing story:

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Angel Story #6

Ethan Conley came down with a rare virus and it started attacking his muscles. By all accounts, the prognosis was grim and Ethan's parents, Jay and Rebecca, worried that death was coming for their child. Ethan was hospitalized where he was diagnosed with vial Myositis. Over the next couple of days, his condition worsened. Doctor’s said that even if he did survive, there would be long term side effects such as kidney, heart and muscle dysfunction. His parents were in despair and began contacting friends and family on Facebook, their home church and churches across the nation to start a prayer chain.

When Ethan’s parents were with him in the hospital room, Ethan’s mother recalled that he took notice to something in the room and began following it with his eyes. For reasons unknown to anyone, Ethan called out, “No, don’t leave! Don’t leave!” His parents jumped in to offer consolation that they were there for him. In response, Ethan said, “No, I don’t want it to leave me.” At that moment Ethan’s mother felt he had been watching an angel in the room and was now worried that it was leaving. Fear gripped Jay that it was perhaps the angel of death coming to take his son. As the family dove deeper into prayer, Ethan became weaker and weaker. But within 48 hours of suspect that Ethan saw an angel, he began to recover rapidly. His doctor was amazed!

Today Ethan is a healthy teenager with no remaining consequences of the deadly virus as doctors predicted. The family claims they received a miracle!

See the story for yourself on CBN by clicking this link:

In case you missed stories #1, #2 and #3, click here!

What Do You Think Now?

Did these stories move you deeper into belief in angels or skepticism? Take the poll below to share with other readers what you believe!

In case you missed stories #1, #2 and #3, click here!

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