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Truth about Mary the mother of Jesus: The Passion Of The Christ and Catherine Emmerich - what is true and falls?

Updated on June 1, 2017
louisxfourie profile image

Louis Fourie born again in Yehoshua, baptized with water and Fire and a true Follower. I have Pitch my tent with Elohim my Friend.


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Most Christians have seen The Passion of the Christ.

I have seen it at least 6 times and it has always given me a feeling of horror. I thought that it was because for my love for the Lord Yahshua and His suffering.

Then a friend gave me a DVD about the true reason for the making of the Passion of the Christ and all the errors in the movie.

Yes, I've always felt uncomftable with some scenes that I couldn't relate to scripture, but I put it down to lack of knowledge on the part of the film makers.

They put things into a move to round off the story and make it work.

With a shock I watched this DVD and was in tears close to the end.

We had an outreach where we showed this movie and 85 people came to the Lord and we have only 1 of those converts left. I now understand why.

If you build on lies, you will reap a lie!

I will try to pen down most of the error's to show the lies of the enemy!

This Movie was made by Hollywood and it is promoting the Roman Catholic Church beliefs and Idol worship in emphasizing Mary,s goddess status. Christians need to remember that it is all about Yehashua (Jesus) and His work on the Cross. He did not get strength from His Mother but from God the Father.

Exploiting the Lie!

Mel Gibson

St. Anne Catherine Emmerich

Book of St. Anne Catherine Emmerich revelations

On the 25th February 2004, “The Passion of the Christ” directed by Mel Gibson, opened in thousands of theatres throughout the World.

Mel Gibson stated that he based his film on the “visions” of two Catholic mystic nuns: St. Anne Catherine Emmerich, who was an 18th century Augustinian nun, and Mary of Agreda, who was a 17th century Franciscan nun.

Gibson said, “Emmerich supplied me with stuff I never would have thought of.” This film was not based on the Word of God, (the Bible) and is not Biblical at all.

Anne Catherine Emmerich was a very spiritually disturbed lady.

Her book Emmerich, Anne Catherine. The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. North Bay Books: El Sobrante, 2003.

The script was originally written in English for this movie but was translated by a Jesuit priest, who calls himself “Father” William J. Fulco into Latin, for it contains more power in the occult.

It is a script filled with blood and torture to excessive Violence.

The Scripture (True Bible) tells us what we need to know of His Crucifiction.

Luke 23:33 “And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary , there they crucified him, and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left.”

There is also a powerful mystical side to the Mel Gibson production containing elements of witchcraft.

One review said, a sulfurous evil presence lurks throughout the film.” Jim Caviezel said, “I drew heavily on my Catholic upbringing, reread the Gospels and studied writings of Christian mystics,” and “Ivan Dragicevic and his wife Lorraine gave me a piece of the true cross.

I kept this on me all the time. They made a special pocket in my clothes for it. I also had relics of Padre Pio, St Anothony of Padoua, St Maria Goretti, and Saint Denisius, the patron saint of actors.”

We see throughout the film a Catholic based theme, so this movie was made for the Catholic Church, to celebrate the mass.

The Catholic Church teaches salvation is in the Mass or Holy Eucharist. The Eucharist (Mass) is where Catholics partake of the wine and the bread communion. In the Eucharist, through a mystic process called transubstantiation the bread literally changes into the actual body of Christ and the blood literally turns into the blood of Christ. Without partaking of the Catholic Mass, there is no salvation. This is not Biblical at all.

Not surprising, Gibson and Caviezel received Mass (Communion) every morning to prepare for the filming.

Jim Caviezel, said in an interview concerning Mary’s omniscience role in The Passion:

“I ask Mary to guide me and my career. . . This film is something that I believe was made by Mary for her Son. Because it was made by her, it will be attacked by the enemy.” (Who is the enemy, the true believer?)

It is amazing the Christian leaders who are informed on the false teachings of the Catholic Church and its influence in The Passion and yet these same Christians are wildly promoting this film "The Passion".

It not only amazes me, but it also amazes Mel Gibson:

“I’ve been actually amazed at the way I would say the evangelical audience has-hands down-responded to this film more than any other Christian group.” What makes it so amazing, he says, is that “the film is so Marian [the Roman Catholic worship of Mary].

Gibson adds, “The way the film displays [Mary] has been kind of an eye opener for evangelicals who don’t usually look at that aspect. . .” (Ibid)

It is interesting to note that when interviewed, Mel Gibson were asked if, “It’s your hand in the film holding the nail?” He answered, “It is, yeah, my left hand.”

Gibson made a point of the fact that it was his left hand holding and positioning a nail to be driven through the hand of Jesus. In the occult, the left hand indicates “the force”, and the Latin for left is sinister.

During the filming of the movie, God obvious showes disapproval to the movie.

The star, Jim Caviezel, who played the part of Jesus, had the following things happen to him during the filming.

  • Caviezel suffered hypothermia as he hung on the cross nearly naked and caught pneumonia and a lung infection.
  • He dislocated his shoulder while carrying the cross,
  • He was struck by lightening twice. This was confirmed by an Associated Press report.

In another scene, Caviezel was chained to a post to be whipped, and in the simulation, the actor doing the whipping missed and actually struck Jim Caviezel putting a 14-inch gash in his back.

When this happened, Caviezel said, “I may be playing Jesus, but I felt like Satan at that moment. I turned to him, a couple of expletives came out of my mouth.”

There you have it! Jim Caviezel, the man playing Jesus said he felt like Satan, and began to cuss at the other actor.

Another star of the movie, who was hand-picked by Mel Gibson, is Monica Belluci, who plays Mary Magdalene.

Monica Belluci is well known in Hollywood as a hard core pornography star! Searching Google with “‘Monica Bellucci” and porn will return a whopping 44,100 hits of extreme graphic vile and filth!

She has starred in such movies as “Irreversible”, which reportedly included rape scenes so explicit and intense that at its premiere showing, 250 people walked out, and some needed medical attention.

This is the woman chosen by Mel Gibson to be a star in his movie.

“Everyone should see this movie. It could be Hollywood ’s finest achievement to date.” is a lie from Hell and abomination to Jesus Christ, our saviour.

The Passion is “seducing” most Christians because of their desire to know more about the Lord Jesus.

They believe if they can just “see” the crucifiction, the beating and His Suffering - they could love Him more. If they could “see” the blood, the torn flesh and what the Lord Jesus went through for them they could love Him more!

We all are moved by violence and we all are touched when someone is suffering, so the movie was created to play on the emotions of the Christian.

Truth about the movie!

Scenes that is not in the Word of God.

Here are some un - Biblical scenes from the movie.

  • Satan is shown talking to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • Jesus is kneeling before Satan in the opening of the film.
  • Satan is a shown as beautiful woman or could be a man?
  • Jesus stomps a snake in the Garden that slithers from Satan’s cloke.
  • In the Garden of Gethsemane, a guard assault Jesus.
  • Jesus was thrown from a bridge and he lost his right eye. (In the occult the bad Sheppard, right eye is out)
  • After Judas betrays Jesus, Judas is attacked by children whose faces turn into demons.
  • The demon-children bite Judas.
  • After viewing Jesus’ bloody body, Pilate asks the Sanhedrin if they always beat prisoners prior to trial.
  • Jesus falls three times while carrying the cross.
  • Once when Jesus falls, Mary runs to Him, and He says, “See, mother, I make all things new.” (Jesus always looked to his Mother for new strength, and not to God the Father)
  • Mary later asks Jesus, “When and how will you choose to be delivered from this?”.(She is the deliverer)
  • Pilate’s wife brings linens to Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene so that they can wipe up his blood.
  • Satan appears with a small deformed child, mocking Jesus as He is flocked.
  • A woman who is the Catholic Saint Veronica gives Jesus a cloth to wipe his face.
  • Jesus body was placed on Mary’s lap.


The Passion of the Christ, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and other sources

  • There is no question “The Passion of the Christ” is not true to the Bible.
  • There is no question this film adds to the Word of God.
  • There is no question The Passion perverts the power and the truth of the Gospel of the our Lord Jesus Christ.

This movie is an introduction of the anticrist to the Christian world and thousands of Christians, watching this lie, over and over, do not now that this film was invented to brainwash them into excepting the Antichrist into the Church and also as the leader to the new world order.

Remember the flocking, when the figure of Satan appears with the small deformed child on his or her hip, that child represent the Antichrist presented to the World, the leader to the new world order.


What is your perception?

See results

Let's go study more links.

© 2010 Louis Fourie


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    • profile image

      Domonique Brunson 

      4 years ago

      So ive watched the Passion of the Christ a few times, and I noticed a couple things that have stuck with me till this day. First thing is the shqpeshifter I noticed in the large crowd. He's up near the top right corner of the screen, he appears as a man with the scarf on that Mary has on and he takes it off then appears to jump to another spot in the crowd, I played that in slow motion over and over... The second thing is when Jesus is thrown off a bridge in chains and one of the desciples looks at Jesus almost sad and angered, after they slowly pull him back up the man turns around hears an animal growl and a blue demonic animal spirit runs across the screen and scares him away... Has anyone else seen these two parts? Because i can't find the clips of either scene.

    • rjbatty profile image


      5 years ago from Irvine

      This was just a movie, you lunatic. Mel and others tried to make it as authentic as possible. I personally did not enjoy the film and maybe that was partly intentional, I don't know. What I do know is that you are an illiterate and deeply unqualified examiner of a film so far beyond your depth. You are an embarrassment to anyone who takes religious matters seriously. It's a shame that HubPages allows anyone who can barely string a sentence together to post their misbegotten phantasms into a post that others should suffer through. You need deep, deep guidance in humility and humbleness. I cannot suffer fools such as yourself, but perhaps others (with more patience than myself) will try to steer you toward a path that may eventually guide you into becoming a fully conscious human being.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Have you actually read the Bible in the prophetical, allegorical and metaphorical sense as well as the literal? This is why one should pray, not read, the Bible. If you had, you would see that a lot of things you deem unbiblical in the film are mentioned in the Bible. You are on a journey like everyone else and so entitled to opinions, and to question. But gaining a proper and fuller reality of the truth in the Bible should be sought before putting them into the public domain. To be parading wild remarks about Catholics, the Church and individuals who evidently worked very hard to make Mary's tragic yet grace-filled suffering known to the world seems a little disrespectful. But I think it is because you are maybe missing some a spiritual understanding of Scripture. For example, the Last Supper is related to Holy Communion; Mary's 'omnipiscience', as you put it, or rather her relationship with the father is also documented (read the Wedding at Cana).

      In addition, Roman Catholics don't worship Mary, they are devoted to her, because God gave Mary His children at the foot of the cross to be her adopted sons and daughters (it is pretty likely that if she was present then Jesus would have been placed into her arms after being taken down from the cross. I think we can safely assume that this happened). If God gives us the things of nature and people too, to love, and He wishes us to receive His creation as gifts He has given us to cherish, then how much more are we to delight in the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother?!

      To slate Caviezel's experiences is not very humble! It is well known that the suffering of Saints and indeed the suffering of any person if offered up to God, then shares in the Passion of Christ, so helping Jesus to carry His cross. To have been blessed by God - obviously with Mary's intercession - in such a way as to have actually received suffering himself during filming is truly beautiful and he is indeed a very blessed and fortunate man. And his performance was superb! To think that suffering is a punishment or a sign of being unfit for heaven is what the Jewish priests and scribes believed - you know, the ones who put Jesus to death! What about severely disabled people then, do you think they are unworthy? And what about cancer patients? Are they from Satan? No. Suffering sanctifies if born with patience and offered up in prayer. 'Hard to do, which is why the Saints are Saints - because they never stopped trying, even when in awful pain like St. Anne Catherine Emmerich, whom you so denounced as 'spiritually-disturbed'.

      Monica Belluci's own personal life has nothing to do with you, I think! So why concern yourself with her life? To concentrate on taking the plank out of one's own eye first is sensible. You remember the prostitute who Jesus saved from getting stoned to death...?! If Jesus came to walk by our side as our merciful redeemer then what right has anyone to judge others worthy or not worthy?

      My last point is that in John's Gospel; John mentions that there were many other things that Jesus said and did, and to name them all would take too much time - the same no doubt for many things happening around Jesus - so the Gospel writers had to be a bit selective and left out some of the things that don't need to be said because they are automatically surmised.

      There are a few things added not mentioned in the Bible, but these actors went to Mass everyday, and so obviously put their faith in the Lord that things would be as accurate as possible, or at least divinely inspired!

    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      6 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      That's true but if you put lies into the film it is fake, let me explain, will you drink a glass of water , yes but if I put HIV blood in it and you know, will you still drink it ?

    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      it was a beautifully made film, and there will always be those who attack because it may bring many to Christ. The devil hates that. Did they crucify Jesus, yes, was it horrible, yes, was it for our sins, YES! Did Mary watch this, YES! Scriptures say her heart would also be pierced.

    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      7 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Pete: Thanks for your comment. If I took a drop of blood and mix it with a glass of water and give it to be drunk, will u do so? Yes you did not know about the blood, couldn't see or smell it, but if I told you?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You seem incredibly upset, but I don't think it was intended to go hand in hand with what's in the Bible. The film gets the message across of Jesus's suffering, death, and resurrection, and if it helps spark interest in someone who later learns more about Jesus and starts to believe, what is the problem?

    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      7 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      God will rain supreme and truth will set us free from the lie.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      the movie was intented to bring the lost to salvation. this article was written to stop that. if anything is unbibical, i'd say it's this article. Yeah, there was tons of blood and tons of film error. The punishment for sin is death. Do you think death is pretty? If it were, anyone would have been able to do it. satan is at work here, causing strife amoung believers and trying to stop the lost from coming to Christ. Open your Eyes.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      face it the truth hurts, the jews killed the only good thing to happen to mankind, now you know were hitler was somewhat coming from, yea i said it the jews killed jesus, got news for them there is no place for them up, but there is a place for them down below. end of story

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You obviously don't know anything about the Catholic Church or the teachings of Christ, the founder of the Catholic Church, his one true church that was one until Luther, Calvin, and others left to start there own faiths (which have split into thousands each beleiving in their own made up theology) while the one true Church of Christ remains after 2,0000 years. Who do you think assebled the wrote and assembled the scriptures? The Catholic church, not king james...Christ passed this authority to Peter and the Appostles, who in turn appointed Bishops with an unbroken linege. The Faith was founded on Sacred Traditions, the Word, and the Holy Eucharist that has been handed down since the Last Supper. Try reading John 6, the Discourse of the Bread of Life. Jesus was speaking verbatum "Amen, Amen unless you eat my body, and drink my blood, you have no life within you (Eternal Life)". He ment it literally. From the days of Peter, Paul, John, Clement, Polycarp, Linus, Justin Martyr and all of the Holy Fathers of the Catholic Church to our present Holy Father this has been, and always will be Christ truth. Which he so eloquently recites in scripture, His Church will never fall. yours has sadly been split thousands and thousands of times and will continue to do so since you have no teaching authority, therefor you make up your own theology as you go misinterpet scripture as you go. Even so, we still call you our brothers and sisters in Christ. How sad you call us names like satan. Do you not recall Christ words that Satan cannot cast out Satan? Try reading some of the fine Catholic books written by some very fine former evangelicals that converted to the Catholic Church like Dr. Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin just to name a fewthat prove their writings based on factual scripture (have a good bible with you to refer to). Than hopefuly the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the fullness of the truth. We will welcome you with open arms, and we won't call you names...also listen to Catholic radio shows like Catholic Answers, or watch the Journey Home on EWTN and listen to other Catholic converts to the truth that brought them home to God's One, True and Holy Church!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I wonder what people think sometimes, which film in this world has the power to make you feel something that you don't want to or have decided not to accept the concept of presentation.

      If its about pirates, you can say I have nothing to do with pirate, how am i even sure they exit.

      If its about thieves and robbers, we don't even give it a second thought because we believe somehow that it

      wont happen to us.

      If its about love and sex in films, we try to skip the scene and say why would they display such things in films for the whole world to see... and so on about different facet of live.

      The only thing that gets to us is the ones we allow to take hold of our emotions and thoughts, then we can even carve a lifestyle from it and share it with others.

      This is my point.

      It is not the film or its errors that brings the conviction for conversion, its the HOLY SPIRIT, believe it or not your salvation does not just happen at once, it's a process, just like the death and resurrection is a process to our freedom.

      I think the whole movie opened our eyes to what it was like, the events and scenarios that happened during that time, though it may not be perfect but the message was passed across.

      Of-course the devil will fight it with all he can muster, but the truth can never be covered.

      Our salvation is a process, if this does not do it, a message, a tract, someone's good deed, another movie,

      a gift, something somewhere somehow, the holy spirit will do his work on conviction and your soul, a soul

      somewhere finally will be saved for Jesus Christ...

      Remember, what we see is small compared to the things we cannot see....

    • profile image

      Messiah X 

      8 years ago

      What is unbiblical is exalting your religion by cursing other doctrines.

      The movie was great. It was never a lie. And talking about Monica Belluci, it is ridiculous of you to say "she is hard core blah blah" and "this is a woman blah blah" treating her with disgust. SO WHAT IF SHE WAS A PORN STAR? Didn't she deserves understanding and a place for a good faith film? Ask yourself you self proclaimed RELIGIOUS SOUL!


    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      8 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Have you noticed how suddenly Mel Gibson lost his charm, life, wife ect after the passion movie, a clear indicator, what you sow, you will reap!

    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      8 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Because it is not based on the true scripture it does mean it is rotten. The truth will set us free.

      Why fight over the truth?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is ridiculous, I agree completely with Ben, just because it is not based a 100% on scripture it doesn't mean it is rotten or work of the devil. I don't think Jesus would have liked to see Christians fighting each other just because they're Catholic or Evangelical or any other denomination. We're all Christians in the end.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am going to start by saying that Catholics ::DO NOT:: worship our mother Mary. We venerate her which is ABSOLUTELY different from worship. John 19:26-27 "When Jesus saw his mother standing there beside the disciple he loved, he said to her, "Dear woman, here is your son."and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." From that time on, this disciple took her into his home." The Word tells us John 21:25 - And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Obviously it was important to document that Jesus left us His mother as a gift to us otherwise it WOULDN'T BE IN THE BIBLE. Why would it if not everything would fit in one book? It was obviously important otherwise jonh wouldn't have written it.. Our Father gave us 3 precious gifts because of His great love to us: The Son, his mother who is OUR mother (this was said to us by JESUS HIMSELF), and the Holy SPIRIT. Why would we reject one of the most precious gifts that our Savior with so much love gave to us?? Let me remind you that Mary was the 1st and most faithful disciple that EVER existed. When Jesus was in the cross, EVERYBODY, including the disciples, left him and immediately went into hiding. Where was Mary? BY HIS SIDE! Who was the first believer in Jesus Christ?? MARY!! doubts? Read the annunciation... What was it that Mary replied?? "Here I am, the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be to me as you have said". People healed of the worst diseases by barely even touching Jesus' robe. MARY CARRIED JESUS CHRIST IN HER BELLY FOR 9 MONTHS!! How much more annointed could you be than to give life to God!! Mary is an example of what a faithful disciple should be. This is why we HONOR her. Let me mention that commandment #5 HONOR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER. Jesus is pure perfection. Free of sin. Jesus needs to follow the commandments as well otherwise, we would have no role model to follow. If He loves us who sin every second of our life, why wouldn't He love the only person who was literally with Him since He was born all the way til He died?? Let us remind ourselves that she shared his pain. Why then, would she be forgotten??? I could go on for days.. Next, the Holy Eucharist IS in the bible and is our road to salvation. John 6:54 But anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise that person at the last day. Let us remember the last supper. THAT WAS THE VERY FIRST CELEBRATION OF THE HOLY MASS AND EUCHARIST! Jesus did not leave this earth without first instructing us in what we should do in order to reach heaven. And yes, He was talking literal. Jesus did not speak in paraboles to his disciples. He explained everything to them because they would be the descendants that would bring the Good News to the world. Anyway, these are only 2 points in argument to your article. May Our Lord Jesus Christ shower you, your loved ones in blessings from heaven above and may He be by ur side every step of the way!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i hav no proves. but i can say yhat this movie gives me many new ideas and new thoughts. all scenes are not biblical. we cant say that all are wrong. all our records got from the bible and other historical materials.we have to read or see other materials.i am a christian. but i am not o perfect man. i have to read or learn more. i can say that this film is a great film, has a great intention, good effort. may god bless you all.

    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      9 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Yes this is bad, this article must help people to see the truth, it is written to made you think.Satan is the father off all lies???????

    • eventsyoudesign profile image


      9 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      I did not like the movie. Your article really made me think. I cannot judge anyone though because I am not perfect. Thanks for sharing your views and shedding light on some interesting points. I will read more. Teresa

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am certainly not a Catholic, nor do I agree with the Marian emphasis in the film. However, you yourself have some misleading points here. For example, Jesus was not "kneeling before Satan" in the Garden; he was praying to the Father for strength while Satan stood to his side and tried to tempt him.

      Yes, there are many un-Biblical scenes in the movie but there is a difference between taking some artistic license and just flat out disagreeing with the Bible. For example, Satan mocking Jesus while he is flogged may not be in the Bible, but is it a stretch at all to think the Enemy would not delight in seeing Christ suffer? Is it a stretch to think that Satan would have liked to be there in person to see God in His time of trial? It may not be in the Bible, but it does not go against the Bible.

      Gibson is obviously a disturbed individual and you are certainly right that he promoted a Catholic view of the Passion, but that does not mean in any way that the film itself is evil or that it cannot be a great tool for Witnessing Christ's love.

      A picture is worth a thousand words; it is very powerful to see for oneself to what lengths our Lord and Savior went simply because he loves us.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I saw Mel Gibson tell in an interview that he got the idea for the film from the"visions" of the nuns. He was asked at the end if Jesus was the only way to heaven, and he said "no". We see what has happened to his life and the man he really is. "God will not be mocked."

    • skye2day profile image


      10 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Very interesting. WOW I am not surprised with the findings and truth. I can relate to the catholic church communion. I was raised a Catholic and I did not know until much later I needed a relationship with Jesus to be Born Again. You did great work on this hub. Thank you for sharing. Many Blessings to you. Great hub. Fantastic. Thank You sweet Jesus. Amen. Hugs to you.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Wow, thank you Louis for this insightful hub!

      I saw this film about 4 years ago, before I was saved. It was so painful to watch, and I cried obsessively, yet it didn't bring me to Christ.

      So, for me--it didn't have the Holy Spirit; just shock value. Now I know why--your commentary brings forth so much information that I somehow missed--Thank you for this fine work! I now have a clearer understanding of this Cinematic work.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Lots of information here. I love how you use details. I already knew myself that the movie was not biblical. You have shown it in truth and I applaud you for it.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      10 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Thank you for exposing the truth, Brother. The movie is rotten to the core.


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