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Stop Mixing Gods Word with Hollywoods lies!

Updated on November 17, 2014

God’s word is light.

There are two ways of knowing the Bible, namely; the true unpolluted Word of God and the Hollywood way of half truths and lies.

Let’s begin with a well known story in the Bible where Israel stood before the red sea. If I ask you the question; “How was the water of the red sea parted?”

Most people would immediately answer that Moses hit the water with his staff or rod and the water rushed to the left and right to leave an open road through the red sea. A dry road waiting for God’s people, their wagons and livestock to pass through.

That is a lie from the heart of Hollywood!



Well let’s look what the word “Hollywood” means and where it originated?

Hollywood is from the Holly tree. This is the same wood that witches or wicked magicians use in their occultic practice to cast spells when they work there magic. Used in the form of a wooden stick or wand taken from the Holly tree, an ancient satanical tool to put spells on people. This is the way the nations of the world is taken captive by hypnotism.

So how is it then that I say that we are under the spell of Hollywood when we are looking at Biblical stories? How can I say that what we generally believe about the parting of the Red Sea is a lie? Yes’, the water did part, but not in the way we have been taught by Hollywood.

Many people are too lazy to read their Bibles on their own and even worse, are trusting and believing everything said from the pulpit. Preachers from the pulpit are also under the spell of Hollywood and don’t even know that they are preaching lies. I have heard so many times that they say “and Moses hit the water with his rod and -whoosh - the water flew in all directions forming a wall of water on both sides almost immediately. Wow! We marveled and we are all hanging onto his lips because of the power and might of God showing us His Strength.

Let’s view the story that I am referring to.

Exodus 14:16 “for the Lord said unto Moses, lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea”. In verse 21 we read “and then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong East wind all night, and made the sea dry land and the water were divided.”

Why do we remember the water being hit? and is it so significant if it was hit or not?

Well God is a God of detail, if you go to where Moses was instructed to build the temple, every minute detail was given, and it all shows towards the perfect Christ to come.

Yes this story shows us that Hollywood wanted to sell movies, entertainment, ect and in doing so also bring half truths or lies about God and Who He is. The problem is that we have believed these stories while it is not the truth. If we believe this, what about things that could land you in Hell?

The Bible story not half as exciting as the story that Hollywood proclaims as when a wind from the East is blowing throughout the night. Well the sea did not part for hours. This is not really action movie material, so they jazzed up the story a bit to make it more dramatically.

Now we come to the more important part:

If we could be so easily deceived by Hollywood, what else has the enemy used to blind and bind the Church from the truth?

We are living in the New Testament era, and we are now under the dispensation of Grace. Romans 8:1-2 say: There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death.


Do you believe that Hollywood Is a tool for taking the nations of the world captive by hypnotism.

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So what do we learn from this?

“Not through might, nor by power but through my Spirit” says the Lord. God’s ways are not our ways. We want an immediate action and to see His works with miraculous power coming into being. We want to tell God how it must be done. We feel that He must do things through our lives immediately and if he does not, we stop believing.

This is exactly what Hollywood wants.

It has been proven that the human brain remembers images better than words. Jesus preaches through parables so that we can relate to the lesson by pictures and remember it easier.

So with this knowledge, the question arise: What else have they lied to us about?

How much of what we have learned through Hollywood is not a true reflection of the Bible?

This is where I want to encourage you, go read your Bible on your own and when you hear a preach or teaching, see if the scripture is the same as that which you have heard from the pulpit.

Another example to explore is the birth of Christ.

Questions we can ask is, was there only three wise men, was there only three gifts and was Jesus a newborn baby when they visited him.

Did they put new born"s life in danger by fleeing into the desert to Egypt?

Look at how old the children were that Herod had killed.

At the time the wise men saw the birth of Jesus, was there snow?

Was He born in the summer or winter?

Are we going to believe the Hollywood story or the Bible?

Why do we then still sit inside our churches full of condemnation?

Let’s look at the Law.

The law was given to Moses in the Old Testament or the Covenant.

What is a Testament?

A “Testament” or a “covenant” or “will” is the same thing.

A Testament (“will”) is something that someone has compiled for when he dies, so his wealth and belongings could be given to his heirs. The word for "covenant" in the Old Testament means "to cut." This explains the strange custom of two people passing through the cut bodies of slain animals after making an agreement. This Testament only comes into power when the one (testator) that made the will dies.

"For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. For a testament is of force after men are dead, otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator lives." Hebrews 9:16-17

So with this knowledge, when did the Old Testament come into effect?

Some will say it started in Genesis 1 and it ended with the book of Malachi. But this is not true. We could not say that because the Bible was pressed and bound in a particular format.

The truth is that God cut covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15:17-18 and with the death of the animals in verse 10 it came into power. God gave Abram the Promised Land through this covenant. God the Father (smoking furnace) cut covenant with (burning lamp) Jesus Christ.

Smoking shows us the anger and wrath of the Father (law) and the burning lamp shows us the light (grace) of the world, Jesus Christ.

Abram could not cut covenant with the Father because he would have been consumed by God’s holiness and power. That is why God let Abram fall into a deep sleep and Christ took Abram’s place to cut covenant with the Father. So God had to keep this covenant with Himself and it was impossible to break even if the seed of Abraham sinned. Abraham and his children were commanded to be circumcised as a "sign of covenant" between them and God (Gen. 17:10-11).

When a new Covenant or Testament is written, it will overrule the older testament.

God made a new Covenant with Moses and the old Covenant fell away.

Israel camped at Mount Sinai as we read in Exodus 19:1. God made a covenant with the Israelites as seen in Exodus 19:3-6. This covenant was between God and the people of Israel and not with you and me (and never have been) but with the Jewish people alone.

The Ten Commandments are the foundation of the covenant and was written on stone. If you do the Commandments you will be blessed but if you break only one, a curse will come upon you.

After giving the first Ten Commandments, the people asked the Lord to speak no more (Exodus. 20:18-20). Moses then drew near to the presence of God to hear the rest of the covenant (Exodus. 20:21). After receiving the Law, Moses spoke the words of the covenant to all of the people, and the people agreed to obey (Exodus. 24:4).

Moses then wrote the conditions of the covenant down, offered sacrifices to God, and then sprinkled both the book and the people with blood to seal the covenant (Exodus. 24:8).

This covenant between God and the people of Israel was temporary; God promised a day when He would make a new covenant, not only with Israel but also with all mankind.

"Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah -- not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them, says the Lord. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people" (Jer. 31:31-34).

A New Covenant was cut again on the cross in Matthew 27:45-52.

In His blood, Jesus' sacrificial death served as the oath, or pledge, which God made to us to seal this new covenant. Jesus, Himself, is the Mediator of this better covenant between God and man (Heb. 9:15).

The New Covenant is the new agreement God has made with mankind, based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The concept of a New Covenant originated with the promise of Jeremiah that God would accomplish for His people what the Old Covenant had failed to do (Heb. 11:7-13).

The New Testament makes a clear distinction between the covenants of the Law (Moses) and the covenant of Promise (Grace). Paul spoke of these "two covenants," one originating "from Mount Sinai," the other from "the Jerusalem above" (Gal. 4:21-31).

Paul also said that the covenant established at Mount Sinai (law) was a "ministry of death" and "condemnation" (2 Cor. 3:7, 9). The new covenant is a "better covenant established on better promises" (Grace) Heb. 8:6.

The "new covenant" is the new agreement God has made with mankind, based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In faith, we will be saved by His Grace.

God would write His Law on human hearts. So now He tells us to pluck out the stone heart (LAW) and to replace it with a flesh heart (GRACE).

There are now only blessings, no condemnations for those believing in the good news of Grace. His Grace is sufficient for us to be saved. All curses, even death has been taken away by the death of the testator. All your sin from your birth, today, tomorrow until your death, has been paid, yes even those that you will do tomorrow, is gone. Is this not good news?

So where does the New Testament begin?

Most will answer that it begins at Matthew to Revelation, just look at your Bible. That is not true, again; it is only as that the Bible was compiled and printed. Remember that by the death of the testator the testament came into effect. (Heb 9:16-17)

So with that revelation about the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, I ask you this; Are these four books for the New Testament church of Grace?

Well, Jesus was born under the Law and He preached mostly to the Jews under the law. So be careful not to teach law, but to look at the context and always ask the question: was He speaking to the Jews or to the gentiles?

Understanding the covenants, we go back to why do we (the church), still sit in bondage and condemnation?

The work of Jesus Christ on the cross makes the Old Covenant "obsolete" The work of Jesus Christ on the cross is a finished work, we only have to believe that. All our sin and sickness was placed upon Him so we could be perfect in God’s eyes.

We sit in condemnation because our preachers do not understand the new Covenant of Grace. They are still mixing the Law (of Moses) with the finished work of Grace on the cross.

The word says, do not put new wine in old bottles for the bottles will be cracked and the wine will be lost. Do not force law onto the church of grace, for your wine will be wasted! People will come under condemnation and flee from you.

If something is finished, how can you make it more finished? The work is done on the cross, it is finished, perfect.

We can be free from condemnation, because there is no more sin in the picture. No matter what we do, we are free.

Receiving that kind of forgiveness causes love to swell up in our hearts because we understand our freedom. It is now obedience through love and no longer through law. We obey God’s laws and do His will because we want to please our father, not because we need to be good (law) to be saved.

I encourage you to read the books of Romans and Hebrews with this new freedom in mind and you will have a better understanding of what the author of these books are trying to tell you about grace.

Stop mixing Grace with Law.

Are you living under Grace or are you still living under Law (still paying tithes)?

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    • louisxfourie profile image

      Louis Fourie 3 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      You have to make a study about the true word of God, thanks for looking in!

    • profile image

      Rayne123 3 years ago

      I watched the bible series but I do not think that Moses hit the water as you say. I will have to watch it again on utube.

      I know what you are saying though, Hollywood is full of lied and deceit, it is full of greed and what they think is power. However that power ends and so does the money.

      I myself knew that Moses stretched out his hands to the Lord, however many are deceived just as you said.

      Great hub

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