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UFO Sightings of Triangular Shaped Craft - Mystery Solved?

Updated on September 14, 2019
- "Artist's Conceptual Animation" - Triangular, Boomerang, & Delta Shaped UFOs, such as the one depicted above, have allegedly been  seen by credible witnesses ever since the first highly publicized sightings from the "Belgian Wave" in the 1980s -
- "Artist's Conceptual Animation" - Triangular, Boomerang, & Delta Shaped UFOs, such as the one depicted above, have allegedly been seen by credible witnesses ever since the first highly publicized sightings from the "Belgian Wave" in the 1980s -

The very inception of the UFO phenomena as we know it today, actually began back in 1947 when a very articulate, presumably non-delusional prone, seemingly intelligent gentleman by the name of Kenneth Arnold was flying in a small private plane across the great Northwestern United States in the Mt. Rainer vicinity of Washington, only to allegedly cross paths and come face to levitating saucer with what reluctant science academics, and exuberantly receptive science fiction community would denote and forever recognize as the present day epitome of "Unidentified Flying Objects". The Godfather of UFOs.

Apparently, the incident revolved around a large grouping or squadron of highly reflective wingless discs, which according to his first hand account, appeared to be related, synchronized, and zooming at incredible speed through the sunlit sky, passing the background face and summit of Mt. Rainer in a tightly arranged, yet noticeably undulating formation. As reported by this presumably fortuitous observer, or what some critics, hardcore de-bunkers, and casual non-believers alike described with no holds barred skepticism, as a publicity starved individual with possible opportunistic monetary motives, the airborne, swiftly floating metallic entities resembled porcelain saucers skipping across the daytime skies. We as an intensely curious global society, always ready, willing, and more than able to delicately place reality in a state of suspended animation in favor of accepting an abundance of mystery, myth, and legend into our ambiguously grounded conscious and subconscious worlds, would subsequently be the welcoming beneficiaries of over a half century of movies, video clips, news bytes, Internet interludes, first hand eyewitness reports, and supposed high level government cover ups. All designed to either reveal the truth about possible past and present extra terrestrial visitation, communication, collaboration, and contact, or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, expose a certain inherent instinct or exceedingly unattractive quality we as a species in general possess within, to unfortunately take advantage of society's weakness and gullibility. Irrespective of the underlying motive for the existence of this phenomena, to this very day, we as a progressive intercontinental community have yet to discover which side of this equation will be archived as factual, or, if another contrasting or completely contradictory explanation is forthcoming. Handicapping the existence and location of intelligent life elsewhere in our universe, how elementary.

With the preceding theories and concepts still pending answers, a curve ball was thrown into the mystery mix approximately 40 years after this fleeting cameo appearance of an initial squadron of sleek, metallic, saucer shaped craft within the late afternoon shadows of Mt. Rainier. Since the 1980s, the physical manifestation of these alien craft, or what some enthusiasts will speculate as potential top secret, black government projects, all of which were apparently sponsored by an un-traceable, unlimited military budget, or, intergalactic greenbacks printed by an alien species, depending upon your personal beliefs and perspective, the eye witness reports, according to the best evidence of recorded documentation, began to shift away from the "Traditional" disc shape and precipitously morphed into the razor sharp, thrice pointed "Triangle", "Delta", "Boomerang", or "Arrowhead" UFO design. Either ET had studied Earthly conglomerates such as Ford, Mercedes Benz, or BMW and decided to periodically roll out altered versions of their prized light speed, magnetic propulsion traveling vehicles to mitigate boredom, or, it was a down to Earth, high tech adjustment to military tactical defense machines or, possibly even commercial air bus enhancements designed to refine the blueprint. I leave the speculation to you, but this article is mainly focused on the latter.

Delving a bit further, while prior sightings and encounters may have occurred, the Triangle UFO phenomena began to really take shape, so to speak, and attract world wide attention in Belgium during the 1980s, when the aptly monikered "Belgian UFO Wave" commenced. Multiple eye witnesses came forward from all demographics and communities in and around the original encroached upon airspace, including reputable, highly respected community members as reported by the media. All of whom were anxious to tell an extraordinary story, including high level military leaders who had obtained and studied compelling yet fundamentally flawed circumstantial evidence such as perplexing air force cockpit data. "It was large, a triangular shape, dark smooth body with three white lights around the perimeter and one flashing red light in the center". I had always wondered intently about the practicality of affixing adornments such as flickering, high wattage, almost blinding iridescence onto the exterior surface of stealthy, hyper drive capable UFOs. Unless of course FAA oversight has expanded to intergalactic conformity.

Nevertheless, the aerodynamic structure, suspicious hovering capability, and instantaneous acceleration to incredible speeds were its underscored trademarks. The phenomena and mass sightings then apparently spread exponentially across vast oceans and into the awaiting warm balmy deserts of Arizona, where even a former Governor was directly involved via his own inexplicable, hair raising encounter at a local park. Then, a brief yet disturbing appearance was allegedly witnessed in the Midwestern U.S. where a tri-state group observation which included several credible law enforcement officers occurred.

Here's what I consider to be an irresistibly fascinating thought and potentially UFO game changing theory. What if a prominent, highly capitalized, quasi secretive, universally recognized, American aviation / aerospace / national defense company decided one day in a board room to telegraph the future introduction of its next generation commercial aircraft via a computer software flight simulation game? Ingenious? Diabolically shrewd and calculating? It sure seems like an exciting and interesting way to begin cultivating consumer awareness of a new product by using the most popular mass information disseminating tool in existence today, namely your personal computer or mobile device. The first wave of publicity to begin reaching a global audience, or at least spark the inevitable speculation to a sizzling buzz.

To compliment the fictional portion of the roll out, what if a solid to the touch, fabricated prototype had already been engaged in covert, real time intercontinental testing for decades? And what if these worldwide maiden voyages stretching to all corners of the Earth, had been mistaken for alien occupied or manipulated triangle shaped UFOs? Mystery solved? Let's explore a little further and begin if we can, to uncover the first few sedimentary layers resting atop the potential mountain of evidence within which hopefully conceals the un-exaggerated truth. Time to begin sluicing out if possible, digital video entertainment reality from what may turn out to be the definitive answers settled out at bottom, Earth shaking and inconceivable as they may seem. "Exploring and understanding infinite possibilities, not necessarily limiting ourselves to what is contained within the strict mental confines of likely probabilities" -

- A top view presumably via "Flight-Sim" software depicting the elusive, fictional or yet to be independently confirmed as real, "Boeing 797" Commercial Passenger Transport - The image is at least 4th generation, hence a slightly animated feel -
- A top view presumably via "Flight-Sim" software depicting the elusive, fictional or yet to be independently confirmed as real, "Boeing 797" Commercial Passenger Transport - The image is at least 4th generation, hence a slightly animated feel -


Is it totally absurd to accept such an inconceivable premise that Boeing had begun, as far back as the late 1980s, to actually brainstorm and refine the idea, blueprint and fabricate a fully functional prototype, and subsequently initiate commencement of testing the new air bus via numerous intercontinental flight routes, plotted over countless international territories, originating from several different launch points, and occasionally straying within the full view of unsuspecting eye witnesses? Probably not, considering the concept of a triangular shaped aircraft, complete with infused, Siamese wing and fuselage design, has actually been on the proverbial drawing board since the late 1950s according to authenticated film footage documentation from the era. When a corporation which is beholden to shareholders interest, and this would encompass any and all companies within the realm of public ownership, adopts a primary objective laser focused on maintaining a perpetually expanding bottom line conducive to attracting a steady stream of investors and concurrent positive press, would a 10 or 20 year preliminary product evaluation time line using 1 or 2 models prior to making a binding commitment toward investing tens of billions into an entire fleet, to be delivered to awaiting international clients, be deemed out of the ordinary or unusual business practice? Probably not. Even if research requires the participation in covert flight activity over and through questionable sovereign airspace or sensitive residential areas, an acceptable degree of deception, and possibly even engaging in disseminating spurts of misinformation? Once again, probably not.

If we as a collective, inquisitive society are to believe the circumstantial and potentially direct evidence presented to date, and accept a premise which draws a quasi feasible connection between video game and reality, it appears as if test flights may have been conducted under the designation of "Top Secret" since inception, and notwithstanding a few suspect photos and images, many of which can be immediately summoned and viewed via various different web based sources by simple engagement of a computer mouse and LCD, most of which appear to be merely illustrative re-creations or renditions from a software game, and therefore may be of questionable authenticity, Boeing did a relatively good job of disguising their intentions if indeed the story is ultimately proven to be valid. Not unlike crucial Stealth Bomber development of the 1980s courtesy of Area 51 runways and logistics, and adequate financing approved and allotted by the United States Government. Resources which culminated in the production of superior, unmatched air strike power providing our great nation with an impenetrable layer of national defense and offensive capability.

Covert test flights from secluded, remote facilities such as the notoriously famous bastion of clandestine operations known as Area 51, situated within the Southern Nevada desert, would be logical launch points to ensure maximum secrecy. Alternative military bases would also be likely locations and considering the longstanding, intertwined relationship between Boeing, the United States Government, and private enterprise, securing permission and clearance to embark upon missions originating from these locales would presumably be a routine matter posing no great ethical or legal obstacles considering past court rulings, which seem to imply, the desert dream facility situated in Nevada technically does not exist.

- Vertical "Sliced from Top" Arial View - Animated illustration of the interior which allegedly seats 1,000 Passengers - 3 Rear Engines, & Distinct "Triangle" shape clearly visible -
- Vertical "Sliced from Top" Arial View - Animated illustration of the interior which allegedly seats 1,000 Passengers - 3 Rear Engines, & Distinct "Triangle" shape clearly visible -


If the Boeing 797 does indeed exist, and of course this theory is based purely on conjecture shrouded in grandiose speculation at this point, is it conceivable that test flights could be responsible for all triangular or similar shaped UFO sightings throughout the globe? It's certainly possible, but highly unlikely considering personal accounts typically include an explicit, unambiguous description of a delta or boomerang shaped airborne craft, usually sleek black or dark gray in color which exhibits extraordinary hovering, flying, maneuverability, and "Blink of Eye" acceleration capability. Therein exemplifies the difference.

My conclusions, the bulk of which are drawn exclusively from public facts following a brief, unofficial, casual study of all the reports and literature I've been able to uncover, lead me to believe none of these futuristic traits are currently available on the Boeing 797, either in simulation form or otherwise. Would mandatory, illuminating exterior aviation lights be positioned in similar strategic locations as described by witnesses of triangle shaped UFOs? We would have to assume the distribution of one white light on each wing tip, one at the tip and rear, and possibly a contrasting color positioned at dead center recessed into the belly of the craft, would be a logical arrangement to meet FAA standards, just like consistent eye witness reports depicting a similar array of lighting elements relative to triangle or boomerang configured craft.

in conclusion, if a prototype were indeed a reality as early as the late 1980s, I don't think it would be a considerable stretch of the imagination to assume eye witnesses could quite possibly be confusing the two craft due to misinterpretation or misidentification. The distinct, yet very similar in triangular shape entities, due primarily to the expansive distance between eye witness and unidentified flying subject, or obscure angle, or possibly even impeded view regarding the 797, could conceivably be a universally acceptable reason for a high percentage of auspicious triangle shaped UFO sightings, both domestic and international. However, can all experiences be explained away and attributed by mere mention of this new cutting edge air bus? Probably not, but it would equate to mystery solved for many non-believers, and presumably be proclaimed as disinformation or cover up of legitimate information by an equal number of ufology generals and stalwarts.


Considering this phenomena is relatively new, notwithstanding a few sporadic images which have apparently been in circulation for a few years, origin and authenticity questionable, I'm quite surprised at the reluctance of the elite, most respected names within the ufological community, to acknowledged the potential connection, nor have any of these supremely educated and extremely capable UFO aficionados publicly commented on the reasonably conceivable possibility of a pending, mysterious UFO case which came into prominence in Belgium over three decades ago. If appropriate resources and unwavering effort were directed in the proper direction, another string of incidents being booked as solved and case closed just might be the ultimate outcome.

Are we, as a curious general public, expected to believe that Stanton Friedman, Dr. Bill Birnes ("UFO Hunters" & "Ancient Aliens"), Georgio A. Tsoukalos ("Ancient Aliens") etc., all undeniably considered undisputed heavyweights within this quasi science fiction realm, have yet to become enlightened regarding pertinent facts and data related to the possible existence of Boeing's newest passenger transport project? It's certainly a possibility, but in my opinion, highly unlikely. Moreover, none of the wise elders have even briefly addressed the subject individually, or, as a collective group, on any currently scheduled media programs televised on the History Channel or elsewhere that I'm aware of. Not even the utterance of a mere micro sound byte. Why? Could this not turn out to be the aviation story of the decade?

As awkward as it is for a person like me, a well grounded individual who has cultivated a very successful career out of calculating and accurately predicting risk probabilities and stomach grinding stock market gyrations with the assistance of hard, tangible facts, figures, and a healthy dose of mathematical science applications, to even utter the following statement as an avid follower of ufology born mainly out of curiosity and possible personal linkage, I will do so. I must admit, as obscure and offbeat as it may sound, I do indeed appreciate the previously mentioned UFO expert's dedication to a thankless field which is unquestionably prone to excessive ridicule and obsessive de-bunking efforts, justified or not, and do indeed respect their unconventional, highly speculative, exceedingly controversial, and exhaustively imaginative theories pertaining to the subject of extra terrestrials and the possibilities of longstanding Earthly connections. With that said, I'm eagerly anticipating their in depth evaluation and expert opinion regarding this piece of evidence which suggests a possible corporate / alien involvement, hopefully in the near future if and when details begin to emerge from the deepest, darkest, depths of clandestine aviation innovation and development.

- Jeting away from camera - Under Belly view of the presumably ficticious, cutting edge "Boeing 797" -
- Jeting away from camera - Under Belly view of the presumably ficticious, cutting edge "Boeing 797" -

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Is the Boeing 797 a real, tangible privately funded project, currently being assembled and fabricated via the originating company and its virtual battalion of secondary and tertiary sub-contractors? Highly unlikely at this point in time however, not completely discounted from the realm of possibility despite my inability to confirm the validity of this story through my rigorous due diligence conducted both online, and via real time with exclusive interviews. Therefore, my opinion is obviously inconclusive and subject to future research. If a prototype had been blueprinted, built, and is indeed flying around global airspace via "Conducive to Secrecy" launching points such as Area 51, various military bases etc., in a covert effort to test and refine its structure and capability, are these flights responsible for all triangular, boomerang, and delta shaped UFO sightings worldwide? It's possible, but highly unlikely. Could it be a main source for a moderate percentage of these mysterious, apparently unexplainable sightings? In my opinion, if real, it would be a highly probable and logical conclusion.

My inherent, deeply inquisitive, uncompromising investigative and independent journalistic nature, utter fascination with the subject of "Unidentified Flying Objects" and related technological advancements achieved via possible interaction and partnership with ET's, as highly improbable as it may seem to mere mortals, combined with a burning passion for the law and legal matters, and my close, lifelong incidental personal ties to the Aviation / Aerospace / Space Shuttle industry over the course of decades, has kindled me to peak curiosity, culminating in the desire to indiscriminately sort fact from fiction, ultimately uncover the bottom line truth behind the phenomena, and delineate a clear understanding for myself, and those who are interested. Is the Boeing 797 real or just fantasy? My quest continues.

- "Artist's Conceptual Animation" - Created By Alternative Prime -
- "Artist's Conceptual Animation" - Created By Alternative Prime -
  • After spending several hours of due diligence to uncover the originating source of the photos, including online search and real time interviews with my trustworthy aerospace connections, it still remains a mystery as to who captured the genuine "In Flight", or presumably studio "Manufactured" images, and where exactly they came from. The sparsely separated information and visual data available is inconsistent and inconclusive to say the least. Even alleged depictions of the 797 found online coupled with mild blog discussions vary considerably. For now, I will assume the images were taken from an MS "Flight Simulation" computer software package and are based solely on a fictitious concept until further research and in depth study can be conducted. As we all know, occasionally simulation of a product or idea is a reflection of current or future reality. Regardless of the circumstances and mystery surrounding the discussion, I believe it's still an intriguing story even if only for entertainment purposes. Are the "Simulated" images based upon factual blueprints? Has the physical structure moved from computer based virtual entertainment, to the realm of tangible reality? Or, is it merely a clever marketing prank? None of the above? I for one will be watching with an open mind -
  • Just a thought - What if the concept has already been moved from simulation software to a tangible prototype and has been on test flight missions for the last 35 years? Why would a company attach their prestigious aerospace name to such a radical design if the underlying idea had not been vigorously discussed, researched, and possibly even subjected to numerous test flights?

- All Articles Written, Designed, & Created By Alternative Prime -
- Animations Created By Alternative Prime - Boeing 797 Images By Unknown Source -
- T H A N K S * F O R * V I S I T I N G - I sincerely hope you've enjoyed the experience -

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