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UFO Sightings On The Rise

Updated on May 31, 2013


Steeped in mystery, shrouded in darkness and hidden by the light of conspiracy. All of these things can and have been said about UFOs in the past, present and undoubtedly the future as well. UFOs are the bastard child of science. We often hear people proclaim to have seen them, and even in some extreme cases made contact with these strange visitors.The heyday of the UFO was the 1940s and 1950s, but ask any researcher today and they will tell you the amount of UFO sightings being reported now are rising and doing so at a very steady pace.

UFO researchers have been dealing with a number of recent UFO cases that are not only unique, but also interesting enough to spark the attention of the media. This media attention has reignited the flame of passion UFO researchers like myself started to see kind of die away. I want to explore this new rise of UFO sightings in detail.


UFOs remain one of the world's greatest mysteries.
UFOs remain one of the world's greatest mysteries.

The New Wave

In the last few months ufologist have noticed a very fast rising increase in the number of sightings being reported, primarily on the eastern part of the United States. These new sightings are being closely monitored but despite this fact they seem to be getting little to no media attention, and the attention they do bring is short lived. The coverage does not fully entail what is being reported. This is a rather disturbing, but common practice as far as media goes when concerning UFOs. My team, Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team, has had the privilege to receive a number of reports on the current wave of sightings. These reports cover a spectrum that includes crafts of the triangular and saucer type. We have taken notes on cases in which UFOs buzz houses and are seen by numerous sources. These kinds of reports are golden to researchers in the fact if you can get several witnesses you can corelate and weed out the reports that are false and keep the ones that are not. But one attribute seems to continually pop up in our work on the current UFO wave.

Witnesses seem so willing to divulge information with us on the first interview, spilling every finite detail about what they saw. The first reports are amazingly detailed and well thought out. It is when we approach for a second follow up report that we find different attitudes. We are told the person realized they had seen a bird, or a simple aircraft. They tell us they may have been drinking that night or any number of excuses to end the communication regarding an alleged UFO encounter. This is most disheartening as it leaves us standing in the dark with no light to guide the way. Dravenstar works on confedentiallity and we respect the wishes of our clients and we will not reveal any information they do not wish to reveal. Sadly none of our reports have been cleared for public release. I started to try and link what we had together to see a common factor with the reports. It did not take long to see a trend developing that caused a tad bit of alarm in my senses.

The Strange Ones Who Follow

One key factor that kept reappearing with our work was that these crafts were not alone in the skies. It was often told to us that after a minute or 2 a helicopter would begin pursuit of the craft or at the very least show up to the area and survey all around it. These choppers are often reported to be of the military type often having symbols and insignias related to the US armed forces. The choppers come in and either trail at a distance behind the craft in question or simply act as a follower and usually they use spotlights on the ground to monitor ground activity. This is anything but normal, at least not to me.

The crafts in question seem to fly at very low altitudes, some nearly touching housetops as they pass. The witnesses we have seen or talked to have also mention hearing and seeing jets fly by shortly after the appearance of one of these strange crafts. These reports started to ring in by the dozens and we started to get with local UFO networks and watchers and look into MUFON updates and it did not take us long to see that these crafts were blazing a trail through several states. In fact one of the strangest one came from Delaware. The following text is taken from

The Report

This report was one that really sent me looking for the skies to come alive. UFOs are seen a lot but to have one buzz a home is just something we as researchers don't hear about to often and when we do it is usually to late to get any truth out of it.

UFO reports are getting a bit harder to come by as more and more people seem to be either afraid or ashamed to testify that they feel they have seen an unidentified flying object. Public scrutiny has a lot to do with this issue but it is also the fear that telling what they saw could bring about visitation from government agents, or even the pilots of the craft themselves. This fear creates a very harsh reality for some witnesses.

I myself have investigated claims and upon returning to do a follow up I was told the person either could not speak to me or had changed their story. The reason always seemed to point to visits from law enforcement or a lawyer.

Scary UFO image

A site we hope to never see.
A site we hope to never see.

What we heard.

At this time I was visiting in Delaware and heard quite the talk around town regarding these sightings. It was then that I was told of a sighting in which a lady saw the logo on the side of the chopper that responded to the UFO. The chopper was a US Coast Guard aircraft. The report was that it arrived within minutes of the initial craft and began to circle around and spotlight various residencies. This chopper seemed more concerned with what was happening on the ground than the red object that had just buzzed several homes and startled a few dozen people.

The craft seemed to be way more advanced than any craft currently in the air and it managed to maneuver in ways that could not be defined as standard operating procedures. The conspiracy theories arose. While reports indicated that this craft was buzzing homes none of the reports mentioned why none of the military craft present were making any effort whatsoever to stop this craft from doing so. I was able to speak with one witness who swore he saw at least one Apache helicopter respond to the scene and it's entire time on scene was spent monitoring ground activity. I can't say I believe this amount of military coverage was really pursuing this craft but I can't deny the sheer amount of eye witnesses to the case either.

Do UFOs visit us?

UFOs are seen every day but still people consider them to be a hoax.
UFOs are seen every day but still people consider them to be a hoax.

What we saw.

After hearing this rave about sightings all over the Delaware area I set out to explore. While driving around a populated area my girlfriend noticed that the spotlights from a local car dealership seemed to be following something. We pulled the car over and got out to see just what was going on and that was when we noticed several helicopters circling the area. I was shocked at first but then my eyes hit the target of their attention. A large disc shaped craft that seemed to be leading the lights from the dealership all over the sky. It moved unlike anything I had ever seen.

I noted that this thing was much bigger then the helicopters I was seeing and right away I knew if this was one of our crafts it was one I had never seen before. The thing that caught me the most off guard was the craft did not simply fly out of view, but vanished into thin air. Minutes after this occurred the helicopters flew off and the spot lights went stationary.

Conspiracy Theories

The crafts that seem to exhibit ufo tendencies seem to be in the view of the US military. This is a bit startling and has led to a few assumptions regarding the nature of the crafts them-self. Some speculate that they are military spy craft that have invaded American soil. This would be odd as the following US issue aircraft don't seem to mind the intrusion. If anything they seem to be more concerned with those who may have viewed the craft.

This sparks debate as to the possibility of these craft being of US make. Perhaps a new spy plane or drone that is still being tested. No one is really sure either way.

In Conclusion

We really do not know exactly what we are dealing with just yet but we can be sure that something odd is invading the skies at night. Keep watching the stars and if you have seen a UFO please feel free to comment here and tell your story.

What is your story?

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