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Are UFO's real and are we all alone in the Universe

Updated on December 28, 2017
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A fellow human who loves his planet and beyond, with interests that match and never end. One life. One love. Appreciate everything.

Keep your eyes on the skies - We are not alone

A UFO caught in the skies above Italy
A UFO caught in the skies above Italy

UFO's: are they real?

Well if you ask me UFO’s are real otherwise why would we have the term UFO? Am I right? Okay seriously now.

Unidentified Flying Objects. They don’t necessarily have to be alien craft being flown by Aliens. Maybe they are something in a parallel universe that happens to show through into our universe once in a while. I sometimes think Ghost sightings are just beings over lapping from parallel universes. Or maybe they really are intelligent beings from other planets.

Possibly an Alien race planted humans here on Earth and come back to check on their experiment once in a while.

That would help to explain some of the worlds mysteries like Easter Island, Egyptian pyramids, crop circles that can’t be explained, ancient cave drawings that show a humanoid figure that appears to have some sort of large helmet over it’s head and pictures of what looks like flying discs.

The stone spheres in Costa Rica. Stonehenge. My point with these mysteries is that even if humans built these objects did they possibly get help from an advanced civilization?

Are we alone in the Universe?

If you know anything about the Universe one thing you would know is its infinite size. It is so massive that it would take millions and billions of years to get to reach some of the stars out there at the speed of light.

There are billions of stars and plants and many variations of each in the universe. The Galaxy that we are in is called the Milky Way Galaxy and is believed to be more than 13 billion years old which is how old the entire Universe is believed to be.

In the Milky Way alone there is estimated to be up to 400 billion stars. That is 400 billion suns. So just in our own Galaxy and its incredible size how could there not be life somewhere else?

If there is other intelligent life out there it is quite possible there are far more advanced than us considering the age of the Universe and how long humans have been around.

If not in our Galaxy then maybe in the billions of other I am getting a little bit off topic now I wanted to talk about UFO’s on Earth and are they real so let’s get back to that. I just wanted to make my point that with just the shear size of the Universe how could we be alone?

UFO Sightings

Back to the topic at hand. UFO’s are they real. I am sure you have seen reports of UFO sightings on the news on TV programs investigating sightings. 

With all of the affordable technology these days just about everyone has a camera or video camera so when there are sightings you are more than likely to see some sort of image. Now over the history of UFO sightings there have definitely been some questionable images taken, some have been proven to be fake.

There is even video footage courtesy of NASA that shows strange objects around the earth taken by astronauts from the NASA shuttle missions. There is an endless amount of information photos and videos available to read and view regarding people’s accounts of sightings and photographic evidence to back some of the stories up.

There is even an organization that started up in 1969 that follows and tracks and investigates the UFO Phenomena. MUFON is the Mutual UFO Network. Even famous people like Dan Aykroyd support MUFON and their UFO investigation.

What do you think about UFO sightings?

What are the UFO's people report to see or film?

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Final thoughts

With all of the attention that the subject of UFO’s gets all across the world you have to admit there must be something to it.

Regardless of what each one of us thinks about it we could all be wrong, if one day we find out the truth as to what is really going on with all of the reports we might be even more shocked than originally thought. It could even be some sort of natural phenomena.

Right now everyone can give there thoughts on what is going on whether it is real or not or what it might be if it is.

Speculation just doesn’t matter. Some day we will find out what is really going on and I hope I am alive when we do. I really do hope they are real and they are intelligent beings from another planet.

One thing that scares me about that though is that if they are more advanced than us then a) they could easily wipe us out or take over the planet or b) we can’t even get along with other humans on Earth how will we get along with other beings? Think about that one.

What are your thoughts on UFO’s? Real or not?

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© 2010 Grant Handford


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  • moonlake profile image

    moonlake 4 years ago from America

    I have seen UFO's and believe in them. I guess if I had never seen one I wouldn't think much about it but I have. Great hub voted up and shared.

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 4 years ago from Canada

    That's definitely possible. I like to think that we are not alone though. Thanks for commenting.

  • rasta1 profile image

    Marvin Parke 4 years ago from Jamaica

    I think they may be the military testing out new technologies.

  • Alienufonews profile image

    Alienufonews 5 years ago from Mars

    Well your welcome

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 5 years ago from Canada

    Alienufonews that's awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • Alienufonews profile image

    Alienufonews 5 years ago from Mars

    I've seen a UFO and some possibly extraterrestrial being on the side of the road on the turnpike at night. And to anyone who likes UFO and Alien stories, go to

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 7 years ago from Canada

    Thanks for your comments Therese. I understand what your friend is saying and I agree for our technology it would definitely be impossible to fly to the next galaxy. But who is to say that another more advanced species hasn't figured out how to warp space and travel to different galaxies.


  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 7 years ago from Canada

    That's very cool IdaKenelm I would love to hear about what you have seen.

    I always watch the sky's hoping to see something.

    Thanks for reading this Hub.

  • IdaKenelm profile image

    IdaKenelm 7 years ago

    I've always loved UFO stories, and I have seen some strange things. Things that don't follow logical flight patterns or look normal. It would be very interesting to know what they were.

  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 7 years ago from Canada

    I would love to hear about your strange sightings some time. I used to have very vivid dreams about UFO's in the late 60's that still make me think hmmmm. No it doesn't make sense. would be a shame to have all the open real estate in the Universe and be the only ones using it :)

  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    I have seen some strange sightings. To say that we are the only living creature in the universe doesn't really make sense does it?