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Wake Up Sleepy Head

Updated on December 12, 2011

We do not own thought

I have written quite a bit about the idea that the Universe and everything in it including our bodies is an illusion. I am also aware that I am using the illusion to refute it. I have no other choice because like all of you I too bought into the illusion and until I have completely undone the ego I am shackled to this world of death and rebirth.

The thoughts that I convert into the written word that I place on this page will be interpreted differently by everyone who reads them. The thoughts have found a way to be expressed and I happen to be the conduit for this particular train of thought today. Who knows, maybe tomorrow these same thoughts may find a way to be expressed through you!

The point I am making is that the thoughts I am expressing are not mine. By laying claim to the thoughts we think we create the illusion of separation. We believe we own the thoughts we think and when these thoughts are given physical form we then patent the products and claim them as our own. We then charge people for the products we tell them they cannot do without and get them to own their own things and reinforce the illusion of separation.

The body and thought

We do not own the thoughts that we think. We are like radio receivers that tune in to thoughts and the thoughts we tune in to depend on the frequency of our vibration. The higher our frequency of vibration the higher the thought forms we tune into. There are all sorts of thought forms and there are all sorts of receivers or people to receive them.

Thought is not conveyed to our brains like all the other information we receive through our five senses and is something that defies scientific quantification. The reason for this lies in the notion that we are not our bodies. By identifying with the body many people believe that they inhabit the body and still more actually believe themselves to be bodies.

The body is a low frequency thought vibration hence its physical manifestation. The body is moulded by and reflects thought form but our real self is a higher frequency that has no physical form. The real self or higher self manifests its presence through its creative presence and thought is the vehicle used. There is just one problem with this and that is most peoples' inability to detach themselves from the thoughts they claim as their own.

Meditation to wake up

Meditation is a way to detach from thoughts and to realise that we are not our bodies nor are we our thoughts. By observing thought from this standpoint we can become aware of our vibrational frequency and raise it to levels that can attract higher thought forms.

The highest thought form is the one that attracts unconditional love. When we love everyone and everything unconditionally then we have reached a level of existence that makes possible our dormant ability to perceive correctly. At this level we realise that we have bought into a dream we call reality and once we awaken from this dream the ego has been undone and we can then know truth. And only then do we realise fully our true essence which is ...LOVE.

Conduits for Love energy

We are each like electrical appliances that are plugged into the grid. We all share the same electrical energy but we each perform different functions depending on our level of conduction. Some people are insulators and are simply unable to share love, others are great conductors and they give out and receive love without effort. Most of us are in between.

The thoughts we claim as our own come from the love energy grid which is universal and available to each one of us. For one person to claim that he/she owns some of the energy flowing through the grid is as insane as claiming title to some electricity in an electrical circuit.

Love is the only reality and everything else is made up by the ego. The whole idea of mine and thine is insane and is construct of a delusional system that the ego has made up for us and which we have simply gotten used to. We have fallen into stupor and have forgotten who we are. We need to collectively wake up from the nightmare we have allowed the ego to create in place of reality and return to our source.

Wake Up Sleepy Head Video by Xavier

Below is a video I made and recently published to my YouTube Channel.

Please share this video so that more people can hear the message to wake up.

More and more people are beginning to wake up and this is reflected in the events all over the world that suggest that great change is immanent.


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