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The Disappearance of the Universe

Updated on July 28, 2013

The Author's Endorsement

Gary R. Renard, a successful professional guitar playerfrom Massachusetts in the USA, is the author of a most remarkable book called "The Disappearance of the Universe". The book is a result of a spiritual awakening the author underwent and is a very compelling endorsement of another book called "A Course in Miracles".

The Book Finds Me

I found the book in the local second hand shop where it was lying on the floor and I felt it was begging me to pick it up. I showed the book to my wife who was with me at the time and asked her to read the blurb at the back. We agreed that it sounded interesting and it wouldn't be for a number of weeks before I would actually start to read the book.

For the next few weeks I kept feeling the pull of the book to pick it up and read it but for whatever reasons I kept resisting until I came down with a mysterious illness and was confined to my bed for a week. It was during that week that I started to read the book and I couldn't put it down.

A few weeks later my wife also started reading the book and as a result of reading this book I purchased The Course in Miracles and am diligently pursuing the course with my wife.

Don't Be Put Off

The introduction to The Disappearance of the Universe put me off a little when I read in it that the author would be describing conversations he had with ascended masters who appeared to him out of the blue one day.

The introduction is written by D. Patrick Miller of Fearless Books who was contracted by the author for a professional assessment of the book and though he too initially felt put off he was very glad he wasn't.

It was Patrick Miller's words in the introduction that encouraged me to continue and I am glad I persisted.

My Spiritual Journey

I have been on a spiritual quest my whole life and had reached a kind of cul-de-sac in my journey when I came across this book. The book is now already filling in the missing pieces to many of my own ontological investigations over the years and I am so happy to be back on the spiritual road again in earnest.

I have also written an article about the course and here is link to that:

Introduction to A Course in Miracles.

It Is Not Another Cult or Religion

The Disappearance of the Universe is not a substitute for A Course in Miracles nor is it another religion or cult but if I had not read it I am not sure if I would have started A Course in Miracles in this lifetime.

By reading the Gary Renard's endorsement of A Course in Miracles I started the self study course with an awareness that helps me appreciate more the ideas presented in it and I feel that it has prepared me for the work that now faces me.

Inner Teacher

Sri Sathya Sai Baba was the spiritual teacher I had chosen to be my spiritual guide for many years. Though I only physically met this holy man once I met him many times in my dreams down through the years and felt him guide me through difficult times in my life.

Sai Baba passed away on Easter Sunday 2011 and I think it is fitting that I then be drawn to a course that tells me how to find my own inner spiritual guidance.

Resurrection of the Mind

I have also written an article called Resurrection of the Mind which briefly summarises what I have learned from reading The Disappearance of the Universe.

My spiritual journey has only recently begun in earnest and I feel so grateful for the all the wonderful opportunities presented to me in this life to be where I am today, having what I have, doing what I do and being who I am and surrounded by the people I love.

Please Watch The Interview

Following is a 7 minute video that shows an interview with the author talking about the book. I hope you take the time to watch this insightful video clip so you get a real feel for the experience I am trying to describe in this article.

The Author - Gary Renard


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