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Angels are Real

Updated on January 31, 2023
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Angels have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I hope to be A secret Angel for at least one other person.You can, too.

Most of the time when I leave a comment or send a note to someone, I sign off by saying----Angels are headed your way today. And they are. Those you bump into while you are out and about are Angels who bring you comfort and courage.

Birthday number 24 ---for Jay

So many times we were told he would leave the planet long before this birthday----Angels have carried us up and over the difficult times.
So many times we were told he would leave the planet long before this birthday----Angels have carried us up and over the difficult times. | Source

Jay Celebrates His 18th Birthday


Like you, there have been times when discussions about the existence of Angels have come up in my presence. I listen attentively. As thoughts of ideas of angels, whether they are real or not, encounters others have had with them, the support others feel from them are shared, I feel validated.

For many years I have felt that my life and the lives of my family have been encircled by Angels. When I think of Angels I think of a powerful energy that is ever-present in our lives. This energy carries us through the difficult, the impossible, the daunting times and brings us out on the other side, unscathed.

Angels are a huge part of the spiritual side of my life. They lift my family and me up when we need it most.

They help me through the difficult times and celebrate with me during the wonderful moments.

These Angels were a token of love given to me in 1996 and sit on my kitchen shelf today


Be an angel to someone else whenever you can, as a way of thanking God for the help your angel has given you.

— Eileen Elias Freeman

Along came the miracles

There are a few things I know for sure. Not many. But a few.

One of them is that ANGELS ARE REAL. I can say this with no reservation because my life, the lives of my loved ones, the lives of my friends, and the lives of those I do not even know well have been touched by them.

I know that so many times when those in my life have needed hope and uplifting and joy that Angels have come to them and continue to do so.

There is no other way to explain how those who have faced their darkest hours have struggled through those times and been uplifted and supported time and time again. Even doctors have told us on many occasions that there is no way to explain why a family member is still on the planet except that it is miraculous. Angels are involved in those miracles. I do not doubt that in any way.

Walking with the Angels

God did not promise us an easy walk. But He has promised to be here for us ...and that is where the Angels come in. He knows all of our needs and when we need something most, the Angels are sent to see us through our difficult times and often in our our joyful times as well.

In every family, everywhere, there are times when we have mountains to climb. And when those mountains are too much for us, God carries us!!! I assure you He has carried me and mine up and over many mountains more times than I can count.

Be assured that Angels are real..that they are OF God and are here when our need is the greatest. The family in this true story is walking with the Angels.

Ripplemaker's 'Angels Among Us"

In her writings, one line stood out to me more than others..." ...God whispering softly..."you have met your Angel today." This is a poignant article you will be blessed to read.

Our Angels appear in Kansas City

My daughter, grandson, and our kitty, Checkers, had headed to South Dakota in pursuit of a job and away from a stalker. The job never materialized and the stalker did. So we headed back across the States.

The trip was pretty much uneventful until we got to Kansas City. As we rolled into to town, snow flurries had begun to fly and it was almost as cold inside of the van as it was out. When the light we were stopped at a light turned to green, the van sputtered, steam erupted from under the hood, and the vehicle. sat there, trembling, shuddering, and then motionless My daughter, Stef, and I looked at each other with that "oh, damski, look in our eyes.

Stef said , "'Ok, I will go in this building here and see if someone can help us."

At this point, our cash flow was an ebb, not flowing at all, .just barely enough to buy gas needed for the rest of the trip to Florida.

In less than an hour Stef returned to the van. She said, " I went in and got in line to ask for help. While I was asking for help, Mom, this nosy lady came up beside me and started talking to me."

She said, "I don't mean to butt in but I know someone who can help. Let me call them for you." She did call someone. And just that quickly, we were transported with our stow-a-way kitty to a facility much like a motel but it was actually the property of a local church. We smuggled our kitty inside the welcoming shelter. Our van was towed off to a mechanic's workshop.

Friends ARE Special Angels

Do you have earthly Angels and celestial Angels that bless your life?

See results

Christmas Angels were in the room.

When we finally made it out of Kansas City and to Albany, Georgia, our van once again deposited a bit of itself on the pavement never to be revived again. On the eve of Christmas 1996, Theresa who had come along from the Salvation Army to help move us to the rv park, we would call home for many months, tapped on the door of our van at just about dusk.

“What are you doing tomorrow, Christmas Day?, she wanted to know.

‘No plans, really,” I said. (That question was almost laughable; what I should have said, “Oh, we will be cooking our food over this campfire and washing our dishes at that spigot.” That was our reality.)

“We, my family and I , would like for you to spend Christmas day with us. Will you come?" she melodically asked.

Uncertain whether I had really heard her correctly, I must have seemed as if I had suddenly become deaf and mute, expressionless, unable to respond for some time

‘We would be honored ,‘ I somehow managed to mumble..

The next day just after noon she came. Did I think she would not? That she would change her mind and not come? She did not after all know us. but there she was. Soon we were traveling to her house on the other side of town. When we arrived and were ushered in, the whole family treated us as if we were family members.

No questions were asked. Just the usual joyful, joy -filled conversation filled each room. Aromas permeated each corner. All of the season's Christmas carols sounded throughout their home. We were made to feel a part of all that.

There came a time when Theresa asked everyone to join together in the family room. The seats were all taken but the ample stairs served as make shift risers on which the overflow could perch and perch Stef, my grandson, and I did It was time to exchange gifts. The children especially had anticipated the time of giving and receiving gifts.

a few little symbolic Angels a friend has given me over the years


Selfless Giving

Someone walked quickly toward my grandson and handed him gifts. He opened them eagerly and clumsily as a child must do. There before his eyes were a shiny, red plastic ball and bat, and a soft fluffy teddy bear. The smile on his face let them know those gifts made one little boy very happy.

Theresa’s mother walked toward us. I was praying that no one would give Stef and me anything (they had done enough already) But, just at that moment, she handed me a package. Carefully I unwrapped it and inside were two fragile angels that Theresa's Mother had made in a ceramics class. They are shown in a photo in this article and to this day have an important place in my home.

As if that were not enough, Theresa’s sister- in -law handed a Christmas card to me. On the inside I saw the lovely scene, read the Christmas message on the front. Looking on the inside, a bill fell into my lap.. Fifty dollars. Fifty dollars which seemed like five hundred at the time. No words would come. A hug would have to do. The tears flowed and the hearts sang and the Angels embraced each of us. The only thing we were able to give in return for this kindness were the words 'thank you so much.' in tiny voices overcome with thanksgiving.

And the day ended, we returned to our campsite, and all was well. Exhausted as much by the hour as by the emotional day, all three of us slept our best sleep in a long while that night.

Friends are Quiet Angels speaks to the heart

Ever felt an angel's breath in the gentle breeze? A teardrop in the falling rain? Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves? Or been kissed by a lone snowflake? Nature is an angel's favorite hiding place.

— Terri Guillemets

Surely those of us who are so enchancted and enthralled with nature know this to be true. Hiding in an among our favorite natural settings, our Angels await us.

Angels Swooped Right in a Rescued Us

Kansas City:
Kansas City, MO, USA

get directions

More Angels in Albany

Finally I swallowed my pride and called my sister to ask for help. She sent money for us to help out The owner of the rv park bought the pretty much worthless van which gave us enough added with the money from my sister to move into a dilapidated trailer in a very poor section of Albany. There was no money to turn on the power or the gas but we were inside a building.The three of us and the kitty were not crowded together in the van so at the time it was palatial. And we began to go to the local flea marker to sell whatever we could so we had bread and milk for the week.

My daughter and grandson basking in the warm sun's rays in Cozumel


It is by suffering that human beings become angels.

— Victor Hugo

Angels Know About Struggles

Victor Hugo had his own struggles in his lifetime as we all do. Perhaps that is the source of this concise but accurate quote from his works.

Angels all around

The mobile home we found our selves in was really shabby and unclean so a few of the precious dollars was used to buy paint from the local dollar store. After applying Clorox to every surface that would not fall apart if Clorox were applied, painting began. Walls were covered in fresh beige paint and it looked and felt so much better.

Not thinking about how they would get electric or gas, my daughter and I went about the business of making do. The precious grandson was content to be able to play with the few toys we had brought along on the trip and his Christmas gifts.

About midday, a rumble almost too low to be discernible was felt while we were cleaning counters in the kitchen. It seemed to come from the refrigerator. Stef opened it and sure enough, the light was on in there! Someone had turned on the power.Shrieks that were surely audible throughout the whole trailer park resounded as they jumped up and down and hugged each other. But who?

Before they even had time to question that monumental event, a knock came to the side door. Peeking out of the jalousie windows, I spoke to the unfamiliar man standing there.

‘I’ve come to turn on the gas he said. This your tank?”

'No, there must be a mistake. I did not call anyone. I have no money," I quietly told him.

“Yes m’m. Your address?" he asked as he handed her a small piece of paper with the correct address scribbled on it. Nodding my head, I replied, "That’s us but I do not have money for gas!'

'You don’t need money, m’am. It’s been paid for. The lady at the Salvation Army sent us over here,' he added.

And the Angels flew in the window and circled around and the tears filled that space. Tears of joy and thanksgiving. We were blessed again. Our life began anew.

“[Saint Anthony] said, in his solitude, he sometimes encountered devils who looked like angels, and other times he found angels who looked like devils. When asked how he could tell the difference, the saint said that you can only tell which is which by the way you feel after the creature has left your company.” Elizabeth Gilbert...Eat, Pray Love

Still blessed and passing them on to others

.You see, the Angels have not stopped. We were followed to Georgia and to Florida where Angels in abundance found us. I was out of work for eight weeks with double pneumonia and my precious Angels at East Marion Elementary School gave us financial support and have lifted us up as my daughter and grandson fight cancer.

We had been stalked for years and as a result we were forced into the situation that occurred in this article. God walked with us and sent Angels to insure that we would be safe and find our way. He continues to send Angels to this family and to every family in need or not.

Angels truly are all around...watching and holding vigil over our lives. To rejoice with us when all is well and to support us when it is needed. Listen and be still. Your Angels will find you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Patricia Scott


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