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We Are Body Soul and Spirit

Updated on September 22, 2014

What do YOU really know about YOU?

Part 1 of 3

This is a lengthy composition and will be written in “three” hubs. I’m sure I will fail in my presentation of such a trying and deep subject. May this bless your spirit and cause it to arise to a new place in Christ.

Comment block will follow part three.

Let me introduce you… to you!

These are the three distinctive characteristics that have individual roles within our human make up. We are distinctly separated, individualized, one from another by these distinctions, but inevitably know little of how these roles relate, not only to one another but how they relate in our spiritual experience, and how intricate a thread of personality, thought processing, senses, identity, function, character, form, distinctions, shape, size, and will all essentially play out, while we are here living, breathing, procreating, and existing under heaven.

I would like to take you on as simplified a journey as I can and hopefully cause you to think, wonder, appreciate, examine, and ask questions of the one who put you together with far greater finesse than a Swiss watchmaker and with a love that cannot be equaled on this earth.

1) Our BODY: The body can easily be identified. Within it is the realm of

world - consciousness, the seat of our five senses with which we make immediate contact with the world around us. And within this beautifully formed part of creation lives our, mind, soul and spirit. All with specific design, and special purpose. I propose to uncover some insights, if you don’t already know these things yourself, and purpose this writing to each of us on our own journey of personal growth in spirituality.

We know our bodies, or so we think we do, but we can only see what is going on, on the outside; whether we are big, small, tall, short; or our ethnic diversities, and so on. When we get a wound, have an infection, illness, cut, scratch, stub a toe, brake a bone, need a hair cut, manicure, or we should shower, shave, bathe or brush our teeth. Whether or not we have gained a few pounds in the midriff and it’s harder to fit into those pants we love. Or as a teen you examine a new zit obscuring your beauty and threatening your whole next few days of life. As a female, you may be entering your mid to late thirties and the thought of breast cancer surges through the once peaceful mind, and the daily self checks increase; or an aging male, and the worry over the unseen with the growing rate of prostate cancer. We all worry, we all feel pain, heartbreak, loss, need, hunger, and we all at one time or another are overcome by our feelings and far too often throw ourselves headlong into a wrong pattern of living and how we treat our bodies; regardless of just how resilient God has fashioned us. We are overwhelmed by a multitude of facts, myths, superstition, worry, loss of control, health concerns, diet, finances, retirement, and medical info up the ying-yang and everyone who thinks they are someone telling us what we should, or shouldn’t, eat drink, drop, pop, inhale or help detoxify our continually aging bodies. We watch others around us suffer from overindulgences and even die. We all experience the loss of someone close to us as age or circumstance overtakes life relative to our bodies. We now live in a world of self consciousness and cleanliness, some believing we in most of the English speaking world are far too sensitive to our own personal hygiene; where only a few centuries ago, bathing was assumed to be unhealthy. Yet there are some who believe cleanliness is next to godliness? I believe Jesus addressed this matter with some teachers of the law and was quite harsh in the matter.

We think we know ourselves.

Does God have a plan for our bodies?

“We know that the whole creation has been groaning in travail together until now, and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we await the adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies”.

Rom 8.22-23

“Our commonwealth is in heaven, and from it we await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will change our lowly body to be like his glorious body…”

Phil 3.20-21

Our MIND: A major player in the everyday occurrences of what goes on within the body, through environment, relationship, situation, personality, knowledge or the lack thereof, education, opportunity, and the matter of grey cells, meaning IQ. We think we know our mind and all that gets processed over a period of time whether a college, university student, spouting to the world his new formed thesis on life and existence and personal take on existentialism; or perhaps a mail delivery person, truck driver, waitress, doctor, lawyer, teacher, preacher, pilot, construction worker or whatever the occupation, color, culture, and where we live on this vast planet. Each of us as human beings think we know and in some way have fashioned a notion about our life, and even the hereafter. Whether we are Darwinists, Scientologist, Atheist, or a mere few thousand other creation or non creation believers. We all have inherited superstitions, family traits, cultural dogma and mindsets. Our minds absorb continually and can hold a wealth of information, both good and bad, and we have the ability to ignore, delete, succumb to, be affected by and even controlled, by what we take on in our belief system or conscience or how we delegate our consciousness as we navigate the pathway we find ourselves contained within or the freedoms of thought and expression that are allowed within our sphere of influences. We each individually make moral choices based upon readily given information and how it is interpreted through inherited family and cultural, religion or non; national, and even international influences. The mind is a vast honeycomb and still remains much of an unexplored realm where psychologists, neurologists, scientists will tell you they are still in amazement of all its functions and untapped resources. We will discover how the soul, mind and will function and if there is a common thread woven between us and God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and between us and our fellow man.

Without thinking, processing, stimulation, challenge, study, language, information arriving, and leaving in a constant flow on a phenomenal platform of amazing stimulus at the speed of light; without sound, touch, feeling by emotion, intuition; then the mind is simply a blob of tissue housed inside a cranium. From the time of conception your mind has a destiny towards life and will stop at nothing to secure this reality, until the last breath. Scientists believe the brain remains active even after the heart stops beating.

Characteristics of a life by reason and intellect:

Normally unteachable, Depraved mind, Poisoned mind, Deceived mind, Foolish, Doubting mind, Closed Mind, Double minded, intellect over intuition, fearful of emotions, doubting and unbelieving of anything unseen, must compute on their level, selfish, hard-hearted, jealous of others, self achiever seeking self glory and gratification, argumentative, stubborn, doesn’t need God’s approval; considers emotion as weakness, easily angered, seldom compassionate, normally unforgiving, seldom believes they are wrong.

We think we know ourselves?

Does God have a plan for our mind?

“Love the Lord, with ALL, heart, soul, MIND” Matt 22.37, Mk 12.30, Lk 10.27

“Be of one MIND” Acts 4.32;

“MIND set (fixed upon) the Spirit, MIND controlled by the Spirit” Rom 8.5-6; “Renewal”, Rom 12.2;

5For those who are according to the flesh and are controlled by its unholy desires set their minds on and pursue those things which gratify the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit and are controlled by the desires of the Spirit set their minds on and seek those things which gratify the [Holy] Spirit. 6Now the mind of the flesh [which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit] is death [death that comprises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter]. But the mind of the [Holy] Spirit is life and [soul] peace [both now and forever]. Amplified

“Made NEW, attitudes” Eph 4.32;

“Set (fix) you MIND” Col 3.2;

“Laws written on their MINDS” Heb 8.19;

“Clear minded” Peter 4.7

2) Our SOUL: Some believe that there is little distinction between the soul and spirit and group them together as overlapping. From the O.T. the Hebrew word for ‘soul’ is “nephesh”, which literally means life; used for both man and animals. The word for spirit is “rauch” referring to the immaterial part of man. Our understanding is enlarged in the N.T. where things are made a little clearer. We discover that there is a great deal of difference in the Greek, between “psyche”,the soul and “pneuma”, the spirit. Psyche literally means man’s makeup. You are distinctly different from every other person. We will find that Jesus shows us the distinct difference of these two separate factors also. (John 3)

The soul in its most refined form represents who we are, our own individual person or personality. The soul’s inside / outside influences is what develops our unregenerate man’s character, prior to salvation. Thus the redeeming power of the cross needed for the soul’s continuing purification.

We think we know a little about our soul, our personality, our person; whether we have been used, abused, born with a silver spoon, born on the backseat of a car, delivered prematurely and thrown headlong into a new life as another breathing soul, or born to be reborn at another time in our short lives; born and orphaned, born to war torn inhumanities and atrocities, born with a disease, unexplainable medical problems, impairment or, to peace and an unpolluted environment. We think we know who we are and where we are going. Some of us do and others of us struggle a whole lifetime just trying to arrive. Some succumb to the environment and others grow and break free from each obstacle. Slumdog millionaire tells such a story. (A Book made into a movie recently)

The soul in the unregenerate person tends to live out life in a self seeking way, never considering that there is a need for the spirit to be awakened and to become conscious of God and the spirit realm and for living in a different dimension with a New set of Holy Spirit inspired principles and knowledge. Many self proclaimed godly individuals will live out their lives and never come into contact with the living God, only the concept of him in their minds. They will concentrate on self knowledge and resources that will fit within their criteria and remain there, captured by fear without ever acknowledging that this is their motivation; keeping a tight balance on their soul and mind, disregarding their spirit which is asleep. Therefore their inner experience and any outer manifestation sadly are dismissed as an overindulgence of emotion.

DOES God need to break our soul to allow our spirit to have life? This might have to happen to some. I call this the hard way! Is there something in Jesus words about keeping and losing our life that has to do more with the soul and spirit than what we might understand? Is, to keep our soul life, the keeping of our life? Never really getting the full effect of the cross? If we lay down our life (soul) before God, we gain the Kingdom. Satan’s main goal is two fold in respect to your spirit; to break it by any and all means possible, because he knows your soul will never rise to the place made ready for the fullness of your spirit. He crowds the soul with death arrows, tumult, fear, hatred, anger, bitterness, selfishness; open to demonic influences, captivity and deprivation. But if we live in the spirit / Spirit, he has no real hold upon us as we escape the clutches of earthliness and all that is relative to his domain.

Characteristics of the soulish person:

Extremely insecure, overly emotional, neurotic, lives for the moment, self indulgent, extremely selfish, easily emotionally injured, does not forgive, anger, very fearful, worries constantly, negotiates with God, self absorbed prayers, lack of servant heart, easily overtaken by sinfulness, lives governed by emotion and not by the spirit. (Gal 5)

We think we know ourselves!

Does God have a plan for our soul?

Revives, Ps 19.7; Restores, Ps 23.3;

Delights, Ps 35.9;

Thirsts for God, Ps 42.2, 63.1;

Refuge Ps 57.1; Rest, Ps 62.5; Satisfied, Ps 63.5;

Clings to God, Ps 63.8;

Yearns for God, Ps 84.2;

Joy, Ps 94.19;

Praises God, Ps 103.22, 104.1 & 35, 146.1;

Makes music, Ps 108.1;

Rests, Ps 116.7;

Waits, Hopes, Ps 130.5;

Trusts, Ps 143.8

God is the only one who has the wherewithal to say with confidence that, “He knows us, he knows our frame, and knew us from the foundation of the earth.”

(continued in Part 2)

Please read parts two and three or this will be an incomplete work.

The comment section will follow part three, thank you Saint L.


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