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We've Got Nothing But Time

Updated on January 11, 2014

Man, if I'd only started that earlier.

Then I'd be somewhere now.

So why even try

now that all this time has

passed me by?

The places I could've gone

had I started when I was young...

back when I was bolder

and not so afraid

of failure.

Back then I just wanted to enjoy

the moment

of a simple day.

I felt like that was best

as I had nothing but


And by George, that man was right

that time won't give me time

and all that time has passed by

and I could've been so much more.

But who I am and what I am.

I like.

So how could what I did back then

be wrong?

Now where I want to go...

I have to admit I still don't know

someplace where we can be

who we are

and living the dream.

It used to feel like there was

nowhere for me to be

No safe place to land.

But now I'm starting to see...

so many paths...

and places I'd like to be

and so many people to know

so many choices

like picking candy at a candy store -

without the need to be overwhelmed.

And even though there is tomorrow

it never gets here

-may as well start today.

Even if today is tomorrow.

Whatever I've done is done

if time was wasted then it was

but I don't believe that

it all adds up

it all counts

it all makes us who we are.

And I've always believed in try again

but now I think you need a means

to reach an end

but I've not been good at more

than dreaming

now I think I'm ready

to pick a direction

and make it last.

Afterall, we've got nothing but time.


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