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What Are Ghosts? Are They Real?

Updated on August 3, 2013
The Brown Lady Ghost Photo was the most famous Ghost Photo that was ever taken.
The Brown Lady Ghost Photo was the most famous Ghost Photo that was ever taken.

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What Are Ghosts? What Is Paranormal Activity?

We all grew up hearing stories about ghosts and paranormal activity. And those of you who have never seen a ghost don't believe in ghosts or paranormal activity. While those of us who have seen ghosts and paranormal activity know beyond a shadow of a doubt that ghosts and paranormal activity are very real. And you have to understand that there are some people who can see ghosts and paranormal activity while other people can not. There are certain people and most children who are able to see ghosts and paranormal activity when other people see or hear nothing.

Most people agree that ghosts are the spirit or soul of a deceased person. What most people can't agree on is are ghosts real or just fiction. Well I know I'm only one person but I can tell you that both ghosts and paranormal activity are very real. All throughout my life I have been visited by ghosts. My mother passed away from heart complications on January 6th this year. My Mom very much believed in Ghosts and she had seen them all her life. You can read about her story by CLICKING HERE.

My Mom has visited me several times since she passed away on January 6th 2010. We have a rocking horse for a child that makes the sound of a horse galloping when a child rides it. Shortly after my Mom's death I was in the living room of my house where the horse is and I was looking at my Mom's photos I have up on the wall. All at once the rocking horse made the galloping sound and was moving then it stopped. Twice I asked my Mom if it was her making the horse make its sound and both times the horse made the galloping sound and you could see it moving. Never again since that day has the horse made the galloping sound on its own. I know it was my Mom letting me know she was okay. Have you ever had a similar experience. Tell us about it below in the comment section.

You could say that I am a firm believer in ghosts and paranormal activity. But why do deceased persons come back as ghosts. Is it because they feel they have something or some things left to do in this world. Some people believe some ghosts are of people that don't even realize they are dead. And in some cases people love their spouse or family so much that they refuse to leave and go into the light.

And in many cases where a person died a violent death they will become a ghost. And if you have not read about Shadow People you should CLICK HERE NOW to check out Shadow People.

How About A Great Ghost Cat Story

Read all about the Ghost Cat of St Augustine.
Read all about the Ghost Cat of St Augustine.

Yes I Actually Met A Ghost Cat In Florida.

In 1991 I actually had a experience for several months where I met a real Ghost Cat. It was one of the most unique unusual experiences in my life and Mr Jeeves the Ghost Cat was the only ghost cat I have ever saw. If you would like to read the full complete story Click Here Now.

Feel free to post your comments about ghosts. All comments must be approved and negative deragatory comments will not be approved.

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    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 3 years ago from Scotland

      Real without a doubt. Thankfully the essence and love of a soul doesn't just disappear. Enjoyed your hub.

    • profile image

      Susie 5 years ago

      My cousin lives in Charleston, SC and had a paranormal experience this morning that has totally rattled him. I think it has to do with Charleston more than with him, but it was very very odd and scary. Who can he turn to in Charleston to figure this out??

    • profile image

      Nikita 6 years ago

      i had not seen rhe ghosts but i can say that there are ghosts in the world.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Yes I truly believe that ghosts are real. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Ghost 7 years ago

      I have seen ghosts many times in my life.I very much believe in ghosts and other spirits.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Enjoyed your comment and story. Please tell us about the Ghost Dog. And thanks for your comment and story.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      My house is haunted. A lot of strange things happened when we first moved in but it quieted down. We had to gut the basement due to mold but at one time it was the apartment of the elderly parents of the owner. They are dang good cooks. Many mornings the delicious smells of bacon, eggs and coffee wafts up from the basement. It will stop suddenly. We occasionally hear footsteps on the stairs, and things get moved around. Sometimes the dogs look up or down the stairs at nothing. My young daughter is the only one who has seen things. She says there is a shadow woman and a little girl who tries to talk to her and sometimes she won't sleep in her room.

      I don't mind most things but I really don't like my daughter being scared. We try to insist it is her imagination.

      I read about the ghost cat. What a neat story. I met a ghost dog when I was teenager!