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A Woman After God's Own Heart

Updated on April 4, 2010

 A Christian wife has many struggles, not the least of them being issues over what she needs to do for her husband and children, all while still pleasing the Lord.  It's no wonder that many women are plagued with depression, suicidal thoughts, and have low self-esteem.  And when you read about what a wife's duties are according to the Bible, it can be down-right frustrating!  Who can do it all?  Truly, NO ONE.


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    A change of heart

    What defines the woman of Proverbs 31 is her careful and critical eye, her frugality and usefulness, and diligence in all things. While it seems to describe Wonder Woman, I believe all women can have these traits, even if they don't get things right 100% of the time. Because what it all boils down to is a woman's willingness to submit her life to God, and in so doing she approaches each task in a loving manner. The fruits of the Spirit will abide in her, allowing her to think clearly, plan out the day without wasting it, and still have some down-time at the end of the day to reflect - alone, with her children, with her spouse, and with God.

    Equipping women starting in toddlerhood

    Stress will creep in from time-to-time, but it won't keep a strong woman down - if she's surrounded by the loving community she needs and the resources from which to draw. That is why teaching women how to prepare for their futures (whether as marrieds or singles) at an early age is vastly important. Without the skills for tomorrow, women will resort to laziness, leading to excessive spending, and eventually an endless cycle of "why me?" and unfulfillment. Such women are everywhere, and surprisingly they are not all non-Christians.

    It doesn't mean women have to become clones of each other, all taking up frugal means to prepare food, make clothes, and fix things in the home. While such things help, not everyone is gifted in those areas. But it's still important to be shown at an early age all aspects of domestic life, so as to find out which areas are strongest, and which ones are weakest. Additionally, things like financial planning and caring for the car are invaluable skills all women need to know, so that they can be independent. None of these skills happen overnight, and it takes a longterm committment for parents to ensure that they teach their children how to be able to function optimally in society. This goes for both woman and men, but for the sake of this article, I am just stressing what women need to know.

    Schools can help do their part by continuing the home economics programs they have often cut due to budget relief efforts. The classes allow girls to discover their talents individually and how to work together along with boys to produce something of use. When a woman can take pride in something she's accomplished, the possibilities are endless!

    Having a strong faith-filled foundation is also key for women to draw upon when times are tough.  Without having a childhood of biblical lessons and instruction, it can be hard (but not impossible) to even consider what the Bible suggests what a woman should and must do for her home and family.  Without that understanding of where those all come from, it can be confusing for a woman reading them for the first time, and she may end up being resentful of religion as a whole. 

    But when a woman has been equipped with all of the information she truly needs when she approaches adulthood, she will have a good head on her shoulders, possessing knowledge from Christ, and will have the ability to choose a good match in a husband. Her husband will have skills that complement hers, so that together they can build up each other and trade their weaknesses for the other person's strengths.  When that happens, the wife of Proverbs 31 can and will become a reality.  And while there's no guarantee for a "happily-ever-after", there will be that sense of satisfaction that comes from following God's will, even through the mistakes.

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