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What did the midget say to the pimp?

Updated on September 17, 2015

What did the midget say to the pimp?


What did the midget say to the pimp?

What did the midget say to the pimp?

Sorry I can not reach your jewels.

I prefer elephants their tranks hang real low.

What did the neighbourhood cat say to the village bicycle?

I will bewitch you beeatch!

What do intestines and girls have in common?
They all full of dung.

What do lips and creepy crawlies have in common?

They all suck dirt real good.

What do hoods and marriages have in common?

Everybody is trying to get out.

What do humans and angels have ‎in common?

They worship god.

What do life and death have in common?


What can not be killed, or what never dies?


What never sleeps?

Day and night.

What is the one thing more important than a money?

A climax.
Wha‎t do girls reall‎y want?

Adventure and comfort.

What is the greatest gift you can give to a child?

Her name.

Who is the Realest niggerz living ?

Yo G.O.T.T.I

Who is Black Jesus?

Tupac Shakur‎.

Who is Gods shadow?

Saint Michael "Moon walk" Jackson.

Will we ever get rid of Poverty?

I doubt, the soul is made up of good and bad, thought can never be caged.

Where do politicians go when they die?

The Hades and Heaven International criminal court against humanity.

What c‎ame first the seed or the soil?

Then the tree.

What came first the roots or the grass?

Where does eternity begin?

A thought.

If really these girls ain't loyal?

Our seeds are cursed.

What would you die for?


R.I.P Dr Mageu.

The good die young, these devils live forever only on earth‎.


If you had to choose between riches and happiness?

Before you answer what is the difference between riches and happiness?

Experience and choice.

You can have a billion and still be broke,.Broke the lack of knowledge and l‎ove of self.
Pray before you think.

Bless all you touch with bliss, ignorance.

Count your blessings and learn from your mistakes.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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