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Teachings of LDS Mormon Prophets...

Updated on March 11, 2011

The 178th LDS General Conference - Highlights And Teachings.

General Conference For The Membership of The LDS Church...

From the LDS newsroom:

"General conference combines the intimacy of the personal and the fellowship of the communal.There is a power for Mormons watching general conference in London, England, or listening to it in Chandler, Arizona, even if they watch or listen alone. That power comes from a sense of gathering with millions of others who share the same faith in Christ and who are experiencing the event together."

The Business of an LDS General Conference in Solemn Assembly.

First Presidency of the LDS Church sustaining the call of Thomas S. Monson as President of the Church.
First Presidency of the LDS Church sustaining the call of Thomas S. Monson as President of the Church.
D. Todd Christofferson - Newly called and sustained member of The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
D. Todd Christofferson - Newly called and sustained member of The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
LDS Members gather in the Conference Center in SLC as well as in Church buildings and member homes around the globe, via satellite and cable transmission.
LDS Members gather in the Conference Center in SLC as well as in Church buildings and member homes around the globe, via satellite and cable transmission.

Teachings of Apostles and Prophets from the 178th General Conference of the LDS Church.

I would like to share with those of you, who might be interested in knowing, or perhaps are somewhat curious -- as to what those whom we believe to be living prophets and apostles - teach the members of the LDS Church, in our General Conferences.

The 178th General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, has just concluded. The conference which is held twice a year for Mormons, and its teachings - are viewed as the most important counsel to the membership of the Church. The talks which are delivered are to be considered by each individual member of the Mormon Church - their walk and talk for the coming six months.

Personally, I was very uplifted and edified by the teachings of these men, whom I believe to be modern-day Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ. I have included here, just a very small portion of that which was taught, but are some of my personal favorites, that touched me during the conference weekend.

We had the wonderful experience of witnessing and participating individually, in Solemn Assembly, to the sustaining of our newly called Prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson.

The vacancy which was left in The Quorum of The Twelve Apostles was also filled by the calling of D. Todd Christofferson, of which the membership also sustained during the General Conference.

You may enjoy viewing the video provided here, which shows the process of this sustaining of a new prophet in Solemn Assembly. It is considered a sacred occasion by members of the LDS Church.

LDS Solemn Asssembly Proceedings - Video

The Importance of The Bible And The Book of Mormon - Together...

I loved the talk which was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, in regards to living revelation today. Many feel that the Holy Bible is the only authorized record of Jesus Christ available to mankind. Elder Holland, in his talk, gave an excellent summation as to why, this could not possibly be the case. Therefore, modern-day revelation and scripture has every expectation of being available from God - to man, today.

Here in this video is a beautifully put together except, from that talk.

For the full text to the talks that I will refer to in this article, as well as all that were given during the conference, you may access them on the LDS website. They are also available as mp3 downloads to those who wish to listen to them in this way as well.

Major teachings of Elder Jeffrey Holland, given during the 178th General Conference - which addresses the often discussed doctrine of continuing revelation...

  • "One of the arguments often used in any defense of a closed canon is the New Testament passage recorded in Revelation 22:18: ‘For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of ... this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.' However, there is now overwhelming consensus among virtually all biblical scholars that this verse applies only to the book of Revelation, not the whole Bible."
  • "Virtually every prophet of the Old and New Testament has added scripture to that received by his predecessors. If the Old Testament words of Moses were sufficient, as some could have mistakenly thought them to be, then why, the subsequent prophecies of Isaiah? Or Jeremiah who follows him? To say nothing of Ezekiel and Daniel, of Joel, Amos, and all the rest. If one revelation to one prophet in one moment of time is sufficient for all time, what justifies these many others? What justifies them was made clear by Jehovah Himself when He said to Moses, ‘My works are without end, and ... my words ... never cease' (Moses 1:4)."
  • "The scriptures are not the ultimate source of knowledge for Latter-day Saints. They are manifestations of the ultimate source. The ultimate source of knowledge and authority for a Latter-day Saint is the living God. The communication of those gifts comes from God as living, vibrant, divine revelation."
  • "This doctrine lies at the very heart of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our message to the world. ... We believe in a God who is engaged in our lives, who is not silent, not absent, nor as Elijah said of the God of the priests of Baal, is He ‘[on] a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be [awakened]' (1 Kings 18:27).
  • "In a sense Joseph Smith and his prophetic successors in this Church answer the challenge Ralph Waldo Emerson put to the students of the Harvard Divinity School 170 years ago this coming summer. To that group of the Protestant best and brightest, the great sage of Concord pled that they teach ‘that God is, not was; that He speaketh, not spake.'"

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of The Quorum of The Twelve Apostles - Teaches the importance of continued revelation today.

Members of the LDS Church Are Counseled And Strengthened Through The Words of Christ...

Because members of the LDS Church accept these men as modern prophets of God today, we receive their words, as the words that God would speak Himself.

We also believe and exercise faith in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, which is the Holy Ghost, to then witness personally to us, that the words that are spoken by these leaders, are truly the word of God. It is a two-fold process, by which members of the Mormon Church - receive the words of living prophets - as the word of God.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, that Mormons just play a game of 'follow the leader' and blindly at that... no, LDS people are adamant in their privilege of receiving a witness to all truth, of which then - we will comply.

To be a 'Mormon' in my opinion - is to choose a life, which is quite different from that of mainstream society, in general. This is not saying, that many others do not also choose moral lives. But Mormonism, means laws and covenants, to that which is much more strict, than what most of us would choose if let unto ourselves.

Therefore, the only answer as to 'why' millions of members of the LDS Church have committed to such a life, can only be understood through the witness of the Holy Ghost, which is given and testifies of the truths that are taught within the Mormon Church.

President Henry B. Erying Teaches Priesthood Authority and Keys...

LDS Teachings About Testimony, Priesthood Authority And Prayer...


This is the true Church, the only true Church, because in it are the keys of the priesthood. Only in this Church has the Lord lodged the power to seal on earth and to seal in heaven as He did in the time of the Apostle Peter. Those keys were restored to Joseph Smith, who then was authorized to confer them upon the members of the Quorum of the Twelve. (President Henry B. Erying)

Elder Dallin H. Oaks, An Apostle - Teaches About Different Kinds Of Knowledge...

Knowledge - What Kinds, How To Obtain And How Certain Can We Be...

For those in the world today, seeking for knowledge - spiritual knowledge is often scoffed at because there is no tangible way of proving it to those who do not see or feel the same way about a thing...

I appreciated Elder Oak's teachings on the different kinds of knowledge that are available to all of mankind, how they are acquired and which kind of knowledge we can be most certain of when obtained.

Elder David A. Bednar Teaches Us How To Have Meaningful Prayer...

How To Offer Meaningful Pray... Elder Bednar Instructs On How To Exercise Our Faith.

One of the important elements of receiving teachings from the words of prophets, is to have faith in the fact, that they are not just giving us their own personal ideas as to what is best or how to achieve a given task. I believe that they do not teach the doctrines of man, but those of God.

I have learned, that they are telling us how God wants it done, so that we might benefit by claiming the blessings that await the obedient and faithful. I have found that when I follow the teachings of these men, who have been called of God - I do receive that which they have pointed me to... therefore, my faith always increases as to what is true. I have found the teachings of modern-day prophets and apostles to be spot on, when it comes to discovering the ways of God.

Elder Richard G. Scott Counsels About The Tragedy Of Abuse And The Healing Power of the Atonement...

Sensitive Teachings By Loving Prophets And Apostles...

I was very touched by the way in which Elder Richard G. Scott addressed the Church in regards to abuse, specifically sexual abuse. Persons who have been affected by such a violation, are in need of understanding, love and to know that healing is available. Elder Scott urges those who may be dealing with these circumstances, and the results dominating their lives - to come unto Christ. He teaches the doctrine of how to find relief...

President Thomas S. Monson Shares...

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice and Hear the Words of God...

These last two videos that I have included, are the closing remarks by Thomas S. Monson - President and Living Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints...

One might expect that he who is the living prophet of God, might preach in closing. When we consider that a prophet is yes, to teach, testify and call to repentance the people of God - we must also remember - that as the living prophet of God, he is called to represent the Lord in expressions of love, unity and faith in behalf of God for all of his children.

I loved the way in which President Monson was personal and also urged the people to love one another better...



Closing Remarks from a Living Prophet of God - Thomas S. Monson


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  • LdsNana-AskMormon profile imageAUTHOR

    Kathryn Skaggs 

    11 years ago from Southern California

    R. Martin Basso -

    You are a very good writer, therefore I am flattered that you would say such nice words here.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article.



  • R. Martin Basso profile image

    Reid Martin Basso 

    11 years ago from San Francisco, CA

    Regardless of the readers own personal religious beliefs (I am not LDS), this article is well-written, fact-based and has strong follow through to argument conclusion... Simply put, well done Nana... Another fine specimine of your journalistic and research talents showing through in this article of yours. Impressive.


    R. Martin Basso


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