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Beliefs: Mormonism vs Christianity - Can a Comparison be Made?

Updated on October 8, 2011

Who Can Compare the Teachings of the Master Himself?

Mormons Vs. Christian Beliefs... A Comparison?

When I first began writing on HubPages, I saw a request for an article comparing Mormonism to Christianity. My first thought was - no problem - I can do that.

I was very excited to begin writing and teaching about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and thought that this would be a good request to respond to and share my beliefs about the Mormon faith.

So I wrote an article and posted it.

But each time I would go back and read it, frankly, I didn't like it.

I then decided to unpublish my article on this comparison and re-work it, and then republish the Hub - still thinking that this was a good idea.

A few weeks passed. Each time I would begin to read the original article that I wrote - that article requesting someone to make this comparison didn't feel right to me.

So, I began one more attempt to answer the request to compare Mormonism and Christianity...

To a Mormon Who Most Certainly Considers Herself a Christian -- It Seems an Unnecessary Comparison...

And then it came to my mind... a moment of reflection - and once again - I was drawn back to - WHY - I made the choice, in the first place - to write here on Hub Pages.

Isn't it funny, how we can have a reason for deciding to do something that we feel passionate about - and then - before we know it, we are doing something that looks completely different - from our original intended purpose. Is it just me?

So why am I uncomfortable with ongoing attempts to make comparisons between Mormonism and Christianity?

Because I feel, that unless I were able to first teach about the foundational perspective and beliefs of the Latter-day Saints -- a foundational perspective which begins with the idea that there has been a complete restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ as it was had upon the earth in the days of Christ -- unless we can begin at this point -- then to me this whole comparison thing sheds little light on understanding our differences.

When Does Christianity Matter and to Who....

I think to compare anything, it first requires the ability to understand the starting point of the two things that are being compared, one to another.

Mormons ask nonbelievers to ponder a different question -- was there an apostasy from The Church of Jesus Christ, anciently? -- Can others appreciate how this approach might change the comparison conversation?

It's my hope that when you understand our belief in a restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and the teachings surrounding it, then you will better be able to understand why Mormons themselves feel confident in their Christianity, and for the most part spend little time defending accusations that they are not Christian.


The Reason for This Christian, Who Is Mormon... Writes!

I hope you can see a little more now, why I just decided to pull the other article under this title and respond in this way?

For those of you who have been kind enough to read my articles about the Mormon faith,here and in the future, thanks for your interest and willingness to look at Mormon beliefs from a Mormon perspective-- as I have said before, it is not my desire to come here and prove the LDS Church is true or right, or even defend it.

I am here to teach, and talk about the practices, doctrines and principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in such a way, that those of you who read my articles, are better educated on Mormonism, in general, and about our beliefs.

If I have clarified anything that was not understood by a person prior to coming and reading my Hubs, then I have accomplished what I came here to do.

As always, I thank those of you who read my Hubs with a desire to learn more about Mormonism. Perhaps over time, if we are patient with one another - we can better understands our differences and appreciate one another versus finding ourselves divided.

A Christian is One Who Accepts and Follows the Teachings of Jesus Christ

I believe that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, must come to appreciate this difference -- upon which a comparison between Mormons and Christians is currently being discussed. Then perhaps, we as members of the LDS Church who firmly declare ourselves to be Christian, will with better clarity, understand the utter confusion to those who question our Christianity and how we claim to come unto Christ -- which is completely contrary to what others understand and know to be the way to come unto Christ.

A Christian is one who accepts Jesus Christ of Nazareth - as Savior and Redeemer of all mankind. A Christian is one who loves Jesus Christ and desires above all, that the life they are leading - is pleasing unto God. A Christian is one who accepts the atonement of Jesus Christ.

All Christians believe in Christ. All Christians desire to live His teachings. All Christians desire to be one. All true Christians - should exercise love, patience and tolerance for others - whom they perceive as different.

Any one of us, who desire to be known as a Christian - should first and foremost work at keeping the first and second great commandments. In these commandments, there are no divisions with those who would call themselves... the children of God.



I hope that both members and non-members who desire to understand this issue better, will take the time to learn more about the restoration - so that we might find better understanding through informed disscussion, wherewith we might truly call ourselves - the family of God.


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