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When We Will Prosper

Updated on June 29, 2020

1) When we return to God- Job 22:23a

When we walked away from God by doing sins and coming back to God by leaving all that sins is Returning to God.
Yes, you and I are exercising a multitude of sins from our childhood. But the unknowing thing to us is sin separates from God. When Jesus died on the cross for our sins the sin which he is bearing separated him and God.

Though he knows our sin separates him from the God he accepted it because he wants to save us by giving salvation which comes from his death. This much God is loving us then what you and I are doing? Are we really able to recognise it? Think! We are testing him always.

Our ancestors too upset God when they are coming from Egypt to Canan. But God gave many chances to them to Return. Now you and I are in the same situation and he is giving a chance to us to Return. He is waiting for our call, call him wholeheartedly.

How long you haven't called him? How long you haven't talked with him? How long you have not prayed? How long you have not gone to Church? How long you will make your heart cruel? How long you want to enjoy without God? How long you haven't been keeping your God in the middle of your problems? How long you will bear the burden all alone?

Think and Return to God you will find answers in him. He is the everlasting God he won't leave us. He is merciful God he will forgive us. He is gracious God he shows grace towards us. He is great among all Gods.

God left Jesus for u and me. God raised Jesus for you and me. He gave the Holy Spirit to guide you and me. This much God is loving us. But our eyes were covered with sin that's why we unable to see the love of God. Once you Repent and Return.

Don't lose faith and love in God. God punished some of the Israelites but he didn't perish whole Israelites why because God so loved the world. He wanted us to praise him. He helped them and blessed them to fulfil the earth.

Now we too irritating our God a lot by our behaviour but God is saying only thing to Return and God is telling that if you return to me I will bless you I will forgive you and I will make you as my Children.

Now it's our duty to seek Him with a pure heart and stretch your hands towards him and call him. Even your parents are not willing to listen to your words our God is ready to listen to your words and prayers. Ask God to forgive by crying really. Then you are going to see miracles in your life. This is the optimal time to kneel down, Repent and Return to God.

2) When we remove our Iniquity - Job 22:23b

Iniquity or unrighteousness or sin makes our home unhappy. Zacchaeus lived with unrighteousness he earned the money by cheating the people. He used to show all the calculations wrongly and he collected money in that way. In this way, he corrupted himself. But when God entered into his life he confessed his sin and he gave 4 times that he received and finally he called the son of Abraham.

Sinning against human beings also makes us not to prosper in our lives. Talking against to God, angry, quarrels, bad words all these come under sin. Yes, we all are doing all these things in our daily life and we are handing over our lives to Satan. If we are not stopping to sin against God then God is saying that I will carry your sins to the third or fourth generations of yours. Yes, we are only not degrading our lives but degrading coming generation life's. So try to remove all your sins now itself by confessing before God.

If we are unable to manage our households then how we can look after Gods home. In churches also we all are fighting for responsibilities and for leaderships. Does this make God happy? We should remove all our sins to have a prosperous life.

If we are not stopping to commit sin then we ourselves ruining the Holy spirit which dwelled in our life. The Holy Spirit is weeping and weeping and warning us to stop sin but unfortunately, our eyes were surrounded by wickedness and us unable to find the difference between Good and bad. This making our life to ruin more.

Think of your and coming generations prosperous life it is in your hands from today onwards think twice before you execute sin. So come let us all remove our iniquity from our households and protect our and coming generation life to prosper forever. Praise the Lord.

Fruits of Prosperous life

  1. God loves us
  2. God protects us
  3. God helps us in each and every situation
  4. God will hold our burdens
  5. God gives a peaceful life
  6. God delivers from all evil things
  7. God heals us physically and spiritually.


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