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When you have come to the edge...

Updated on March 13, 2012

FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen...

Have you ever felt like somewhat you’re on the verge of giving up? I had not once, twice or thrice, but many times felt and thought the same. Life has not been easy and has been a long journey for a gettin' old woman like me. Friends & families hardly recognize my age, because amidst my age, they say i don't look so, something i feel innately proud being complimented. I am a naturally happy person, but I am human just like all of you are, who gets emotionally weak and gets drained at times, fighting for survival , trying to do their very best especially for the sake of family. And I bet ALL of us do.

The quote i used here inspired me to write these thoughts after not having written for over a week in these pages, nor in my facebook. Fate’s not been to lucky as I had been busy for two weeks entertaining and assisting four lady guests from our UK offices who came for some new training of SAP. Well I am thankful anyway, for being busy levelled down the moment of my frustration anyhow.

I've been feeling so stressed and depressed about life and how it’s going on. I am grateful i am blessed with a great family, a mom who loves and takes good care of my children, two beautiful loving daughters who stands by me, even I haven’t been part of their physical lives long enough I can remember…good friends I know who’d understand me, comfort me and stand with me no matter what…but still there are times when you tend to stick things to yourself and let it sore until you feel you have to get rid of your troubles, your worries…your fears…once and for all.

The daily inspirational emails I get from catholic christian fellows help me go through with my days. It shames me to feel so negative and low when apart from your problems, there are millions of others who have the same or suffer even more than our miseries. Sometimes I hate to read the daily news, as it hurts me to see photos of sick, dying, troubled people all over the world, or listen to sad stories and frustrations of other people as it affects me and wish I am a superwoman who can make wonders and solve every problem and unpleasant situations of people around me.

Well, it is a fact. In reality, Life has been not too pleasant for most of the whole population in the world, that either comes because of savaging natural disasters, man-made problems, greed and power of authorities that eats the flesh of the poor, unstable economy that leaves a lot of people with no jobs, mass workers sweating it out only to pay increasing debts and fees, loneliness, sadness, empty pockets, hungry stomachs… too many reasons to mention and enumerate as all these factors are behind one person’s life being unbearable and unhappy. And to think about all these makes me feel relieved to think that somehow,,,

I am not ALONE in this world who cries…who suffer.

Life is a cycle we’ve been struggling hard to cope since God knows when. I refuse to think tho’ that I was born unlucky or I was destined to have a hard time with so many areas of my life. But when I get to the bottom of the pit and look up, there's only one way to go. Keep up the FAITH!

Luke 17:6 says, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree…”be uprooted and planted in the sea” and it will obey you.

I’d like to think GOD never wanted to give us the gifts served in a platter of gold, but with wisdom and a heart that discerns all feelings we have been given, and we only have to make use of these gifts that are just there for us to feel, believe and wait for its proper time.

So just like ME, and all of YOU…heed well for God’s signs and calling.

Would you rather be blessed with a house full of gold that you won’t need to suffer and toil your sweat out every day? Or... would you rather, have the STRENGTH to carry on each troubled times, as our Lord Jesus walked along the hard way to Calvary, that saved us ALL from eternal damnation and gave ourselves the chance to walk not necessarily with the same toll, but with the same amount of FAITH that will help us carry through?

I have to keep going, so i stand by to choose the latter of course.


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    • angela martinez67 profile image

      Angela Martinez 6 years ago from Cavite, Philippines

      *smiles* @time2rite, what a lovely day to start my day reading ur very heart warming comments, thank u *huGs* that was very reassuring my life wasn't that bad at all :( i'm just too glad i've mastered this thing called FAITH, and its all what makes me keep on moving on despite of everything. thanks for taking time passing on my hub. have a great Holy Week ahead. God bless us all.

    • time2rite profile image

      Kathryne Waller 6 years ago from Knoxville, TN USA

      Angela, this is a great piece! Faith is the one thing, a Gift from God Himself, that carries us and strengthens us when we've reached the end of ourselves. But that's what Christ wants: us to be totally dependant on Him! It is indeed a struggle at times in life, and I think being a woman, we are more in tune with these feelings and struggles. I agree that it's not fate that determines the course of our lives nor is there such a thing as bad luck. I do believe that there are consequences not only of our own choices, but of others as well. You have done a wonderful job of encouragement in sharing your thoughts with us. I pray God continues to bless you and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.

    • angela martinez67 profile image

      Angela Martinez 6 years ago from Cavite, Philippines

      @cristina...i so agree with u, being sad sometimes is just part of being human which is just alright i guess. i'm getting by...God's gonna walk and talk with us in these times of sadness.^^ thanks for droppin' by..


    • profile image

      Cristina Centeno 6 years ago

      Make the most out of it..for this is the perfect time to have a reunion with God. We have been busy working almost all of our life and sometimes forget to reflect. Being alone doesn't mean being lonely, for all you know this is your most joyful moment for God is giving you the gift of simplicity, just enjoying free things on earth. So, let's go out, take a walk and watch again that beautiful sunset..

    • angela martinez67 profile image

      Angela Martinez 6 years ago from Cavite, Philippines

      @racky...uhh, i guess em0 persons are meant to blend nicely together ;) thanks for having time of reading my thoughts and feeling my feelings rackz, i know we both share the common denomination > loveless ;ppp LOL mwah!!!love u too guys, so proud to have friends overseas like u all are.

    • profile image

      racky villaflores 6 years ago

      i justy wrote something about faith the other time... and i'm sure we do have the same plight,, belief and same agony ( ung nakakatorture ba,,) hehehehhe but nothing is IMPOSSIBLE... PATIENCE is one of the best key for all our grievances and others.... keep in touch angie... we are meant to be friends... and likewise with ernie and evelyn.... love u guys,.,,,

    • angela martinez67 profile image

      Angela Martinez 6 years ago from Cavite, Philippines

      awww ;'( kka-touch nmn ng comment mo tSerman...thank u. that means more than enough to me & i know i'm blessed with few true good friends like u and jamie.*huGs*

    • profile image

      ernie 6 years ago

      Angela, you may have someone in your mind, someone in your heart, someone in your dreams, someone in your life... But still, I am your someone when you have no one.