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Who is the father of the devil?

Updated on September 8, 2012

Have you ever imagined or witnessed a situation in which a father said to his son, “you are a bad son” and the son replied, “Like father like son.” Although the saying “like father like son” may not be an absolute maxim yet it can be likened to the saying “show me your friend and I tell you your character.” This may be because of another saying “birds of same feathers flock.”

It is known that not all children make their parents proud and happy in that some parents are disappointed by the actions of their child. Consequently “like father like son” may not be true under such situations; except if such a parent once behaved like the child.

There is a long standing debate on the question “who tempted the devil” as can be seen on my hub of same title. However just as it is said, “Jesus is the son of God” we have not asked, “who is the father of the, said, devil.”

The argument can go three ways:

1) God created all things including the devil in that all things were made by creation so God has no son like some religious group (for instance Muslims) teach.

2) God is our father because he created all things.

3) Jesus is the only son of God but we can become God’s children by following the foot steps of Jesus.

There are different schools of thoughts and that is why we have different answers to this question. Some people like the Muslims belief it is an insult that God has a son while others have asked who the wife of God is. This is because unlike in other mythologies where there are God and Goddess, Christian doctrines do not use same concept of a male and female God. Whatever, maybe the case, it is written in the book of Job that Satan was present when God had a meeting with his children. Consequently, it can be said that Satan (the devil) is among the children of God and may be, like some people claim, he was a disobedient son or his father uses him to do some works just like he allowed him to tempt Job. That is he goes about doing the works of his father. Then if really Satan is among the sons of God then it follows that God does not have only a son but has sons like Job recorded. Therefore, the debate is not only about “who tempted the devil” or “why did God create the devil” but also “who is the father of the devil”, if God has children.

The fact still remains that some people do not belief that the devil exist and some people also belief that all things that happens to man both good and bad comes from God because he permits it to happen. These confirms that spirituality is a sort of personal path in which people have diverse experiences and explanations yet and unfortunately some people claim to know so much that they generalize their own belief and consider it superior to that held by others. The absolute truth is that one can only know what is on one’s spiritual path and that does not mean the end of the spiritual truth or path because it is a very long journey.


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