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Why Positive Attitudes Make You Happier

Updated on April 27, 2015

Are you ready to be happy? Are you sick of having "bad luck"? I am here to show you how to turn it around and make being happy a habit in your life. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to form a habit so you will need to be committed for lets say 4 weeks just to get it ingrained in your brain.

What is a habit? A habit is something that you do everyday because it is part of your routine. Showers, making your bed, feeding the dogs at a certain time, routes you take to places in your car are all habits that you do enough that they become habits.

Some habits that you have formed are not doing you any good. For example many thinking habits create thoughts of lack everyday. When you think about your bank account, which most people do every day, are you thinking how great it is that you have more than enough to pay for everything? Or do you think about what a struggle it is to get money and how you never have enough? The difference in these two thoughts can make all the difference in your financial situation. Yes.... Thoughts about abundance can create abundance. How does this happen?

It happens because when you think about lack and struggle that is what you are focused on and that is what you notice. You see it on the news, with your friends and family, everywhere you look you are getting confirmations of how poor and hard life is. On the contrary if you think about abundance and well being you focus on that throughout the day and notice it on TV, with your friends and family, everywhere you look you see confirmations of how abundant and free life is. So you see the difference of what habitual thought can create for you. It is a simple concept so lets put it into actions now.

Be in an Attitude of Gratitude. Simply be grateful for what you have that is good in your life right now. When you are focusing on what to be grateful for you will find more and more to be grateful for and this will cause a snowball effect in your life. Some of the daily tools for being grateful are a gratitude rock... this works well for men... find a special stone to keep in your pocket with your change, keys etc. Every evening when you undress for bed and empty your pocket the stone will be there to remind you that it is time to take a few moments to be grateful. Or you can simply write it down, build a list of 101 things to be grateful for and when it is done fill it up again. Add a few things to your list daily. You need to make this a daily exercise so it becomes a habit to focus on gratitude.

Affirmations. Affirmations are statements that you repeat to your self about things that you already know to be true or things that yo want to be true. You use affirmations in good and bad ways already everyday. When you confirm that you always have good luck when you win a drawing or that you never have enough money when you look at your bank account...those are affirmations. So the key here is to turn them around to what you want to be in your life or already have in your life that is great and positive.

Daily affirmations will retrain your brain. To make this a habit you are going to want to do this several times a day. Out loud and quietly are both ideal. First think of something that is already true in your life, go back to your gratitude list and focus on one thing there. Lets say that I you have just paid off your car. So you can use that as your first affirmation. Phrase the affirmation as if it has already happened regardless if it has or not and only focus on the end result... the car has been paid off. Here is how I do mine: “I Shelly am so happy and grateful now that my car is paid off.” That is it. I don't include how it was done because I just am happy that it was done. So to turn that into a want you will work it the same way. “I Shelly am so happy and grateful now that I have the dream job that I applied for:” That is a bit vague but you get the point.

It is not your job to worry it is your job to put affirmations out and then to get curious about how they will come about. Staying curious, positive and open are what you need to do. All the while being grateful and focusing on as many good happy things as possible.

These few habits used daily over several weeks will retrain how you think and you will open yourself up to more and more possibilities to be happy and bring more abundance into all aspects of your life.


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