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No males needed for reproduction in the world of nature

Updated on December 19, 2012

What would happen if there were no men?

This planet has for thousands of years been controlled and run by men with devastating results that have brought us to the point where the very future is uncertain and insanity, poverty, fear, death and destruction have become a part and parcel of life in the world as we know it. A male-run, or patriarchal society and culture, is based around domination, suppression and competitiveness and it is enforced by armies and police forces who use increasingly more dangerous weapons and technology.

So what is the solution to this nightmare? Leaving out the arrival of messianic deities, rescuing friendly aliens and non-existent superheros, it has been proposed that matriarchy is that answer, and not only will the world be run by women but that thousands of years in the future males as a gender will no longer exist here amongst the human species.

Many people find this hard to conceive or accept but we need to ask ourselves what are males for and what purpose do males serve? The simple answer is that they enable genetic diversity via sexual reproduction. But what a cost to the planet and its other life forms as well as the majority of the human species!

There are other species of life that manage with genetic variation but have done away with males. There are actually very many types of animals, both vertebrates and invertebrates, that reproduce without males and without sexual intercourse but there are none in which there are only males. This proves that it is the female that is the source of all life.

Photos for this hub

Whiptail lizards
Whiptail lizards
Worker bee
Worker bee
Guru Rasa Von Werder
Guru Rasa Von Werder
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon
Marmorkrebs or Marbled Crayfish
Marmorkrebs or Marbled Crayfish


Water fleas (Daphnia species), some types of aphid, nematode worms, rotifers, some species of bee, various phasmids including the Indian Stick Insect (Carausius morosus ), certain geckos and lizards, including the massive Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis ), some fish such as the Hammerhead Shark species(Sphyrna ), are all able to reproduce without males. This method of reproduction is known as parthenogenesis.

Wikipedia defines this form of reproduction as follows: "Parthenogenesis (from the Greek παρθένος parthenos , "virgin", + γένεσις genesis , "creation") is an asexual form of reproduction found in females where growth and development of embryos occurs without fertilization by a male."

The Marbled Crayfish or Marmorkrebs reproduces by parthenogenesis and all of these crustaceans are females. They live in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Madagascar where they are believed to have been introduced by aquarists. The origin of these crayfish remains unknown.

The Indian Stick Insect produces generation after generation of females. Males, it is said can occur, but they are so rare that they can be regarded as non-existent and are certainly not needed for the species to survive.

This insect is often kept as a pet so many people will be familiar with it but perhaps not realising that it is an animal that has no need of males.

The Whiptail Lizard (Cnemidophorus neomexicanus ) is a reptile that can reproduce by parthenogenesis and can also breed via sexual intercourse with males of closely related species C. inornatus and C. tigris .

For lizards this has given them the advantage of not only not needing the two sexes in order to carry on their kind but also has made it possible for them to colonise new territory. A female lizard can be washed up on an island where she is the only one but can nevertheless lay eggs.

In the Honeybee (Apis mellifera ), although males are required to fertilise the queen, this is there only function and the drones are thrown out of the hive to die after the queen has mated. The worker bees are all non-reproductive females. The male is only needed for sex and has no other purpose for this species of highly successful social insect.

Highly respected, though controversial, geneticist Dr Bryan Sykes, who is a professor at Oxford University, in his book Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men , (Bantam), has suggested that men will have died out here within 100,000 years.

That the spiritual creator of the universe and this world is female is not a new idea at all. The Kogi tribe of the Sierra Nevada mountain in Columbia refer to their Mother for the Earth and for the divine creator. The men, who are the leaders of the Kogis as shamans and priests, are actually called Mamas or Mamos, echoing the maternal link to creation.These people are one of the oldest surviving native people that have preserved their culture and traditions with no outside influences.

It was known long ago that the divine creator was and is a Goddess and the sun was originally worshipped as female. This got changed over to a male solar deity to disguise this fact as the patriarchal system was introduced by men. The Goddess never went away though - she just got hidden!

Guru Rasa von Werder believes she has the divine mission of ushering in a world of matriachy to replace the patriarchal one that has brought so much suffering and misery to the lives of countless billions of people for thousands of years and has resulted in the extinction of so many forms of life.

Matriarchy puts forward the idea that male humans have had all these millennia to prove themselves worthy of being able to run the world but have demonstrated they have been unable to do so without causing death and destruction to its populations, the planet's wildlife and the natural environments. Surely it is mostly men that have been responsible for wars, invasions, conquests, slavery and rape of their victims? The mainly male political leaders have shown again and again that they are also liars as well as war-mongers.

Isn't it mainly male inventors with what appears to be a culture of death that have devised greater and greater forms of weaponry including the nuclear bomb? Not content with devastation on the planet it appears that those behind the military are now intent on star wars and weaponising space.

What logic is there in allowing this destructive behaviour to continue? Is it not logical for the creator of this beautiful world to take steps to remove those who are busy destroying life on it?


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