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WitchCraft - Spells Guaranteed To Work - Part 2

Updated on May 15, 2011

Securing a Job

This spell requires a green handkerchief or a piece of green cloth.
Lay this item flat on a table with one of the corners facing you.
Put three Cardamom seeds on it along with 1 Bay leaf and 1 Cinnamon stick.
These herbs surround you with self-confidence plus they attract energy to your side. Your personality becomes sweetened with Cardamomand and your honesty and gifted mind are clearly brought to the forefront .
Bay leaves are symbolic of success and triumph.
The Cinnamon will quickly attract magic.
Each of the corners should be tied together with green ribbon in order to make a little bag of herbs.
Prior to your interviews, this small pouch is to be carried in your hand.
Now, in your mind, see yourself entering the interview room. Visualize yourself full of confidence and in your mind, imagine being able to pick and choose jobs at will.
When job interviews are scheduled, be sure to always carry this tiny packet to your meetings. If you're rejected, simply accept this as a sign that the job was not right for you in the first place.

Attracting Money

You must secure in your possession 5 pumpkin seeds, 3 cinnamon sticks, 1 dollar bill, 1 green cloth, 1 green candle, cinnamon oil and a green ribbon.
When you become aware of a Friday night approaching with a new moon, it's time to gather up all your ingredients.
At dusk, take the candle and rub the cinnamon oil onto it. At the same time, focus on your bills and debts. See them all being paid and imagine yourself laughing all the way to the bank.
Light the candle and place the pumpkin seeds, cinnamon sticks and dollar bill into the green cloth.
Fold the cloth three times and tie it tight with a ribbon.
While you work, chant the spell below and focus on money coming your way.

"Work your will, dollar bill
Do your deeds, Pumkin seeds
Do the trick, Cinnamon sticks
Bring me money and bring it quick"

Repeat this procedure three times. Burn the candle for nine minutes and at the same time keep the talisman near your wallet or purse. Visualize money coming towards you.

Believe it and you shall have it!


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    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 5 years ago from India

      nice hub.. I could use the money spell.

      On a side note, here is another spell for money.

      Write quality articles on hub pages or start your own home business (definitely pun intended) :)

    • Greenwick profile image

      Greenwick 6 years ago

      Nice spells! It is always good to have a few more money and employment spells in this economy.