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You Thought It Was

Updated on January 14, 2022

And You Thought It Was Going To Be Easy

Ever had one of those childhoods wherein you got everything you ever wanted?

I mean did you get all the expensive gifts you wanted for your birthday, for holidays and special occasions? Did you grow up spoiled and somewhat sheltered? Did everyone you know bended backwards to accommodate all your whims and wishes? Did you have a nanny, a chauffeur and a butler? Did your dad started, or is your mom a CEO of a Fortune 1000 Company? Are you of royal blood? Are you a child of Famous Celebrities, Highly-Paid Professional Athletes, Top-Government Officials or Crazy Rich Asians?

If not then how on earth could you ever think that it was going to be easy???

Even those who grew up in the few families above didn’t have it all that easy, at least as we think they did. They have a whole different kind of concern and issues all together which we mortal humans sometimes don’t even have a clue about.

Life isn’t easy, in fact most times it’s hard. Get over it and move on.

Remember this though, I didn’t say life isn’t going to be fun.

Life or living is fun, if you know the secret to living.

Now going back to you thinking how it could be all that easy. So how could you?

Let's see...

You who are a college student, you thought you can breeze through that course you selected and pass all your subjects just like you did in primary school?

You who are a recent graduate or you who dropped out of school, you thought you can just apply anywhere you want and land a great job just like that?

You who became a doctor or a nurse or any other allied career, you thought being one would give you a life that would be all roses and all stress-free?

You who started your own business, your own company, your own enterprise, you thought it would be easy money and that it was going to be uncomplicated, trouble-free and peachy?

You who started working for a big or a small company, you thought you can be your usual self, strut in and get along with your boss and your co-workers and fit just right in?

You who started working in customer-service, sales, marketing, advertising and the like, you thought it was going to be all straight-forward, go to work, chill out, have fun, go home and you’re done?

You aspiring musician or stand-up comic, you thought it was that easy to come up with a hit song, or acts and that gigs are just going to fall from the ceiling?

You who are a writer (or a wannabe writer), you thought you can get filthy rich just like that? (Well we can try right?)

And you, whoever you are, you thought you can get money for nothing and your checks for free?

Nobody said you can, but we all at one time thought it was that simple, that E-A-S-Y, that effortless.

Back then we told ourselves, how hard could it be or if they can do it, I can.

And then we come face-to-face with reality and the hard facts of life and then all that came crashing down.

So what do we do?

First off, remember you are not alone, most of us were in your shoes, in one way and in one time or another. Second and more importantly and I think this is the best advice I have given my business partner way back in the 1990s, when we were still chasing1 our first million, and this was what I told him, remember if this was easy then everybody would be doing it and then nobody’s going to be making any money, everybody’s gonna be doing the same thing and killing off one another.

I mean if that kid way back in the third grade who made your life miserable and bullied you all through elementary or your next door neighbor who sat all day on his huge armchair watching television and washing it down with anything with alcohol and that one uncle or that one cousin of yours who you stay away from all your family reunions and don’t pick-up the phone to when they call, if any of them can do this trade then you can just forget about it.

Third, if you believe in God, this would be a good time to really believe, I mean r-e-a-l-l-y believe. Many times believers are just nominal or a label or a title they carry around or they believe just because or even though or in spite of them having no real reason to do so.

And if you don’t believe in God, you then have two ways to go about it. Draw closer into seeking and trying to believe or go further away, yes the other way. But whatever way you go, at least you are going somewhere which is better than you being stuck in where ever you are or in whatever status quo you are in. If you have real peace and joy within you with any decision that you take, then go on right ahead. Nobody here is going to stop you.


And going back to God, I mean belief in God is most times not really the issue here, but it is that for both believers and unbelievers, believing that the God (or the Creator) of the Universe (if there is one) will even give me the time of day and come help me in my time of need or in my everyday existence. This is the real question of both the believers and unbelievers alike.

And if you are sitting over there reading this, I am pretty sure, is it yours too.

But as I have said earlier, there is a secret into living a fun life and that is for you and for you alone to find out. I wouldn’t even want to give you a clue.

And you thought it was going to be easy huh?

1 I said "chasing". I didn't say we ever caught it (okay we did).

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Date: 2010-Feb-25

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