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Faith without work is useless. The Faith should give yout the strenght to make the needed improvements.

Updated on August 12, 2010

First, I have to make sure that the reader and I are using certain words in the same way.  I know that how people interpret words make a significance difference in what they gain from a reading so throughout I will do my best to clarify how I am using certain terms.  Since this writing is about "faith", I am going to use the oxford meaning:


  • noun 1 complete trust or confidence. 2 strong belief in a religion. 3 a system of religious belief.

  — ORIGIN Old French feid , from Latin fides .

Having all the faith in the world is great, but if you do not move toward your goal, there is no one that can move for you. There must be more than just faith to accomplish anything.  For example, one could have faith that the "higher power" will allow them to wake up tomorrow, but if they choose to lay there in bed and do nothing, then they have no one to blame except themselves.  One may have faith that "the system works", but if they do not consider myself as part of the system and attempt to work with the system then how can there be progress. 

 According to Oxford trust means: trust (noun): 'confidence, strong believe in the goodness, strength, reliability of something or somebody', 'responsibility' have trust in (verb): 'believe in the honesty and reliability of someone of something', 'have confidence in', 'earnestly hope'$28)Oxford+English+Dictionary($29).html

Now one could have complete "trust" in the "Higher Power", however ultimately they have to get out of bed and face the world. Ha Ha.  I am not trying to poke fun at faith, I also have faith in the "Higher Power".  What I do want to impress upon the reader is that faith must be backed by action. 

I would suggest to the reader to use the faith they have in the "Higher Power" set out on a mission and accomplish the mission.  Then you can see for yourself the power of faith in a "Higher  Power".  The power is in us all we just have to prove it to ourselves.

Personal example:

When I was younger (about 17)I wanted to run the Boston Marathon.  I always thought I could, I had faith that God would give me the strength to do it when the time came to run.  Well, most people have hear this part f the story, I was sidetracted by life and I really never trained to run a marathon.  Time does not care, we just seem to keep getting older.  Now when I hit thirty I realized that I was planning on running the Boston Marathon when I was younger.  I was in no shape to run the Marathon in my mind. 

I had started taking Karate earlier in the year. I mentioned to my martial arts instructor that I wanted to run the Boston Marathon.  I had not registered and I could not qualify for the race, so he told me to go and run unofficially.  I honestly did not know people ran marathons unofficially.  My instructor had faith in me, and I had faith in myself so he help me in the training process.  The end result was I ran and completed the Boston Marathon in 2008 unofficially, but I did it, mission complete.  The "Higher Power" through my martial arts instructor and my willingness to move made the dream come through.  (This is the short version)

The bottom line is now I know that I have the ability to run 26.2 miles and that is better than having faith.  To conclude, faith is good to have but it must be accompanied with effort or work, then the result will give you true knowledge, and that is the best.

Thank you for you time

Darrell Roberts



Breath Easy

Living well and being happy.
Living well and being happy.


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      9 years ago

      Well written! Thanks for sharing!


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