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Do You Need a Miracle?

Updated on May 18, 2013

Is it True That Through God All Things are Possible?

You've probably heard the phrase "through God all things are possible" before. It's a quote from the Bible.

To believe the phrase is true, you must believe God exists.

You've probably also heard an atheist say (or write in the comments section of that God doesn't exist, that believing in God, or believing in the possibility of a God-given miracle, is like believing the Easter Bunny will bring you candy eggs. Or they say it's like believing the tooth fairy will put money under your pillow.

God exists.

God does not exist.

Only one of those two claims can be true. Which is it?

I know the answer, but before it's revealed may we digress for a few seconds and talk about physics? Yes, physics and no, I'm not kidding.

You need a miracle and I'm talking physics. Why go there? Because for your miracle to occur, you'll probably need elements be controlled in a way that defies natural laws. You'll need to break the rules of physics.

You may need a healing. That would require making the molecules in your body do something that defies the logic of physicians. You may need a financial miracle requiring you to accumulate more money in a certain space and time than financial planners looking at your income would say is possible. For all I know you may need to move a mountain of earth in just a few seconds, a feat that the greatest excavator on earth would say can't possibly be accomplished.

All those things fall within the realm of physics.

Albert Einstein was a a brilliant physicist, the greatest physicist, many say. That's because Albert Einstein had a high genius-level IQ (160) and he excelled at doing what physicists do, which is figuring out what the rules are that govern space, time, matter and energy. He figured out some of the natural laws that force all kinds of important stuff to behave in a certain way. But Albert couldn't control those laws. Albert couldn't alter them. Albert couldn't break them.

So if "the greatest physicist who ever lived" (at least according to many so-called experts) couldn't have helped you one bit, it's hopeless right?

Not at all.

There is one greater physicist. One who CAN break the rules! So great a physicist that Einstein would look like a blithering idiot in comparison.

I want to introduce you to Him:

Please meet the Creator of the Universe, my friend and The Master Physicist, Jesus Christ. He is not only The Master Physicist, He's also The Master Financial Planner, The Master Physician, The Master Musician, The Master Everything!

Do not be confused. Jesus wasn't just a good man, or a wise man. Jesus was the God of the Old Testament. He was the burning bush that visited Moses, burning intensely without damaging the bush. He was the God who turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt.

While on earth He was God in the flesh. Jesus created you and He created this world you live in. He understands how everything works. He made the rules all physicists try to figure out.

But only He can break them.

And He may very well break them for you. You can ask Him to do that for you, through prayer.

But you're not convinced He even exists, are you? So let's ponder a few questions. We know the earth has an age. It was formed by some process. The elements it's comprised of were gathered by someone or something.

Where did those elements come from?

Where did everything come from?

When did time begin?

What came before time?

How far does the universe go?

If it has an end what's beyond it? Something must be there. But if something is there then it's beyond the end so how could that be the end?

It's crazy, huh? Humans can't understand these things. Physicists try to explain. Some even look for the rules that "get to the root of what really created this world" and therefore are seeking rules that eliminate the need for God. They write articles about "God particles" and postulate about "string theories." But in spite of recent press releases to the contrary, they can't fully explain these simple yet mind-boggling questions either.

Either there is an intelligent being who created this earth and everything in it, a being who totally understands things we can't even contemplate without being overwhelmed by the complexity, or something created itself out of nothing. That's an inescapable fact and an inescapable choice.

Some physicists have an atheistic agenda to disprove God exists. But there's only one way to do that. They must prove that something created itself from nothing. If they fail to do so, then God exists. It's that simple. God is the only answer to all those mind boggling questions.

Even if physicists do report discovering a "God particle" or a particle that created itself, don't believe it. The math is flawed. Nothing creates itself no matter how many incorrect theories or how much faulty math a scientist uses to support his Holy Atheistic Grail. Physicists who proclaim such nonsense could have saved a whole lot of wasted time by simply cracking open a Bible and reading Genesis 1:1

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

Something created itself out of nothing? Nah, don't think so.

Do you think something created itself out of nothing? If not, you have one alternative: God created it. And if God created it, then God exists!

And once you realize He is not a myth, He's real, and He is the creator of everything you see, everything you've ever seen, or everything you ever will see, it's easy to understand how He can manipulate those things to suit His purpose, at will.

All He requires is enough faith, enough belief in Him and love for Him, and He will move mountains for you. In fact, He makes that exact promise in The Bible.

And I know His promise is true because he's moved a few mountains for me.

Through God, all things are possible.

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When You Need a Miracle: How to Ask God for the Impossible
When You Need a Miracle: How to Ask God for the Impossible

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God Delivers Mracles In Various Ways

But this is His favorite!

He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." Mark 5:34

We know from Bible stories God can do huge, dramatic miracles like parting the sea and using tiny amounts of food to feed thousands of people. But it's not only ancient history. He is alive, He's still on the job and He works in many ways. But His favorite method seems to be much smaller, minor miracles, often implemented by working through people. He works through believers and sometimes even through non-believers.

The pastor of the church I started attending a few months ago has been looking for a place to start a home for disadvantaged children. The church already has a successful outreach to people in jail and for some time he has felt The Lord calling on him to establish a children's home.

At last week's service he revealed that while on the way to make an offer on a property for sale, property the church couldn't come close to affording, he was praying the meager offer would be accepted. Distracted, he made a wrong turn. As he pulled into someone's driveway to turn around it struck him that it would be a perfect property for the children's home, but unfortunately, it obviously wasn't for sale.

Then he felt almost like God spoke to him, giving him a thought that wasn't his: He should walk up to this door and make his offer. It was crazy. The place wasn't for sale; he'd look foolish. But he obeyed the prompting and the girl who answered the door listened but only looked at him strangely, not speaking... He had indeed made a fool of himself, or so he thought.

Finally, the girl excitedly replied, "I have to tell my Mama, this is an answer to her prayers!" He came to find out the family had dedicated the property to the Lord when they purchased it and for years she'd been praying for someone to make it known they would use it for a Godly purpose.

A coincidence non-believers will say. Maybe. But it amazes me how often I have those same kinds of coincidences when I'm walking the walk, in tune with the Lord.

Give it a try, walk the Christian walk a bit, get in tune with the Lord through daily prayer and see if you don't have a few "coincidences" yourself.

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The Power of Simple Prayer: How to Talk with God about Everything

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Power Through Prayer
Power Through Prayer

This is one POWERFUL must-read!


The God Particle

"For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, 'He catches the wise in their own craftiness" 1 Corinthians 3:19-20

"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' Psalm 53:1

Professing to be wise, they became fools..." Romans 1:20-22

Scientists have searched for the Higgs boson particle for years. In 2012 they claimed to have found it. Higgs boson is what holds everything in the universe together and gives everything matter.

It was originally nicknamed the God Particle because it's supposedly what caused The Big Bang.

Few scientists like the nickname God Particle, or use it, because they know you can't disprove something that's faith based with science. They also dislike imparting a religious connotation to their work.

Regardless, Higgs boson, a.k.a. The God particle, plays a part in something called "String Theory" which deals with the supposition that there is not simply the one dimension we live in, but many dimensions. It assumes there are multiple universes parallel to our own, separated by a membrane we can't cross. Extrapolating that idea to it's logical conclusion then what we believe is reality, actually has multiple versions. In fact, if String Theory is correct, then reality would have an infinite number of versions, each occurring simultaneously in its own dimension.

In one dimension you may have become rich, in another you're poor. In one you're left handed and play pro baseball. In another you're right handed and hate baseball but play The Macarena on the banjo. In one dimension Elvis Presley is still alive. In yet another Elvis is not only still alive but also works at the McDonald's drive-thru window and sells Mary Kay on the side.

The entire idea is so ridiculous it's more faith-based than simply believing in God. Yet String Theory is part of what led to a certain physicist declaring in 2012 that he had finally discovered once and for all, "God wasn't necessary to create the universe."

So he's saying that everything we see, all the stars and planets; the raw materials of swing sets and cars; people, animals, everything, was originally created from basically nothing. That some smaller-than-microscopic particle, Higgs boson, created a "big bang" and magically, over time, everything just appeared!

Now that's one magic trick of a fairy tale if I ever heard one. I might have bought it when I was four, but by age ten I'd have realized it for the silliness it is.

Yet many adults, including a high percentage of college educated "smart people" eat it up.

Non- college educated people in this society tend to think that those who have higher education are "better than" them, "smarter than" them. The college educated tend to think someone with a higher degree than they have is somehow smarter or better. But just because some of the "smart, college educated people" you know buy into silly nonsense, it doesn't make it true. Never think that.

Some of the smartest people I know are college educated and hold degrees. But it's not due to education, it's because they're smart. Some of the least smart people I know have a Masters or a PhD. They can read, write and have a big vocabulary. They may even have an above average IQ. But they generally have poor logic skills and little common sense. I could tell you many stories that demonstrate that fact convincingly.

If a "scientist" proclaims something, many of the "smart people" will simply think in Nazi lockstep and regurgitate this "profound" announcement because, like monkeys in a circus, it's what they've been trained to do.

Know this: In many cases, all the "college educated" moniker means is you had enough money to avoid reality for a few years so you could be indoctrinated by leftist, atheistic professors. Out here in the real world people have to think for themselves.

Create something out of nothing? It defies simple logic. It breaks the rules.

And we know there's only one physicist who can break the rules. And it's certainly not a physicist of this world no matter how much education he has or how high he scores on an IQ test. It's The Master Physicist, The King of Kings, The Creator of this world and everything in it:


And by the way, if the Higgs boson particle "eliminated the need for God" then who or what created the Higgs boson particle?

The power of prayer is great and is only intensified when more than one person prays for the same thing. You are welcome to post your need for a miracle here and ask for other visitors to pray with you.

Comments and sincere questions regarding the subject matter of this Lens are also welcome.

Promotion of a website, asking for financial donations or vitriolic comments from non-believers will be rejected so please don't waste your time attempting to post here.


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    • Writingmystory1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Huge miracles are great when you need them but how often will I need a sea parted?!? The real miracles I need and see most often in my life are things like the times God allows me to run late and avoid a tragic accident, and meeting or running into the right person at just the right time in my life.

      So, yes, I do need a miracle and I'm glad that God knows the miracles I need even when I don't !


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