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Managing the Mind

Updated on March 16, 2019

Pastor Dr. Carlotta


Hello and WELCOME to Pastor Dr. Carlotta's Counseling Center.

The mind has no horizon; it looks beyond the eye, and seeks for mind in all it sees, or all it sees o' erruling. "Shakespeare"

The great business of a man is to improve his mind; all other projects and pursuits, whether in our power to compass or not, are only amusements. (Pliny)

The principal of mind management states that, "our mind is one of the most important assets we have and needs wise, close and constant care." It is in our mind that all things start. Our mind is the womb of great ideas. It is where success or failure is born and nurtured. In our mind, battles are fought, lost or won. Our minds are the home of great ideas, achievements, dreams, aspirations and visions.

Since our minds are such an important part of our well-being, proper care and nurturing is vital. The people who practice the principal of mind management believe that we must monitor what we think! All the information we feed into our minds through the five senses affects our way of thinking and reasoning, so it is important to monitor what goes into our minds.

We become what we think. Proverbs 23:7 We should test what we think with the Word of God, our values and standards. We should take full responsibility for the things we think and act on (Ph. 4:8). The more we use our minds, the more active and productive they become. Most people seldom use more than ten percent of their brains's capacity. We should utilize our minds to their fullest potential.

Constant renewal of the mind brings about a spiritual transformation which enchances growth both in spirit and soul. We should expand our minds by feeding them new things of importance. Reading the right books and exchanging ideas with wise people is important. A human being has a three-dimensional nature: Spirit - which deals with the spiritual realm. Soul - which deals with the mental realm. Body - which deals with physical realm.

Two mind is housed in the brain, the mind, which is our soul, has the ability to think, understand, make decisions, perceive, feel, and exercise the will. This is where our emotions and action our determined. The Bible makes it clear to us that there are two types of minds existing in this world, the unregenerate mind, which is the mind of a secular person or unbeliever, and the believer's mind.

The unregenerate mind: is darkness (Eph.4:17-18); is blinded (2Co. 4:4); is depraved (1Ti. 6:5); is defiled (Ti. 1:15); is dead (Rom. 8:6-7) In general, the mind of a secular person is spiritually dead, unable to function towards the true God because it is shielded from the truth and filed with misinformation about God and His Kingdom.

The regenerated mind, is the mind of Christ. (1Co.2:16). Is a sound mind (Rom. 12:2). To transform means to change. God wants our minds transformed into His will, not conformed to the mold of the world. Christians should not think and act like worldly people. To transform our minds, we need to fill it with God's Word. God's Word will take the place of uncontrollable thoughts, impure mental pictures, confused ideas, wandering thoughts and double-mindedness.

The mind of a Christian is a peaceful mind (Ph. 4:6-7; Rom. 8:6; Ish. 26:3) A motivated mind (Ph. 3:14); A renewed mind (Rom. 12:2); A willing mind (Ch. 28:9); A right mind (Lk. 8:35); An obedient mind (He. 8:10). Unfortunately, not all believers have this kind of mind, but it is possible to have our mind illuminated by the spiritual truth found in the Word of God. We must stop being a schizophrenic Christian who hops here and there aimlessly!

God can give us exceptional wisdom and understanding and breadth of mind to help us accomplish His work here on earth. God is capable of illuminating our mind the way He did Solomon's. Do not limit God's power. If our minds are damaged, pray for healing an restoration of a perfect mind. We can ask God's Spirit to heal us of hurtful memories and cause us to forget those painful experiences of our past.


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