Love should win.

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    easegiriposted 9 years ago

    I had been watching since for a long time now that the whole world is silent to the sufferings of  Sri Lankan people.

    The President has decided that the wiping out LTTE is the only option and in the process large civilian population are being killed.  Children, old aged persons and women are being killed daily by Aeriell strikes and ground artilleries.   There seems no end to the war and there seems that LTTE may now resort to their Guerrilla  warfare.

    The need of the hour is the end of war and long awaited political solution signed by all the responsible leaders. 

    I felt the only way to stop the war is to invoke love in the heart of M. Rajapaksha, please help in spearding this love message and signing it by copying the love message in the comments coloumn.  … Rajapaksha