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Is Christianity an Expression of 'White' Spirituality?

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    God shetposted 3 years ago

    "A Jesus Christ was possible only in a Jewish landscape--I mean one over which the gloomy and sublime thunder cloud of the wrathful Yahweh was brooding continually. Only here was the rare and sudden piercing of the gruesome and perpetual general day-night by a single ray of the sun experienced as if it were a miracle of "love" and the ray of unmerited "grace." Only here could Jesus dream of his rainbow and his ladder to heaven on which God descended to man. Everywhere else good weather and sunshine were considered the rule and everyday occurrences.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    [Pagan handfasting ceremony at Avebury (Beltane 2005).]

    The most complex form of falsehood is a half-truth. If someone tells you a lie ~ you can easily investigate the reality that exists behind what he/she has told you ~ and immediately realize that he/she has misrepresented 'things' from the way that they actually are. If someone tells you a truth ~ that's good too. Generally speaking, you can actually feel the vibe when a person is truthful.

    But when someone is telling you something ~ whose predominant intent is to fool you so that he/she can take advantage of you ~ then he/she might use a widely-used tactic of telling you something which is fundamentally a lie  ~ but which has some facts guarding this falsehood (like: America is a very rich nation and everyone is who lives there is happy) ~ which you can not consciously disapprove and therefore ~ you can not consider this whole thing to be utterly nonsense, and discover the heinous 'intent' that has generated this whole 'thing' which can be loosely termed as a 'psychological bloodsucker':

    My contention here is that Christianity might be a fundamentally satanic half truth propagated by a group of 'elite' Jews, one of whom being the man named Jesus Christ, as a tool so that the Jewish people may always maintain a sort of superiority in the world, and in the white society where all the good things are invented first.

    Here is a Hypothetical Situation: I feel that most Jews are innocent as all the people are, and they had no hand in the formation of this special form of spirituality. As I see it: it was a group who had climbed to the top of their Jewish society (politically), who had gone through an extensive (internal)movement, which had given birth to this 'religion' named Christianity, which now dominates the spiritual needs of the most of the world.

    Christianity is not an expression of 'white spirituality'. It's an expression of Jewish spirituality.

    There is something peculiar about Jews: here you have a group of people who are extremely intelligent and full of craft - and yet - they are incapable of creating a culture of their own. The reason behind this phenomenon maybe that they lack, among many other things, a general warmth and goodness of heart, the honesty of character, and the positive creativity which are essentially required to build a culture like the one that Europeans, Americans, Canadians, White Indians (from India), and other Aryan peoples have/had formed around this planet.

    And though they can not create a beautiful culture of their own - they are fully aware where all the good things reside - and they can compare it with the identical alternatives that their own culture offers them.

    Perhaps the Jews can be compared to a group of poor men who had been given the same resources that had been given to the men who have become rich now by utilizing those resources, innovating and inventing new technologies and building a better, happier and more beautiful life for themselves. Perhaps the Jews were surprised that despite having the same intelligence that could not achieve these results. Now they wanted to infiltrate these lands where the Aryans had spent centuries toiling and sweating - while creating the wonders of Europe and America, and the rest of the Aryan (Western) world.

    And they needed a weak point where they might attack the Aryan world and start the infiltration process. And what weaker place can you find in men than the place where they invest most of ther unmerited respect ~ than the question of God and spirituality?

    The WWE of Jewish Religious Heads & Jesus Christ: Had Jesus Christ begun his career by directly staging public speaking sessions (as Eckhart Tolle and other spirituals teachers do today) - no one would have given him much importance. Here is a man coming from an alien culture trying to teach about a 'God' that he has fabricated to meet the needs of his class and their interests. That would be one of the worst advertisement campaigns ever organized by a single man.

    So Christ and the clique that employed him ~ designed a sort of WWE wrestling match of spirituality, having the same beginning and formation of a story-line of hostility between two wrestlers, which ripens and matures into a 'destined' match where one of them is destined to win, according to the script.

    Europe and European Spirituality before the Infiltration of Christ:  Europe was a very different place before Christ and his clique played their game-plan there. Even the Romans, who are generally vilified by the lovers of Jesus Christ, had developed a pagan spiritual culture which had much more originality than Christianity. At least it had some element of 'spirit' in it - while Christianity at best is a psychological technique.

    This is one of the reasons that atheists are more antagonistic towards Christianity than any other religion (excepting Islam here). Their Aryan logical outlook towards life restricts them to fall into the trap of Christianity. It must also be expressed here that the Christianity that we witness today has been modified and altered a lot by whites who have been following this 'religion' for an overwhelming period of time. And, as we add custom softwares to Windows or Mac OS - so people have been adding their own philosophies and spiritual expressions to Christianity. You must realize here that my whole contention is about the 'operating system' (Christianity) and not the custom softwares.

    Final Notes: There existed (and it still exists) a very 'advanced' spirituality in India, way before the Jews launched their 'religion' upon the world. The 'Bhagavad Gita' is a good place to start to explore that spirituality. I mention this just to give a perspective to you that Christianity has not been the only option available to us - and also the fact that it is not anything absolute. We are always free to discredit this 'thing' from our society. The Earth is almost over a billion years old (I can't say how old it exactly is). And that we should not doubt ourselves just because (some) human beings have cherished an illusion for the past 2 thousand years. We can change ourselves right now if we want to.

    We need an updated spirituality for the 21st century. One that even atheists may enjoy to participate in.

    I feel obliged to clarify in the end that my message is not that of hatred, but that of reconsideration. Religion is something which goes very deep with people. Once you have invested faith on any religion, it starts to mold your life very significantly. And it's time that we reevaluate our faiths, including Christianity. The Jewish people have suffered unspeakable tragedies and traumas during the past centuries, and that deserves attention. But we need to take their faith seriously now to reassure ourselves of its validity in the 21st century.

    No one of us has met Jesus Christ in person. Perhaps it's advisable to research a why this 'historical character' is naturally deemed such a 'god' that his followers have made him.

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    janesixposted 3 years ago

    Wow. This is one of the most racist threads I've ever read on here.

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      EncephaloiDeadposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I'm not at all surprised, though.

      But, not to worry, the authors own words from the OP explain the thread quite succinctly...

      "The most complex form of falsehood is a half-truth. If someone tells you a lie ~ you can easily investigate the reality that exists behind what he/she has told you ~ and immediately realize that he/she has misrepresented 'things' from the way that they actually are. "

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    Emile Rposted 3 years ago

    After reading your other thread about wanting the government to force religious education, I thought I'd check this thread out.  Is this the type of thing you'd want your ministry of justice to teach in schools? Would everyone have to die their hair blond and wear blue contacts? Would you teach anyone other than white Anglo Saxon protestants?

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      God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      "Here is a Hypothetical Situation:"


      You've missed the essential argument here ~ that the whole situation is a hypothesis and exists only on imagination. But there are reasons behind the formation of that hypothesis.

      We should not introduce this kind of stuff to children, just as we can't introduce them to certain sections of the building when we are with them in hospitals, or when we are watching certain movies (including historical movies):  they are too impressionable and uncritical to be handed over this type of material.

      However, they might find this hypothesis interesting, once they have attained a certain level of maturity in themselves. Additionally, what I've described in there is a human phenomenon, and not a religious one.

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        EncephaloiDeadposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Ah, I see, the entire premise of your argument is based on the fact you think none of us have reached maturity such that we can recognize and acknowledge racism and nonsense when we see it.

        Good one. roll

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          God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          You can make a reply.

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        Emile Rposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Even as an hypothesis (although the racism was proposed as a contention, not an hypothesis, in your opening remarks) why would we present such racist bs to people of any age and ask them to treat it as an hypothesis? What good could be gained, other than everyone looking at the hypothesis agreeing that the idea is rascist and beneath us to consider for serious discussion.

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          God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          I thank you for expressing yourself truthfully.

          I need to clarify 2 things:

          First off Jews themselves call themselves 'Jews', and Whites themselves call themselves 'Whites'. And I have mentioned them in my opening remarks as they themselves like to be identified publicly. I might have used 'Caucasians' in the place of 'Whites' ~ but that former term isn't as popular as the latter one.

          Secondly, my personal conception is that 'race' is one of the fundamental by-products of a culture. There is nothing in the human body that creates a race. It's the common values, assumptions, behaviors, beliefs (and many other such 'things') that a society holds ~ that stamp a common imprint upon their consciousness ~ which is can be loosely termed as the phenomenon of 'race'.