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    AlexiusComnenusposted 9 years ago

    I have an open, honest question for Protestants out there. Given that the movement was given impetus by Luther, Zwingli, Huss and the like what makes you believe that the Protestant movement has any credibility. It seems to be based entirely around emotion and less on Biblical fact. Given that most churches are so emotion and feelings driven I feel less and less inclined to believe it is true. In my old church you could predict where in a song people would raise their hands simply by the note played on a guitar. That kind of emotion-based faith is useless and un-Christian, in my experience because those Christians are the same ones who would say all the right things on issues but never lift a finger to help a cause or comfort the needy. It's all words and emotions. I say this is an open and honest question because I truly would like to know what you all think. I am open and persuadable despite the tenor of my question. Please, you are invited to convince me otherwise.