Relationships: Christianity: Unequally Yoked, Vices, etc.

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    sassygrrl32posted 23 months ago

    I'm curious, how important is being equally yoked from a christian perspective or any perspective really?
    After I left my ex husband(who I wasn't legally married to) because he was alcoholic I ran into the same problems that I'd had before meeting him when it came to good men. I don't think I'm setting my bar too high. I would like someone who's on the same page with God, etc. My ex husband had no belief in what I do and we didn't talk about it. He's a very good man and is great when he's not drinking.
    I met someone after I left him. He's a good guy, believes the same way I do, we got along great and I thought we could have a future together(even his sons loved and accepted me) but it wasn't meant to be. The story of my life. Recently, met someone else but he's too much of a knowitall and believes God is satan. Tried online dating numerous time before and after my marriage.
    I'm 47, never married(legally), no kids. There was a time I wanted them but it didn't happen.
    I'm fairly happy and healthy, go on tons of road trips, enjoy my photography and have accepted that singleness is my destiny(finally got to a point in my life where I don't want anyone, friendships and companionship I do want). I'm still friends with my ex husband. He wanted to try again but I said not without AA. Still friends with the good guy too. All the way around I live a full life. Albeit most of it is spent on the road.
    I'm writing an article. And I can't come up with very many reasons why a woman should reject a good man who may not be christian. For that matter anyone who wants to stick around and who loves her. After a little research it would seem that women don't have too many options when it comes to love after 50 and she might want to lower her expectations considerably. I think the most important thing is love, companionship and most importantly a man who wants to stay around. One conclusion I've come to is good men really don't want good women and not sure any of them want relationships.
    My question: is anything other than love and the two people bonding important? How can something be important if a woman can't find it? Thanks for replies beforehand.