Mesopotmania and Egypt Where Once Thriving Cultural Centers

  1. Paul Winngert profile image60
    Paul Winngertposted 5 weeks ago

    Now they're third world church/states dominated by centuries-old Shirah Law. Iran was thriving until the Muslim takeover in 1979. What happened? How did the people let this happen? Then I see a psychopath Trump bringing in Christian fundamentalists in cabinet positions where they don't belong trying to do the same with this country. Religion has a solid track record of running countries into the ground. It's happened in the south-east US known as the Bible Belt. Poverty, poor human resources, teen pregnancy, STD's run rapidly down there due to poor education. It's been noted that the most religious states suffer the lowest quality in education. Ministers, who shun education and proven facts,  run things down there and push for politicians to ignore the US Constitution in favor of 2k year-old Biblical laws that mean nothing to nobody in the 21st Century. They'd rather support a Constitutional ignoring admitted pedophile candidate over a former prosecutor with half a brain. This is how terrorism is born, ladies and gentlemen. Want to visit a 3rd world church/state in your own backyard? Take a drive down there and see for yourself.