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Should every parish make a more strict and informative curriculum for Religious

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    Cuschuposted 8 years ago

    Should every parish make a more strict and informative curriculum for Religious education?

    For many the classes leading up to Confirmation are the last that they learn about their faith. How in-depth should these classes be? Is religious education really important to the majority of people these days?

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    yabeyaposted 8 years ago

    I don't think anyone should try to be hyper-Protestant, or hyper-Catholic, or hyper-anything.  I'll do my best to apply that to myself also... 

    I really think people are not taught *how* to study the Bible, and that can be a stumbling block throughout a person's entire life. 

    It's important to teach what the Bible means, but sometimes instead we must also learn how that meaning was derived. Namely, how does scripture interpret scripture?  Paul was very eloquent on this topic.

    Good luck.

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    EdG.posted 8 years ago

    There is a very fine line between education and indoctrination, especially when it comes to religion. The stricter the "education" is, primarily for the young, the more close-minded the "students" tend to be. Religions like christianity operate on the assumption that they are touting absolute truth and teaching this assumption as fact can be dangerous to an underdeveloped and malleable mind.

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    Cuschuposted 8 years ago

    EdG, the idea that whatever you are teaching is the Truth is absolutely paramount to whatever subject is being taught. If people couldn't stand on the fact that what they have been taught is true, then what would be the point of learning anything? If someone in a physical science class stood up and taught that gravity pulls stuff down towards the earth, but then made sure to keep his students open-minded by saying that the guy down the hall who is teaching that gravity doesn't actually exist is also teaching the truth, what basis would we have for learning anything?