Should A Husband React If The Wife Is Regularly Spending Her Nights In Nearby C

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    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Should A Husband React If The  Wife Is Regularly Spending Her Nights In Nearby Christian Crusades?

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    writesketchbeadposted 8 years ago

    Alot of questions along this line have duel answers. If the crusades are God called and of a great nature- support. There are far worse habbits the wife can get into. But if there is a question as to whether the crusades are God inspired or inspired by human pride (or worse), then it wouldn't hurt to have a family sit down. Either way- don't over react. Discuss, be willing to support but don't be afraid to open the lines of communication. There is another issue to be concerned about. The marriage. If there is damage being done to the marriage- you deffinately need to talk. Remember- God will come first but it is not God's desire to destroy marriages.
    All in all it comes down to communication. Take an interest. Why is she drawn to these crusades? Is she willing to set one or two nights a week for just family- even if it is just being in the same room together while you both read? Discuss a balance. DO NOT TRY TO SQUASH HER CALLING OR DEMAND ANYTHING! That is not communication- it is too one sided. But voice your concerns in a patient manner and see what solutions you can come up with together. Maybe you will find God is calling you to certain crusades. Perhaps a personal family crusade that as a family you are equally drawn to and determined to see through.

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    StandingGalposted 8 years ago

    A husband could choose to react in a positive way, maybe satisfying any curiousity he has about these crusades by attending. He might find out how rewarding it is for his wife to be there. He might actually enjoy being there too. He could get involved. To a christian, daily reading of the word of God and daily prayer, strengthens our faith and gives us a hunger for more of God's presence. God wants us to show patience, love, and balance in our relationships with Him, with family, and in church. Discuss family time needs if that's a concern. Read 1st Corinthians,chap.13 nicknamed the love chapter because it tells us how God wants us to treat one another; so that tempered with love as our balance we can handle any issue in a loving way.