Mormon Prophet - Gordon B. Hinckley Has Died! Respectful Thoughts Only

  1. LdsNana-AskMormon profile image84
    LdsNana-AskMormonposted 11 years ago

    I wanted to post this thread, to let any Hubbers that were not aware, know of the Mormon Prophet's passing away.

    Gordon B. Hinckley, was truly loved by a worldwide group of people.  The LDS Church has a membership of just over 13 million members.  Of course, not all are actively involved, but this is the record account of the total membership.  Percentage of active is too difficult to acerertain   

    Activity in the Mormon Church is quite odd over an average lifespan of a member.  Some, are born into the Church, others join the Church later in life.   The activity of an individual can fluxuate throughout their lives.  This makes it very difficult to assess the actual activity rate of the members as a whole.  I suppose we could look at the number of active people who hold a current recommend; which enables them to go to the temple, as one source of fairly good measurement?

    But, that would leave out the other, most likely more than half, that have not yet gone to the temple.  Individuals are elligible to to baptized into the Church when they are eight years old. 

    With that loose report on our numbers statistics....  I only bring up, so that those of you interested, might understand the love for this man, who served God so diligently as the President of the Mormon Church for almost 13 years. 

    He spoke at a conference approximately two weeks ago, which was regionally broadcast to the members of that area.  I was privileged to be one who heard and saw this conference. 

    His words were powerful and true.   He honestly spoke as one would expect a gentle prophet of God to speak, and yet with authority as to that which he was speaking and admonishing.

    I understand that most do not accept living prophets.  But I want you all to know here...  that there are living prophets upon the earth today.  It is a great blessing to be led by one who is truly called of God.

    It is a witness that can be given to any who desire to  know for themselves...  if God does in fact, provide a living prophet today.

    Why, if we believe in all that the Bible teaches... would we not give a simple minute of thought... as to WHY we would not be blessed in the same way today?  Look at this world?  Are people really willing to accept that God does not speak any longer?

    No wonder so many have become athiest!

    I testify that God does call prophets today, and this prophet who has just passed, has been a guiding star, in the Saviors name, for my family.

    We all shall miss him greatly.


    LdsNana- Kathryn:-)

  2. Tamarii2 profile image59
    Tamarii2posted 10 years ago


  3. DennisBarker profile image60
    DennisBarkerposted 10 years ago

    I've spoke with the local mormon missionaries several times, always found them respectful and prepared to accept that I have chosen a different route to express my spirituality. There are christians and others who could learn a lot from this approach to spiritual mission.


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