As a peaceful person yourself,do you approved provocation to others' religion?.W

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    ctnahdaposted 3 years ago

    As a peaceful person yourself,do you approved provocation to others' religion?.Why and why not.

    1) As in Charlie Hebdo's cases
    2) burn a Quran a day by a so called "pastor"
    3) the demolishing of other's religion worshiping place.

    and what do you do to promote peaceful etiquette?

    p/s: Please answer with a respectful cursing,no vulgar words.Thank you.

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    Jesse Blairposted 3 years ago

    As a Christian myself, I do not condone provoking others by religion. It's just wrong. Most religious people (not all) try to adhere from all questionable behavior such as that. Most religious people, regardless of which religion, genuinely try to do good and have a positive impact on others. I just don't understand why people would poke fun at those creating peace in the world.

    While I don't condone provocation based on religion, I most definitely do not approve of a violent or even verbally abusive responses to such provocations. The only way to rid the world of those that demonized or make fun of religions, is to prove that said religion is peaceful and positive. At the very least victims of religion based hate must turn the other cheek and not retaliate. Make others believe of their own will that your religion spreads positive messages and promotes a state of wellness not only for yourself, but for the entire world. Sadly, there will always be people to criticize everything, definitely including religion.