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What qualities do you believe a world ruler should possess or have? What makes a

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    snapcracklepopposted 18 months ago

    What qualities do you believe a world ruler should possess or have? What makes a good world ruler?

    What would you like to see and experience from a world class ruler, king, president, etc.?

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    manatita44posted 18 months ago

    Spirituality: Emerson, Lincoln, Jefferson, Dickenson and many more Americans had it. America is not dead! The spiritual energy and the Soul of the Country is fed by the lives and sacrifices of great men and women, and America has been full of them, nor is She lacking now.

    Everything to its own time. The sublimity of Dickinson and Whiteman is already beginning to permeate, as is the very powerful energy of great Spiritual Masters like Sri Chinmoy; the vibrancy and fervour of Luther King and others.

    So things needed are: Simplicity; Sincerity; Purity, a big one; Humility, Devotion, Steadfastness... but right now the simpler forms of inspiration and motivation. Of course, a leader needs to be wise and large-hearted. Our futures are inter-connected, where ever we are and the good leader will see this

    Stephen Covey, one of America's top influential people, has written on the 8 qualities of Leadership. The video is worth watching.

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    Ken Burgessposted 18 months ago

    I can only concern myself with what I have influence over, and that would be the U.S. President, I have no vote, no ability or desire to contribute funds or efforts to any other.

    That said, I would want any President to put America and American's interests first, foremost, and always ahead of all others.  If the President is not going to look out for our best interests, no one else will.

    The President should be worried about how many Americans have jobs, and how well the American economy is doing, and how any international agreement or treaty best serves America.

    I understand that we should help to improve the world, make things better for everyone in the world. 

    But I also understand the reality of the world, China will look out for itself, Russia will look out for itself, Iran will look out for itself... they will do all they can to push their beliefs, their interests, and put their needs above all others.

    The reality is that if we are not the #1 country in the world economically, militarily, then someone else will step up and fill that void, and become that power... and America and all Americans will not be better off for it.

    I do not want a President that supports trade agreements and laws that allow tens of thousands of jobs to leave our country to go to some foreign land, or allows terrorism to spread throughout an entire region of the world and spread into nations that had not known terrorism since WWII... I want a President that will protect our lives, our liberty, and our economy above all others.

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      celafoeposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      Jesus the perfect man is the only one qualified,  God has given HIM ALL authority on heaven and earth.    No other man is qualified nor can 1 be