Which thing is niche in life?

  1. Mrinmoy2017 profile image66
    Mrinmoy2017posted 12 months ago

    Which thing is niche in life?

    I do expect the answer philosophically with reference and logic.


  2. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 12 months ago

    You cannot offer your cake and still try to eat it. If you ask, be humble enough and do not expect. Niche is your place, station, position, calling or function in or of life. It can in fact apply to duty, but is something which is suitable or comfortable for you. Indeed, it is more than that, and the word 'calling' again comes to mind. Your niche should or would give you happiness.

    Scriptures teach that doing the duty of another will bring you harm or let's say, make you unhappy. All my life I have served. As a clerk, as a policeman, nurse and shop assistant. Altruistic, philanthropic and humanitarian things are inspirational too. So far, all mentioned have brought me great joy. I also serve selflessly like I'm doing here. Service will widen the Heart and grant you peace.

    Are you happy with what you do? Find what works. Anything that makes you weak, reject like poison. You are a unique dream of God and your Path is already prepared or being prepared. Find it!

    How do you find it? I find that all the things I mentioned, became much easier after I found my spiritual teacher; after I had started Meditation. I read a book in 1982, and nearly 35 years later, I couldn't be more happy. Still, my niche will not be yours and neither your friends and family may be yours.

    Throw Light on your prayer, meditation and reflection and find the same. Much Love.
    P.S. Logic is of the mind and wisdom of the Heart. Let the child in you come forward. Learn to be the master of the mind.