1. Worried cj profile image59
    Worried cjposted 5 months ago


    When I was roughly 17 (16 years ago) a friend and I made our own Ouija board... turns out we spoke to the devil himself and after hours of not being allowed to say goodbye or leave and being told when we were going to die we were allowed to go... we burnt all we could but I was sick and felt a dark power over and around me, I was terrified and approaches a local church for a blessing. I was told I was stupid and when I left I felt better.
    I'm now older and desperate to try for a baby soon, I fear the demon who was with me, attaching to or in my child, is this irrational?? Im scared.

  2. Jokerjensen profile image85
    Jokerjensenposted 4 months ago

    I don't know if you are religious, but I do know that there is some scary stuff out there. I'm sorry that you had the experience you did and I am sorry that you are frightened. The fact that you are frightened reflects a lack of attachment in my opinion. If you really had an issue, you wouldn't be "afraid of having one" you would have one.

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    Megan McCulloughposted 4 months ago

    I would have the baby but make sure that you get another blessing before you get pregnant and get someone to bless the baby once it is born too. You can never be too cautious when dealing with this kind of stuff.