If you sold your soul. Could you buy it back?

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    talkmary50posted 4 months ago

    If you sold your soul. Could you buy it back?

    I ran across a Q&A on hubpage where it asked how would a person know he sold his soul? And it got me thinking after I read a post made three years ago by a person asking for help saying they thought maybe they had sold their soul. No response unfortunately was made. And well like I said it got me thinking and so I ask If you sold your soul. Could you buy it back. I would think nothing not even a deal for a soul would be unchangeable. Nothing ever is concrete and non chargeable. Everything changes  nothing stays the same. No matter how long or how secure it may seem  to change.


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    manatita44posted 4 months ago

    You seem to answer the question in your last couple of sentences. This shows some wisdom and I am happy for you. However, do not use the mind too much. Be simple, like the child. The spiritual life is as natural as drinking water. Whichever scripture you read will recommend Love, compassion, forgiveness, service.... the transformation of nature requires sacrifice and service. There is no other way. For this, the help of a Higher Source called Grace, accompanied by prayer and silence is necessary.

    Now a soul sold, simply is someone living a wretched life, depending on what you think this means. Many of us have been there. One may say it's a Stalinst life of a Hitler life or whatever, but evil exists in the Heart of man. Is there forgiveness from the Divine? That is your question really. Though your sins be as red as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Do you know this scripture?.

    The way of the Divine is one of Love and Compassion and what we see as suffering is really a form of Divine Justice, which is laced with an all-compassing Love. Much Peace, Mary.