A Sorcerer's Quest ( Sorcerery)

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    DeaneMcposted 9 years ago

    A Sorcerer's Quest   ( God tells us not to take part in these things)
    This information is from Assist News Service

    Gospel for Asia
    For Immediate Release
    These strings held charms used for witchcraft, which is commonly practiced in parts of Asia.
    MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA (ANS) -- At 38 years old, Lokesh had already risen to fame and left it behind in search of something more. The popular master of sorcery abandoned his craft when the magic could do nothing to help his wife.
    Lokesh had performed rituals for many people and helped them recover from diseases and problems. But Poorvi, his wife, suddenly came down with a sickness that left her shivering and shaking uncontrollably. It wasn't going away. Lokesh used all his dark knowledge to heal her, but nothing happened.

    God uses missionaries' prayers to heal many people. Stock photo
    The strange shivering held Poorvi in its grip for four long years. Lokesh left his magic and searched for someone more powerful to help them. While on his quest, someone told him to ask Gospel for Asia missionary Namdev for help. When Lokesh and Poorvi showed up at Namdev's church service, they caused quite a stir. At first, the Christians were nervous that Lokesh, the famous witch doctor, came to harm them. But when Namdev realized Lokesh had come for help, he and the believers quickly gathered around and began praying for Poorvi.

    The Lord did what Lokesh's magic could not. Within a week, she was completely healed. Lokesh and Poorvi received salvation and began following Jesus. Even though their state, Madhya Pradesh, India, has a strict anti-conversion law, they refused to be intimidated from following their Savior.
    Namdev asks for prayer for the couple to grow in the Lord, and that more will choose to believe in Jesus through seeing His power in Lokesh and Poorvi's lives. The couple also requests prayer that the Lord will bless them with children. After seeing His work in Poorvi's life, they are confident He is able to do this miracle, too.

    Praise God for His grace and unconditional love. Praise God who is our healer and all that we need.

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    Make Moneyposted 9 years ago

    Nice story.

    Namdev, Lokesh and Poorvi are in my prayers.


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    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    What a shame the guy never recognised that all power comes from God in the first place.

    Now he will be wasting all his previous knowledge, because some well-intentioned git told him it was "dark forces". Organised religion and its prejudices ... sigh.

    I'll bet the Course In Miracles hasn't made it to missionaries in India yet - or Conversations With God. Shame.

    Glad the one person was cured, hope not too many others die as a result.