From Prophets to Gods in 60 seconds

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    Hellfirejesusposted 5 years ago

    Many sacred writings offer an explanation of gods by txt.Gods have always been around created by humankind in attempt to contain the best persons in a clan family. Second is the walk-talk speaking god of old days. One writer of the old testament -J makes is clear that this is his version of god. 3 additional writers E P and D combine their interpretations in the books sometimes in between J's writings. So what is the running hypothesis of GOD? YHVH in Judea ?Christ?Thor? Second part of question: Why doesn't the worldwide religion est. bring history into focus showin the many gods who directly influenced the "one true god"? It easily appears on the cutting room floor in a genealogical progression of god vs human existance. The time of the place and time of when the story was written are studied(Form, Redaction, Textual and Literary etc... Criticisms) Is it almost imposible to be a moderate in the case of theology? To believe or " have faith" constitutes a major flaw that gives rise to the extreme element of epistemology gone wild and it's widespread delusion. How and when will the church establishment change it's methods?