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Does God Exist?

Updated on June 25, 2009

Questions Without Answer

Since ever we had questions. Questions that no any other human could ever answer. Questions like: how big is the Universe?, what is behind the Universe?, was there any life before the Universe was created? who or what is God? and finally, among other questions, does God rally exist?.

Along history many people answered this questions, of course each one in they're own way, with they're own theories. But we still cannot believe that any of the theories are true or false. Each person try to find an answer for himself, with his own words, beliefs and thoughts. And this because of Religion. When nobody have a good explanation we try to find one for ourselves.


The Religion is a strong belief in a divine power. At first we adopt the Religion (usually the same with our parent's). But when we growup we can change our Religion if we beliefe that other religion is closer to the truth. There are many religions around the world. Some people doesn't even beliefe in something. They think that every thing is a pure happening and everything has a logical explanation.

The characteristics of a Religion:

In Christianity there is a God, The Holy Bible (wich contains hystorical happens about htt Religion), The Holy Crucifix (Christian's simbol), Churches (Holy Buildings in wich christians go to pray) and Priests (Holy persons wich should spread Religion).

Other Religions have different simbols, Gods, books, habbits. At muslims the Holy Book is Called Coran and they have Prophet Mohammed instead of Messiah (the person sent by God on Earth). Some othere religions have more than only one God. Among others, some people doesn't even have a Religion. They simply beliefe that everything have scientific explanation. They are called atheists. They have no relevant proof about this just like Religious people have no relevant proof on the existene of the Divinity. Everyone is free to belive and to convert to any religion on this Earth and as log as others respect your Religion, do the same and respect they're religion.

The Ten Commandments

  1. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.
  2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
  3. Remember thou keep the Sabbath Day.
  4. Honor thy Father and thy Mother.
  5. Thou shalt not kill.
  6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
  7. Thou shalt not steal.
  8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
  9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife.
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.

Now read each Command and try to remember if you ever breaked any of these Commandments.

Divine World

Is there any divine world?

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The Control of Population

Is Religion A Tool Invented By Leaders To Control The Population?

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Life After Death

Dou you belive in life after death?

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Imagination Or Reality?

The Holly Book at Christians is Bible. It is like a history book in wich is written the story of humnity from the Creation. Christians say that "the Bible is the word of God". But this does not mean that it was written by God. The manuscripts of different writers were put together to make this Book.

Could religion be someone's invention? In my opinion the answer is: yes. Some people say that the whole story was invented by different Prophets and writers." Why?", you will ask. Because is the perfect tool to control population. Human is always affraid of what he cannot see. He is not scared of death, he is scared of the way he will die. In arabic countries the Religion is against eating pork. Why religion would forbid pork? The logical answer is that arabian countries have a hot climate and pork is a food very rich in fats. Eating lot of fats when outside is very hot could damage your heart. The only way to make people listen this is to implement this rule asa a religious one. Imagine what would happen if religion would allow killing people; imagine a world without relligion and conscousness.

Two Of The Most Important Sacred Places

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Vatican is a Holy place. It is the most important Holy place for Christians.Mecca is, as vatican, the most important place for Muslims. Thousand of Muslims go in a pilgrimage to Mecca to pray.
Vatican is a Holy place. It is the most important Holy place for Christians.
Vatican is a Holy place. It is the most important Holy place for Christians.
Mecca is, as vatican, the most important place for Muslims. Thousand of Muslims go in a pilgrimage to Mecca to pray.
Mecca is, as vatican, the most important place for Muslims. Thousand of Muslims go in a pilgrimage to Mecca to pray.


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    • profile image

      Gogu 7 years ago

      Foarte Tare !!!! Chiar nu exista D-zeu ?! Ce draq ne facem cand ne ducem pe copca ????? :D

    • profile image

      Paul Greaves 8 years ago

      Cocox is write, its all a fairy tail! man created religion so we dont actually know wich on e to worship scince it aws not mad by the pathetic ecscuse they call the allmighty! her are the factses:

      1.God was used as an explenaition fr the ppl long ago who new less than we no now

      2.the afterlife?,dont make me laugh!, made by the preists and the the authoraiteis to control us!

      3.if god ia all loving y let som much bad stuff hapen? .eg. WWII

      4. god is said to be a personal being,and personal beings have free will and if god is all knowing he allready knows the dicsisions hes going to make

      5.if god is all knowing and all loving and created us all then wen he created us he new the decisions we were gona make knowing if we would go to hell(so he created one of us knowing we were gona burn in hell.u call that love?)

    • profile image

      Cara 8 years ago

      I am amaised. I did'n know there are so manny people who don't belive in god. I thought that I am the only crazy. Well I believe that there is a God or something Divine but not the way we imagine... religion, hystory etc.

    • profile image

      CockoX 8 years ago

      First of all the notion of GOD appeared a looong time ago, in times when poaple didn't understand what was happening...

      I Think people made up "GODs" because in their tiny brains thei thought that everything that thei couldn't understant was the creation of a GOD!!! And if you count the fact that different people believe in different GODs the harder is to believe that there is someone there who's watching us!!! Looks like everyone is running a small war just to demonstrate who has the best imaginary friend!!!

      THIS IS STUPID!!! There is no GOD!!!

    • Don_Johnny profile image

      Don_Johnny 8 years ago

      Yes it is matter Koby. If people would have a relevant proof on God's existence they will change and will really have the fear of doing wrong things.

    • Koby profile image

      Koby 8 years ago from Ohio

    • Koby profile image

      Koby 8 years ago from Ohio

      Does it really matter whether or not there is a God?

      How would it change our lives if that question was answered?