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The Karma story you must read

Updated on March 3, 2016
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Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

How Karma develops and affects you!

The potential to develop a positive life takes all forms. However, the one I am addressing in this article is karma and how it plays a role in who you are, what happens to you as your life develops, and how it affects your surroundings.

Good and evil don't need to be chalked up to superstition or religion. Karma makes practical sense in everything you do. To illustrate this point allow me to relate a brief story of how karma personally affected me when in desperate need. This incident happened to me while living in Fryeburg, Maine where I had a small office in my home on a warm summers day.
I employed a young woman that lived in Bridgton, Maine. On that fateful day, she lent her car to her boyfriend who had a job interview in Portland. Since he dropped her off in the morning, I volunteered to take her home in the afternoon. On the way to Bridgton, we noticed a car similar to mine with its hood up and a man apparently in need of some service. I am not mechanically inclined, but I crossed the lane and pulled up a few feet from the front bumper so the cars lined up front bumper to bumper to his old Volvo. I asked him if he needed a ride. “Do you have jumper cables,” he said. I replied that I did. A few minutes later he had his car started, and we were back on our way.

At the time, I was dating a nice school teacher in Jacksonville, NC, who I met from online dating. I was marriage minded and hadn’t seen her in a while, so I booked a flight to North Carolina to spend a week with her. This visit coincided with the famous Fryeburg Fair, which made our little village a bustling town with lots of traffic. A fine time to “get out of Dodge” if you know what I mean. I went on my way to North Carolina for the week.
After a lovely visit and more sure of my choice of a marriage partner than ever, I returned home late in the evening on a Sunday. It had rained all that week, and my car in the Airport parking lot was waterlogged. Those older Volvo’s are notorious for water soaked wiring trouble, and I had trouble starting the car but when it did start it ran fine or so I thought. When I made it to Route 302, the car started acting up and finally died.

I managed to coast it into a lot on the side of the road in a sparsely populated area. Finding this asphalt lot was a very lucky break for me because rural Maine does not have an excess of parking lots. If you have ever been there you would know it is mostly trees and no shoulder at all.

At this time, it was close to midnight being outside of its principal cities it is pretty dark and lonely. With little other choices, I decided to hitchhike 50 miles home. Several cars passed me by, probably not seeing me till the last minute. The sounds were horrible of wildlife in the woods, lions, tigers and bears. Well, no lions or tigers but there are bears and several species of other creatures not opposed to attacking a human. Then a light appeared in the distant, and I stuck out my thumb, now afraid and desperate to be somewhere else. This car stopped, and I cannot tell you of my relief when I got into a warm car on that cold night, especially since I was dressed for the Southland.

The driver was friendly, and we talked a bit. I told him I also had a Volvo, but it broke down a few miles back. We made pleasant chit-chat, and he said he wanted to stop for a hot beverage as he just got off work at the Psychiatric Hospital. He stopped at a convenience store miles up the road, and we continued to talk. Then during the conversation he said it was good karma to help people, and I told him I thought so too. Then it happened, he and I were aware he was the guy that I helped out by jump starting his car in Bridgton. Then he looked over at me to say, “ Brother, you are not walking anywhere tonight” and drove me to my front door. 26 miles out of his way. And that is how karma works and how karma is replayed throughout life.

How Karma works against you

So it is really big now to say the "Universe" is for or against you. Ever since the release of the movie "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne people have been talking about how you get what you think about the most. The process is also applied to karma. You cannot get anything unless you think you want it first. But bad Karma comes this way as well.
You are familiar with the concept of telling one lie and then another to cover it up. And so it is with bad Karma. One false deed leads to another, then another and so on.

Be Gentle with yourself

As an older man now and having lived the better portion of my lifespan let me say this in parting advice. Be consistent in what you do and never act out of emotion without reason. Keep a cool head and be wiser than others. Allow them to do the talking while being humble in your accomplishments, never mentioning or "one upping" the other person. Karma will reward you all your life in this way. If you are good, then good will follow you and if not, well you know the rest.

That is the end of the story almost. There is one more thing to add. When I was a younger man, there was a television show called Kung Fu ( ), starring David Carradine. One of the lessons I learned from that television show was to do 10-good deeds and when asked how they can be repaid say by doing good deeds for others. So I make it a point to do good as often as I am able. I hope that is karma too.


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    • Jeff Watters profile image

      Jeffrey Watters 22 months ago from Havre de Grace, MD

      What happend to David Carradine is not part of the article, the story of Kung Fu and the pay it forward concept is part of the article.

    • profile image

      FreemanAlan1 2 years ago

      Karma is an imagined concept. There is just action and reaction..

      what happened to David Carradine? Death by autoerotic asphyxiation. Accidents happen.. Nothing to do with karma.

      You can rationalize that it was in his karma but, constantly, bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Action and reaction.. a matter of physics. Nothing supernatural about it. People just cling to these type of hopeful notions.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      A very sweet story. I figured that you would go into the complexities of Karma. A very difficult subject. But you made it so simple and so charming. God bless you, Bro.