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Learning Tarot Tips To Read Your Tarot Cards

Updated on September 25, 2014

Learning Tarot Is Easy!

The first thing I need to point out before we even begin is that learning tarot is easy. Getting started with tarot is not difficult, it's not expensive at all and anyone can do it. There are no entry barriers.

What becomes a bit harder is going beyond the basics. Once you've read tarot a few times and learned the meanings of the cards, you're ready to expand your knowledge. You're ready to move on from the newbie status to a tarot reader status. And that's really the exciting part!

So let's get started with learning the tarot basics without delay, shall we.

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!
The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!

If there is one book that I recommend above everything else, this one it is. It's really the easiest way to learn the tarot.

The author has a way of teaching that is natural, and makes you feel comfortable with the cards and with what you're learning. If you buy the book, you also automatically get access to his private forum (I'm a member there) to learn and practice with your peers. Highly recommended!


What You Need To Get Started Learning The Tarot

Learning tarot is one of the cheapest hobbies around. You can practically get started with just a few dollars that you spend on a basic tarot deck, and a good book for learning the meanings of the cards. And possibly a notebook if you want to keep a journal.

It's really that simple to get started.

Now when it comes to how to actually start, there are different schools of thought on this subject.

Some people say that you should not use any books to learn the tarot, but you should simply use your intuition by looking at the single cards and just go with the flow. Let your imagination running and write all the impressions that you get from the cards.

Other people, on the other hand, say that the best way to really learn the tarot fast is to have at least one good book that teaches you the basic meanings of each card. You can go with one book or have a few excellent tarot beginner books that will teach you all the basics you need. Or you can amass as many books as you can and read the meanings of the cards from all these books, and then create your own meaning from everything you've gathered.

Which way you go really depends on your style of learning. If you learn well from books, then go for it. And they're quite cheap too.

If you know you are psychic or your intuition is quite strong and you can grasp meanings, feelings and ideas from the world around you, then just get a good deck of tarot cards and go with it.

The most important part is to get started, one way or another. Just do it (the Nike style, as they say!).

Have you ever had an interest in learning tarot?

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A few of my tarot decks at home
A few of my tarot decks at home | Source

Years ago, when I first started to learn the tarot, I bought myself a Rider Waite deck. Later on I found out that this is indeed the basic tarot deck that people learning the tarot are getting as their first. There is something to this deck that is very clear to read and understand that many other decks don't least not for a beginner to tarot.

Just like with learning tarot, there is also another school of thought on which deck is best to start with. There are people who say that you should start with the tarot deck that mostly speaks to you when you first see it.

This means that it could be really anything. For many people this works well. But if you happen to like the artwork on a tarot deck that has not a typical RW (Rider Waite) symbolism for reading, you might find it a bit tougher to really get started.

One reason is because the most tarot book are based on one of the variants of the Rider-Waite deck. So if you're a person learning from a book, you'll really find it hard to get a few good books on your particular deck.

Also once you've gone the alternate route, you'll find it later on that you don't like the Rider Waite deck at all and you'll never get to really enjoy the power that this deck gives you.

But no matter the deck you choose as your first, one thing you definitely need: a first tarot deck.

What Else You Need For Learning Tarot?

There are many people (I'm one of them) who like to keep a tarot journal. I find it so much easier to jot down my notes on the readings, on the meanings of the cards that I've learned about and also on my personal, intuitive meanings. They helped me learn tarot much faster than I would have otherwise managed to do.

A Good Tarot Journal

A good tarot journal doesn't need to be expensive. The I used for a long time was this here.

But why is this particular journal so good? it is because it doesn't only have the notes section, but also a set of mini tarot cards that you can use to learn the tarot with. So in effect, you can start out learning the tarot only with this journal, as it has the guide (it has an explanation of the actual meanings), the journal part (for taking notes) and the actual cards as well. You can basically cut out the cards and use them in your practice.

Alternatively if you already have a tarot deck, you can use any type of journal that you're comfortable with. I've even used once a student notebook that I never got to use ages ago when I finished college, so it was sitting empty on a shelf, gathering dust. I wrote in this journal some of my most powerful readings.

Another reason why you should get yourself a journal is because later on, months or even years after, you can look back at these initial readings and see how far you've come since starting. There is nothing better for feeling good about our progress than seeing it clearly, written in pen on paper.

What stage are you with learning tarot?

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How To Get Started Learning Tarot

Before you actually start reading, you need to know a bit more about what you have to do before.

First, you need to find a place that is comfortable and enjoyable, where you know you will be able to read the tarot in peace. Try to not be disturbed during the reading, as you'll just lose your train of thoughts and you might lose that important bit of information crucial to the reading. Or you'll need another 30 minutes just to get back in the "mood for reading".

Then you need to shuffle the cards. Some people like to do some card cleansing, but I simply use the card shuffling for that.

When it comes to shuffling, there are several ways you can do it, and in the videos below I'll show you a few interesting and very useful ways to do it. It's best if you learn to do at least two different ways, so that you can really mix the cards well.

One thing...when you got yourself a new deck, everything is neatly organize so you really need to mix these cards well. One way I do it is by sitting on the floor (or on the bed) and spread all the cards on the the big surface in front of me. Then I just move them around with my hands well. Then I gather them and then start shuffling them.

I find this saves me time from having to shuffle too much. Otherwise you might end up with a few cards that have not been mixed at all, and you have to do it all over again.

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

Ways To Read Your Cards For Best Tarot Learning

I'm not going to focus here on complex readings such as the Tree of Life or the Celtic Cross Tarot, because that's what you'll do later, once you're off the ground.

What I found works best when starting out with learning the tarot, is doing daily tarot readings.

Let me explain.

Before anything else, you need to learn the meanings of the cards. Whether it is from books or from your own intuition, you still need to know what an Ace of Wands means for you or a 10 of Pentacles.

If you're starting out with a complicated tarot spread, you'll be confused at best and ready to give up at worst. It'll be just too overwhelming simply because you don't know yet the card meanings, and even more you don't know the connections between the cards, the tarot story that unfolds in front of your eyes.

The daily tarot reading allows you to get familiar with your cards, to learn the basic meanings and feel more comfortable with them as well.

What is your way to learn the tarot?

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Daily Tarot Reading To Learn Tarot

There are several ways to do your daily tarot reading, and here are some of the more common ways explained.

  • Paying attention to the card- this means that you simply take your card and start looking at it. Really looking at it and paying attention to the details. See not only the main figure or theme, but also the small elements in the background.

    For example, do you see that little blue bird flying away off in the distance? Or the small fish jumping happily out of the water? Or the water itself - is it calm, is it wavy, is it big or just a thin stream that is ready to dry up?

    By noticing all these elements, you will not only learn the card's meaning really well, but you'll also enrich what you've learned with new meanings, new connections.

  • Tarot Meditation - this is something that I'm doing currently when I get a new tarot deck. So how do I do it? I shuffle the deck, pick a card, look at it, at all the details just as before, and after a few minutes, when I'm in a meditative state, I'll "enter the card".
  • Just like you'd enter a comic book and see the characters come to life. You start to speak with the characters.
  • And don't forget the fish, the dog, the cat, any other animal you see in the card. Turn around, turn 360 degrees and look around. What do you see? What do you feel, smell, hear? Do you hear some music? Is there chit-chatter going on around you? What are the people telling you? Ask them questions, and hear their answers.
  • You'll grow much richer, with much more knowledge of the cards if you do this.
  • Shuffle the cards, pick one and look at it. Then start reading on the various meanings that your tarot books are telling you. Then just pick the meaning that speaks to you mostly. This is an easy way to learn the cards, one that I've used at times as well.

Go through one tarot deck at at time, each day pick a card and then set it aside so it doesn't come up again when you shuffle the deck the next day. You'll learn tarot this way faster than most people who are learning tarot by jumping into readings before knowing what exactly they are reading about.

© 2011 Marika

How Did You Get Interested In Learning Tarot?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I believe this deck would help me with a rideang I have coming up. I specialize in rideangs that use multiple decks; one for the situation and for the querant, another for emotional aspects of the rideang, and another for financial or enterprise. Finding the right deck, one that will co-habitate well with the other decks and yet also bring its own unique vision to the rideang is an interesting challenge.Right now I'm using the Robin Wood deck as the primary focus for the personal aspects of the rideang, and I've been looking for a deck that also has a very strong Wiccan inspiration, but is less, dare I say it, cheerful . The Robin Wood deck is very bright and very present it speaks very clearly about things that are physical and manifest, and when doing comparisons between paths chosen and paths avoided I think the Book Of Shadows tarot would help me explore pre-manifest and subconscious aspects of the querant and their situation.Right now I'm using the Chinese Tarot, both for its color and magnificent beauty, and the pips on the minors force me to use my intuition.But I've seen samples of the Book Of Shadows deck, and received almost exactly the same impression of subconscious awakening when I looked at the images.Like the Aquarian Tarot it has a coolness to it a sense of lingering presence that is waiting to be uncovered, yet like the Robin Wood it speaks directly to Wiccan and Pagan themes, and is much more present and active than the Aquarian Tarot. There is a sense of dancing, of the spirit manifesting very much like the Shadowscapes deck (which I also love and use) but with a more conventional use of elements.The Book Of Shadows Tarot is on my to-buy list and I will certainly get one (or three ^_^) no matter what.But when doing rideangs that involve more than a single deck I prefer to use decks that I have received as gifts from friends.To whomever receives these decks I wish the best of luck, and the greatest joy in rideang ^_^

    • Monika Weise profile image

      Monika Weise 

      5 years ago from Indianapolis, IN USA

      Bookmarked this! I've been trying to learn the Tarot for awhile. Thanks for some guidance!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I had friends who had experienced tarot but I only entertained in really last year

    • DuaneJ profile image


      6 years ago

      Very well laid out and informative!


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