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Celtic Cross Tarot And Celtic Cross Spread Meaning

Updated on January 20, 2014

Learning The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This lens will help you learning to read the Celtic Cross tarot spread, which is probably the most popular and well known spread when learning the tarot.

I am going to help you here with tips on the best books to buy, the best places to find information and shortcuts, along with tips on the meanings of each card placements, so you will become a pro Celtic Cross spread reader.

While there are many other spreads that you can learn, getting a good grasp on reading this tarot spread is one of the best ways to go ahead in your tarot journey. This is because the Celtic Cross layout is the perfect overview in most aspects of any question you or your querent (the person you're reading for) will ever ask.

Beyond the Celtic Cross: Secret Techniques for Taking Tarot to an Exciting New Level

Beyond the Celtic Cross: Secret Techniques for Taking Tarot to an Exciting New Level
Beyond the Celtic Cross: Secret Techniques for Taking Tarot to an Exciting New Level

Learn the Celtic Cross and once you're comfortable with it, go beyond it. Learn what the professional tarot readers know and do, and apply it to your own tarot knowledge when reading for your customers.

celtic cross layout
celtic cross layout

Starting The Celtic Cross Tarot

When you start learning to read the Celtic Cross tarot, you need to allow yourself to make all the mistakes in the world. Nobody is a proficient reader from the start and without mstakes, there is no learning.

Also don't forget that sometimes mistakes are actually disguised very accurate readings, you just don't know it yet!

All you need is practice. Take the tarot deck of your choice and start laying the cards. But before anything else, you need to learn the actual card positions. While there are some variations from reader to reader, learning the proper card layout is the first think you have to do.

Celtic Cross Spread For A Reading

celtic cross spread
celtic cross spread

Have you ever used the Celtic Cross Tarot in readings?

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Rider Waite deck
Rider Waite deck

What Tarot Deck Should I Use?

There is no single answer to the question of which tarot deck is best to use for your Celtic Cross spread. However if you're starting out now with learning tarot, may I recommend the Rider Waite deck.

This is the deck I've also learned tarot with, and there is a reason why it is known as the best deck for newbies to tarot.

The cards are extremely easy to understand, the symbolism is very clear and it truly gives some amazingly accurate readings.

I know you might be tempted to try out some fancy cards, but wait until you're more advanced at reading and interpreting tarot cards. Learn the basics first before jumping in. One step at a time is the best way to go.

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack
The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack

This is the best starter tarot deck - and not only. While I do use other cards on occasion, I keep coming back to it over and over again. It is very easy to learn the symbolism and read for the querent and for yourself. Highly recommended!


Rider Waite Deck Variants - All these RW decks are perfect to learn to read the Celtic Cross tarot

celtic cross tarot layout
celtic cross tarot layout

Laying The Celtic Cross Tarot Cards The Right Way

While there are almost endless possibilities for the Celtic Cross spread, here is the original layout that everyone should know before venturing into other variants of it. Once you learn this the right way, you'll get all the basics you need to get started in your own explorations.

What I found is that the Celtic Cross works best when it's used for answering a specific question. It really goes indepth into the various aspects of it. So before you lay the cards for yourself or your querent, make sure that there is a question already formulated.

The original Celtic Cross spread is made of 10 tarot cards placed in a specific order. The cards are numbered for easier understanding.

Each number means the order in which the cards should be placed. So there are actually two parts to a proper Celtic Cross spread: the actual layout and the right order of placing each card in the right position.

  1. The present / the heart of the matter / the situation
  2. The obstacle to overcome / the immediate challenge the person has to overcome, also called "What's crossing you"
  3. The root cause / the distant past
  4. Recent past / recent events
  5. Possible future
  6. Immediate future
  7. Your fears
  8. Your environment
  9. Hopes and wishes
  10. Final outcome

When you're not clear on the meaning of a particular card in your reading, you can always lay another row besides the original one for further clarifications. Just don't overdo it with clarification cards because you might end up relying too much on these "crutches" instead of learning to read the cards faster.

The Celtic Tarot Spread

If you've never used the Celtic Cross before, can you see yourself wanting to learn it?

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Alternative Celtic Cross Tarot Spreads And Meanings

In your journey with tarot you will come across several different Celtic Cross spreads. As you progress with learning tarot and better understand this very spread, you should explore these additional layouts and meanings for furthering your understanding into tarot.

For example you might come across a Celtic Cross spread with 13 cards instead of 10, or you might find new card meanings, or different card orders. In many cases the 3 and 4 are placed in reverse order (3 down, 4 up), and you might even find tailored spreads for relationships, for chakras, for astrology that have originated from the Celtic Cross, but have taken in the meantime a life of their own.

No matter how you go about it, know this: you can't go wrong with the Celtic Cross, and you can't go wrong with Tarot. All you can do is learn tarot, learn about yourself, have fun and enjoy the ride!

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Thank you for visiting my Celtic Cross Tarot lens. Please leave your comments below.

Do You Have Experience With The Celtic Cross Tarot? - Or do you want to learn? Leave your comments below

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is very informative and after reading the tarot for 17yrs, I still love the Celtic Cross the best. I am currently working on my own card meanings and observations in conjunction with an exercise about how to learn to read the cards which would work well with your guide to the Celtic Cross.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      It's my favourite layout because it is so thorough.


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